Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference<br>April 7, 2007 in Manhattan

Good afternoon! (Applause) You've been working hard! (Applause)

The Fa conference is a grand gathering of Dafa disciples, and some of you present here have traveled thousands of miles in order to identify your gaps and shortcomings by attending the Fa conference, and to thus catch up in those regards. Dafa disciples' personal cultivation and improvement are no longer an issue, nor is Dafa disciples' achieving Consummation. Right now, one important thing that needs to be attended to is the matter of how to save more sentient beings, and it is something Dafa disciples are to accomplish during their current process of achieving Consummation. This is Dafa disciples' mission, a duty that cannot be shirked, something that they must do and must complete.

Many prophecies in the past said that a great many people would be weeded out during a certain era and that only a very few, good people would survive. Long ago, I myself once said, "I want only my people." In the West, many legends and the Bible have given accounts telling that on Judgment Day only a small percentage of people would survive. The situation early on was that the world's people, including all sentient beings in the Three Realms, were made up of material elements from within the Three Realms. The material elements in the Three Realms are completely different from those in the heavens, so such beings couldn't ascend to the heavens and could only stay in this realm. But later this situation underwent, in keeping with the ever-unfolding changes in history, and all the way up through modern times, great changes.

I have gone into the details of this before - many high-level beings came to the human world and reincarnated as human beings. In other words, in terms of outer appearance they looked human and had a human structure. But on a fundamental level, inside the microcosmic substances in the most surface matter of the human world, or behind the human surface matter, they were nevertheless from beyond the Three Realms. Many human bodies have been put on - as one would an item of clothing - by gods who descended to the world from higher levels; they thus look human, but fundamentally they are beings from higher levels. Of course, regardless of who comes, and no matter how high of a level these beings or gods come from, once they come to the human world, they enter a society of delusion and are devoid of any knowledge. In other words, they are no longer gods then, and instead, human beings. Under such circumstances, no matter how high of a level they come from, their divine sides are unable to emerge and their wisdom is sealed off, rendering them just like human beings. When society is doing well, they as a whole can keep a certain standard of morality that is consistent with the overall state of society, and that's not that frightening of a prospect for humans or other beings. But if society's morality declines rapidly or if old forces deliberately lead human society to slide downwards, then that is something extremely terrifying for all lives, including for the gods from high levels who came down to become human beings.

Actually, in today's Chinese society, people's moral values have far transgressed the state gods set forth as required for man back when gods first created human beings. In other words, it is no longer a human state that people are in. To put it unpleasantly, they are no longer worthy of being human. In the past they would have, in the absence of this Fa-rectification undertaking, been obliterated. In the course of history, mankind has gone through one catastrophe after another, and been destroyed time and again. Things work the same way for the greater universe, it having something just like the human body's metabolic process: When cells grow old and are no longer sound, they are discarded, and good ones are created anew. In various regions of the greater universe, this type of event happens not just frequently, but in fact constantly - and that is quite normal. Then as for a human being, his life is at the lowest level; and as a creature at the lowest level, no matter how great a person he thinks he is, he amounts to nothing in the eyes of gods, and he will be eliminated when he is no good. It is because the Fa-rectification and salvation of all sentient beings in the universe are happening today that degenerate human beings have not been weeded out. It is due to the state of mankind having undergone certain changes as well as Dafa disciples needing to establish their own mighty virtue through this event that humanity has been allowed to survive and continue on. As Dafa disciples, if right now you cannot accomplish that and lead beings to salvation, then you will have failed to fulfill the vows you once made, and will have brought calamity to the entire Fa-rectification, the universe, and sentient beings. That's why I said just now that this is something Dafa disciples must do well.

Let me tell you more about the Three Realms while we are on the topic. Regardless of how human society is at present; of how the beings in the Three Realms consider themselves to be so important; of how advanced, accomplished, powerful, and wealthy people think they are in society; or of how each nation, each government, and each so-called accomplished person thinks itself or himself to be really remarkable - I can tell you, everything of mankind today, including everything that has happened in history and the emergence of the Three Realms, exists for the Fa-rectification. In other words, everything was created for this Fa-rectification, everything came here for this Fa-rectification, and everything within this process was established for this Fa-rectification. Everything of mankind - including life, matter, everything a person can come to know, comprehend, and arrive at an understanding of - exists for this Fa-rectification affair, and absolutely would not have come into existence otherwise.

To put it another way, the Three Realms was created so that ultimately all beings in the universe could be saved in the course of Fa-rectification, and Dafa disciples could thus succeed. Otherwise the Three Realms would not exist. Human society is but a particle within the Three Realms - a society that exists on a tiny particle, something too insignificant even to mention - and no matter how grand the human beings inside it consider their things to be, no matter how important humans think mankinds things are, no matter how great humans consider mankind's accomplishments to be, and no matter how mankind has developed, these are all opinions that human beings arrived at by looking at things from a human standpoint. When people, while in a state of delusion, think that human society is remarkable, that is a result of their not knowing the true situation. Human beings may say whatever they will [about themselves], but that is not how gods look at them. Once all beings learn the true purpose behind human life and of the surroundings in which human beings live, they will come to an epiphany that the “development� of mankind is no more than a process of its being reared and the state of human society being sustained while the arrival of the final major event is awaited. All things have been no more than specific manifestations in the process of sustaining mankind's state of being, and the true purpose has been to await this last step - the arrival of gods and the start of Fa-rectification.

I began teaching the Fa as early as 1992. Back then Dafa disciples were continually promoting the Fa, and now, while undergoing persecution, Dafa disciples are saving all beings on a global scale. And the world's people that Dafa disciples are saving have undergone changes in recent times. What mankind has been awaiting and what the prophets predicted are coming to be. Lost and confused, and driven by material gain, false appearances, and lies, people don't dare to believe that everything in the last phase has really begun and is in progress. Human society seems to still be functioning as usual, and everything is operating smoothly, steadily, and normally. But in reality, everything is operating for the sake of Fa-rectification. When gods arrive here, they don't make a big show of it or make a big cosmic display - "I have arrived, listen to everything I say, and I will take you all to heaven unconditionally." That would never happen. Human beings have to pay for the sins that they committed over the course of history. Whether they are worthy of seeing gods is not as simple as humans imagine it to be. Whether human beings are worthy of obtaining the Fa and ascending to the heavens is something they need to be tested on while in delusion, and so gods are not going to reveal themselves in that manner. When gods manifest themselves in human society they will seem very similar to human beings, yet what they say is Truth. It's a matter of whether the baseline of human morality and moral values allows people still to recognize [that god], and whether they can still identify with the most basic moral standards that the universe set forth for mankind - meaning, people's ultimate moral standard determines whether they can recognize the Fa that has come to save all beings. If you are able to recognize it, then you will be saved and rescued. If you aren't able to recognize it, then you are beyond salvation and cannot be kept. And that is a result of the collapse of the moral baseline; without morality, one no longer meets the standard for being human. From ancient times to the present, whether in the East or the West, people have always put emphasis on human morality. In modern times, though, how many people in society really value it? At the end, during the time when gods are supposed to be saving people, although a person's degree of morality isn't directly taken into account, the deterioration of your own morality has led to the baseline's collapse, and this is what caused you to fail to identify with the Fa and recognize it. Isn't that the reason why you cannot be saved and rescued?

In the past, human society always maintained a state wherein moral values were taken quite seriously. In recent times, people were meant to obtain the Fa and be saved and rescued. But the old forces wouldn't allow that many people to be saved, and wished to weed out a portion of the human race. So they created the wicked Communist Party for human society, and especially significant, the wicked CCP has done much to has hundermine human morality and created a culture of the Party, as well as altered people's ways of thinking, with the goal of all this being being to stop people from obtaining the Fa when the time came. The altered notions then look at things with the mentality instilled by the wicked Party's culture. Completely casting aside human thinking and human culture, [as the Party has had people do,] amounts to becoming a deviant being and a part of those who are to be weeded out. Five thousand years of Chinese culture laid the foundation for all of mankind's culture, ways of thinking, and ways of behaving, and it was gods that systematically created all of it. Yet it has been ruined, wrecked, by a wicked Party that has been propped up by the old forces. Over this short period of a few decades, it has been continually negating China's ancient culture and trampling underfoot China's ancient civilization. Gods imparted to human beings ideas, morality, and civilization so that in the last phase human beings could use these to tell right from wrong, understand the Fa, and be saved. The wicked CCP is not only systematically and deliberately sabotaging all of this, but also systematically and deliberately instilling people with the wicked culture of the Party. It calls it "educating people" and "reforming people" - they put it in unambiguous terms - and it makes you change even your worldview, a change that leads you to follow the conduct, ways of thinking, and mindset created by the wicked CCP. When Chinese people look at things with the worldview instilled by the wicked Party, it is truly hard for them, having been “reformed� in this manner, to tell right from wrong or good from evil in the human world, or for them to recognize the Fa or the Truth. Older folks and people of older generations were once educated and shaped by ancient human culture, [theirs being an era] prior to the appearance of the wicked CCP's culture. Although the wicked CCP's things came into existence in more recent times, those persons' moral baseline has remained intact to this day, and they can tell good from bad on a basic level. The most lamentable are modern youth, whose heads are completely infused with the modern ideas of the wicked CCP, and yet these persons think they are great and that they see through everything. They mistakenly think that the chaotic state of people's relationships, value systems, and ethical relations - itself the result of the CCP's having deliberately ruined those things - is how mankind has always been throughout history, and they think it's human instinct to act that way. In addition, there is the heretical theory of evolution, whereby they truly regard themselves as animals, ignorant of the fact that this has happened as a result of the CCP's deliberate actions. People have forgotten what mankind has been awaiting and the real purpose of being human, but the evil specter of the wicked Party does know these, and so it has been deliberately corrupting human beings. That worthless, modern type of ignorance is completely blocking them from recognizing the truth of the universe, and that is a terrifying prospect for this generation.

Of course, this is about Fa-rectification and saving all beings, and aren't gods omnipotent? And isn't the Buddha Fa boundless? Indeed, Dafa's boundless Fa power is being fully demonstrated in the process of saving beings. When Dafa was first being disseminated I said something on the surface: I said that the door for all to salvation is wide open - so open that there is no longer a door. No mistake made by sentient beings in the course of history was to be held against them, for the beings of all types and kinds at different levels are no longer any good, and not a single level still meets the standard for that level. That's not to say that those at a high level no longer meet the standard for a low level. Rather, a divine being must meet the standard for the level that a divine being is at - it won't do if you meet the standard for just a human being. If you meet the standard for just a human being, then you are a human being. In other words, the beings at each level no longer meet the standards for their levels, and this includes human beings' not meeting the standard for humans. So at this point, what can be done to save sentient beings?

You all know that both good and bad beings exist in the universe. Where there are Buddhas, there are demons. Where there are positive gods, there are negative gods. They are opposites of one another because they are inevitable outcomes of the universe. Then if one wants to save all beings, there is only one way, namely, to overlook all of the mistakes that all beings have made while leading their lives. They can be saved only after the mistakes that all beings made in history are set aside. In other words, the entire universe is no longer any good, so what's the point of nitpicking about who's a little better than who? Even if one were slightly better than others, he still couldn't meet the standard held by the universe, so such things are not considered at all in the process of saving them. Then what is looked at? The focus is on whether, when a person is offered salvation, he is able to recognize this Fa that's here to save him! Because everything of the future is created by this Fa, beings in the future will exist in the living environment that this Fa provides for them. Whoever is able to make it into the future will have done so only after having been washed clean by the Fa and having assimilated to the Fa. If you can't recognize even this Fa, then of course you cannot stay. Where would you go if you were to stay? The universe of the future is created by this Fa, so there would be no place for you, and you would no longer exist.

To put it more clearly, right now during the Fa-rectification, no matter how great are the sins sentient beings have committed or how grave are the mistakes they made in the past, the only thing that is looked at is the attitude that they have toward Dafa and Dafa disciples during the Fa-rectification period. There is just this one line of demarcation. Actually, this line is not a line at all; it's just about whether you want to enter the future. Amidst lies that have deceived the world, and amidst the wicked culture created by the evil CCP, how many people can still recognize that point? How many people can tell right from wrong? How many people can see clearly the wickedness of the evil CCP? It is very hard to do, and that's why Dafa disciples clarify the facts, expose the evil, and help people to see the wicked CCP for what it is. Only by doing these things can the world's people be saved. This is precisely what Dafa disciples are to do.

Some people say, "When you people are promoting the Nine Commentaries or exposing the evil CCP, aren't you getting political?" Well, what is "political"? In the minds of Westerners, all things that take place out in the public sphere, with the exception of religious activities, are considered political. That's how the word "political"? is defined around the world. Religious activities are a part of one's activities in society. Of the activities in the public sphere, aside from that type, that is, religious activities, everything belongs to the category of political activity. What's not considered political activity, then? When you're at home cooking and going about domestic affairs it's not considered political. But as soon as your activities mingle with society, they are considered political. That's speaking from the viewpoint of a free society. But it's still nothing major, even when viewed from the distorted perspective on "politics" wrought by the wicked CCP. That warped version of "politics" is a rod used to attack people. If people can be saved through politics, though, then we can make use of that form - what would be wrong with that? I said a moment ago that everything in the Three Realms was created for Dafa, developed for Dafa, and came for Dafa. Without this Fa-rectification, nothing of mankind would exist. Then switching to another way of thinking, consider this: Isn't all of this provided for Dafa? Isn't all of this to be used for saving people? Aren't they to be used for the cultivation of Dafa disciples? They are, for sure! It is just a question of what I, Li Hongzhi, choose for Dafa disciples.

Speaking from another angle, how Dafa disciples cultivate is different from any of the cultivation ways in history. As a result, many people's thinking has been unable to keep up [with developments] and they feel confused, for they are using the way of thinking that the wicked CCP bred in them to look at how past and present relate to each other, and to interpret the cultivation that Dafa disciples do in light of past religious cultivation. Such people think that the cultivation of the past is how human beings are supposed to cultivate, and that past forms of faith could truly enable people to return to heaven. But people weren't able to return to heaven in the least. Now more and more people, including persons in Western society, have come to realize, and realize ever more deeply, that human beings reincarnate. As long as someone came to this human place, he had no means of re-ascending to the heavens. And this was absolute - nobody could ascend to the heavens. The subordinate souls (fu yuanshen) were not inside the Three Realms, though they were in the vicinity of the Three Realms. It's akin to my standing in the vicinity of that table, but not having gone into the table. That is why the subordinate soul could succeed at cultivation and return to the heavens. But even in those cases, because he had come into the vicinity of the Three Realms, once he returns to the heavens the gods of higher levels place a cover around him, eternally separating him from the beings in the heavens. He can't see the cover, though. The purpose is to prevent him from polluting the heavens and the sentient beings there. If I hadn't talked about this, even the gods would not know about it.

In other words, whoever entered the Three Realms and came to this human place had fallen, and could never ascend again, because in the past mankind never had the true Fa that could enable human beings to return to the heavens. It is said that Shakyamuni taught the Fa, and Jesus taught the Way. But in fact, what they taught was meant for only one of the souls, a subordinate soul, of each person, whereas the human side over here couldn't understand it, and this made it impossible for the person at the surface and his master soul (zhu yuanshen) to change themselves through cultivation. People talk about how Buddha Shakyamuni spread the Fa in such-and-such manner. He and those like him were merely establishing mankind's culture, however. I talked about these things when I first began [teaching the Fa]. When human beings were first created by gods, their minds were a blank slate. They had no ability to understand this world. They had no real life experiences, they had never endured any setbacks or hardships, and they couldn't even tell apart the four seasons as they went about their lives. Man had to be given a process to learn about and understand the world - a process meant to continually establish various forms of culture - and thus a systematic, correct way of thinking and moral beliefs had to be created for mankind. Something like that could only be formed via an extremely long process in history, and thus mankind had to go through so many years of history. The Three Realms and mankind couldn't be created on the go as Fa-rectification was unfolding. That wouldn't do, so there had to be a historical process that would enable human beings to grasp things on a rational level as they went through real-life experiences during that process in history. Only then could the state of being, mindset, external appearance, moral beliefs, and conduct that man has today be established.

Then during this process of going through real-life experiences in this world and learning about the world, humans of course had to be told, while mankind's culture was being established, about the most important things, such as: What are Gods? What are Buddhas? What are Daos? And what are the different gods? So, how was mankind's culture established? These gods were sent to the human world so that they could have humans learn about these things through being saved. Actually, as to saving people, I just said that those that were saved were the subordinate souls. Not a single person has been able to return to the heavens - everyone is still reincarnating in the human world. Because the subordinate soul is affected by the person's external form, he has the same appearance as the person. Those with a good innate potential for enlightenment may see that he has returned to the heavens, but this divine being was merely a human being's subordinate soul that happened to have the same image as the person. He was not really the main body of that person, though, and the person still has to undergo reincarnation. History was established in just such a manner, step by step, right on up to the present, and man was in this manner reared to become a person with modern thinking and behavior, and this was so that when human history reached this last phase, human beings would be able to recognize the Fa. In other words, the emergence of Shakyamuni and the emergence of some gods in history amounted to the emergence of divinely-imparted cultures. And in fact, that was itself to establish for human beings a way of thinking that would enable them to understand divine beings and to establish a culture that would make the idea of divine beings comprehensible. Were history otherwise, when I came to impart the Fa today it would have been very hard for me to teach this Fa, as you would not know what a god was, what a Buddha was, or what a Dao was. How would I teach it, then? I would have to explain everything to you, including what Buddhas, Daos, and Gods are like, what their characteristics are, what they do, how they save people, what saving people is, what happens to people who are saved, and so on. And even if I were to explain all of that to you, you wouldn't have the real-life experiences and knowledge needed, nor any picture in your mind, nor would you have gone through a process of comprehending things. How would I impart the Fa in that case? How could you understand it? That is why all of this had to be completed in the course of history, and thus people today can understand what a god is, what the Fa is, what cultivation is, what Consummation is, and so on.

So then, what is cultivation? Only the cultivation being done by Dafa disciples today is true cultivation, for human beings are herein truly able to cultivate - something that has never been the case in history. What does "saving all beings" mean? Though gods left behind this culture to mankind, they didn't truly go about such a thing [as saving all beings]. I am doing so, however, and now it is you, too - the Dafa disciples - who are saving all beings. And you are doing it for all of mankind (applause), saving people on a comprehensive scale. In other words, in doing everything that Dafa disciples are doing today - whether you are part of some project, or you are taking to the streets and clarifying the facts, passing out materials, or sitting in front of the consulates and embassies to expose the evil - you are cultivating yourselves, validating the Fa, and in the process saving the world's people. That is what Dafa disciples are doing. Though seemingly ordinary, these acts are all magnificent, remarkable, because all professions in the human world and all settings are your cultivation site. With the cultivation done in the past, starting cultivation meant going off to a monastery or the mountains. Many people don't understand this cultivation method that I set forth for Dafa disciples. They wonder, "How come they cultivate while working? How come they didn't become monks?" That's understandable. Actually, once upon a time Shakyamuni talked about this subject. He said that when the Holy King Who Turns the Wheel descended to the world, people would be able to cultivate into Tathagatas without having to leave the secular world. So how does one go about [cultivating] while not leaving the secular world? And in a society such as that of today, how is one to cultivate?

I just said, and I have discussed before, that there are Dafa disciples in all professions and in all social strata, and that they are saving sentient beings, validating the Fa, and playing the role of Dafa disciples in all the various professions. And actually, when you manage to, while in the various professions, do well all the things that you ought to do, you are then in fact cultivating. The various professions in the human world are all cultivation sites that are provided to you. This goes back to the topic that I brought up earlier - that everything of mankind in the Three Realms has been created for Dafa, built up for Dafa, and has come for Dafa. One can cultivate while doing anything or while working in any profession. In other words, human society is one big practice site for the cultivation of my Dafa disciples, and you can cultivate no matter where you are. It just depends on whether you are diligent or not in your cultivation, and that holds as well for those who are doing things as special agents. (Audience laughs) You all can cultivate and save beings. It is just a question of how you align your thinking and what kind of attitude you have toward the Fa.

The things I just spoke about are things I have actually addressed before in my Fa teachings; this time I am merely speaking with you about them from another angle. I would like to use the next bit of time to answer some of your questions. (Applause) I haven't seen you for a long time, and many people have a lot of questions to ask. But there are always those who were not diligent in the past and have now become diligent. They have to travel anew the path that others have already taken, and they will ask questions that others have raised before. (Audience laughs) There is also a portion of people who don't read the books much. The books contain all the answers, but such persons don't read the books, and thus when they see me they still want to ask those questions [that the books answer]. (Audience laughs) But regardless, since they managed to become Dafa disciples and cultivate in Dafa, they should be considered outstanding. If you have questions, go ahead and ask them. I'm your master, after all. When disciples have questions, and especially ones related to cultivation, it is such a serious matter that I must address those questions and talk to you about them. Next, as you raise questions you should do so by submitting slips of paper as usual. And there is one more thing. There are more than three thousand of you seated here, and that's not counting the auxiliary halls. If there is a question slip from each person, we won't be able to get through them all. (Master laughs) So those who are part of the conference's organizing committee are going to sort through them and then pass up those that are selected.

(Master sits down, disciples applaud)

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