Fa Teaching at the U.S. Capital

Li Hongzhi, July 22, 2007

"7/20" is a date that has extraordinary significance for us; it may
play an important role in the history that has yet to come. In the
twinkling of an eye, eight years have passed since Dafa disciples were
first subjected to persecution. During this process Dafa disciples have
traveled many arduous paths, and it really hasn't been easy. You have
gone from at first not knowing what to do or how to deal with the
persecution to gradually understanding how you should do things. And
not only have you come to know how to do things, you have also grown,
owing to the harshness of the persecution, ever more rational and

The beings at different levels each have their own perspectives on this
persecution. Some see it as a path that must be traveled that is full
of tests, while others consider it the result of old elements from
across the entire cosmos being stirred up. Still others regard it as
laying out a path for Dafa disciples. And beings at lower levels think
that, as the righteous emerges, the evil is bound to do harm.
Regardless of the perspectives of beings at different levels, I am
intent on doing my things well, and Dafa disciples must walk their
paths. While facing different so-called tests and different kinds of
demonic interference, you have become more and more mature.

I haven't had to worry about too much lately since you have matured and
know what to do. In the various projects meant to save sentient beings,
you have rationally and proactively taken on multiple tasks, and,
moreover, you are doing an excellent job. So, I don't have to worry
about anything and everything as I did back when you first began
working against the persecution, where I continually corrected our Dafa
disciples, directing them on how to walk well, and properly, their path
of cultivation and saving sentient beings while resisting the
persecution, as well as on how to better clarify the facts amidst the
persecution. That's why you often saw me publishing a variety of short
articles meant to consistently correct your steps. This has become
infrequent lately, for you have truly matured and really know what to
do. So I don't have to worry as much. The focus for you right now is
simply to find ways to do better, to be more efficient, to have a
greater impact, and to save more people.

Aside from what you as individuals need to go through and establish on
your final road to Consummation, what is most important for you and
most significant right now is to save people. If not for that, let me
tell you, your cultivation would have concluded long ago. As Dafa
disciples you have done what you were supposed to in cultivation, but
in Fa-rectification some changes have taken place. For example, the
people in human society are no longer the same ones as when gods
created man once upon a time - divine beings have taken the place of
human beings' lives. They still appear human on the surface, but in
fact they are beings from different dimensions and different levels.
For this reason the people in today's society possess greater intellect
and ability than the human beings in any period in history. Never
before has such a change been encountered. According to the previous
arrangements, a great weeding out would take place in the process,
[affecting all,] with the exception of the cultivating Dafa disciples
and a portion of the earth's people that would remain to serve as the
progenitors of the future human race. Things that many prophecies talk
about have come true, with the only changes being to this period of
history that began with my Fa-rectification; there are things of that
nature involved. These things have changed.

Then what should you do when faced with such lives? From Master's
perspective, I know that these people should be saved and are worthy of
being saved. Except for the Three Realms, all of the enormous cosmic
bodies in the cosmos are gods. Of course, though, when gods peer down
from higher cosmic bodies, the gods at various levels down below appear
to them in fact the way humans appear to gods. In the previous, old
colossal firmament, creation-stasis-degeneration-destruction was an
absolute law. So the cosmos's laws are not how man imagines them - they
are indiscriminate. Laws of this sort overrode the compassion that gods
embody when saving human beings, for such were the [cosmos's] laws.
Even though the gods who have descended to the Three Realms come from
different levels, it was only upon having steadfast faith in Dafa and
the Fa-rectification that each came to the human world. They wanted to
come here to obtain the Fa and, along with this, give their aid to Dafa
while it was spread. So with these beings, regardless of their levels,
the steadfast righteous thoughts they had were extremely precious. The
reason is, as seen from divine realms, mankind and human society are a
truly terrifying sight to behold, and that was especially so in this
case, since the gods were able to look at human beings during their
worst time. They were brave enough to descend because of their
steadfast faith in Dafa and their conviction that Fa-rectification
would surely succeed. [They believed that] the Fa could definitely save
them, that Dafa would definitely succeed (enthusiastic applause),
and that Fa-rectification would definitely succeed, and it was thus
that they had the godly courage to come to the human world. I'm not
talking about Dafa disciples or students who obtained the Fa at
different times, but rather the human race's overall situation right
now. Many beings and many things in human society have changed. With
such beings before us, we must act, we must save them.

Then which beings are to be cherished during the Fa-rectification
period, this critical point in history? Those with full confidence in
Dafa and with corresponding actions; these lives are precious. So I
feel that whether you look at this from my perspective or in the
context of Dafa disciples' responsibilities, we all have this duty and
should take up this task. That is why Dafa disciples must try to save
the world's people and save sentient beings. You have initiated many
efforts in ordinary society to save people, and held many activities
similar to those of ordinary society, or done things that have
resembled those of ordinary people, but the starting point and goals
are different. Whether it be media outlets or websites, or any of the
things you do using a variety of approaches from ordinary human
society, they are in fact saving people. Whatever you do is for the
good of the people in this world. It looks as if we're seeking help
from people, when in fact we are saving them. It doesn't matter if it's
seeking help with funding, human resources, or material assistance;
clarifying the facts to governments in different countries; making
contact with civic groups in society; or communicating with other
sectors of society, none of these is for Falun Gong's own sake, nor for
your own cultivation. These have nothing to do with what one does in
cultivation. All these are for the sake of saving people. When you are
reaching out to people, that is when you are saving them. When people
give support after becoming clear on the truth, thanks to your
clarifying the facts, that is saving people; and the positive results
they produce after they come to realize the truth is for saving people.
In other words, after ordinary people manage to comprehend things and
are able to offer support, the impact of that support can itself save
people. You can take it a step further and say that when we do things,
whether successful or not, those things are saving people all the same
and clarifying the facts. That is what Dafa disciples do. If it weren't
for the need to do such things, Dafa disciples' cultivation would have
already concluded. So all of what you are doing now is meant for
sentient beings.

I said in my previous lecture that individual Consummation is no longer
an issue for Dafa disciples. Perhaps a good number of people didn't
quite understand what I meant, but that's the idea. Of course, while in
the process [of achieving that,] the final path that you as Dafa
disciples need to take seems to have been lengthened. For that reason
things might seem to go a little slowly when it comes to personal
improvement, but this fact won't affect you much. So what you are doing
inherently builds greater mighty virtue and is remarkable, because this
is done completely for the sake of sentient beings and not for personal
gain, or merely personal cultivation.

Then in the process of your doing all these things, there will be many,
many areas that are less than satisfactory, and there will be people -
and even Dafa students - who don't understand. There will always be
those who are diligent and those who are not, and there will always be
new students who have just entered, and students with different
circumstances, so there are going to be different interpretations and
views of things. And this is particularly so with students who are from
mainland China, whose thinking is completely in a deformed state after
having long lived under high pressure, amidst the Party's culture, and
amidst interpersonal relationships distorted by the Party's culture.
When mainland students - and not just students, but ordinary people as
well - relocate to the outside world, they discover that the ways
people think and act in normal societies is completely different from
in mainland China. And it's to the extent that since they are used to
the way of life in the Party's culture and the tense interpersonal
relationships there, once they go outside China they actually perceive
foreigners as being really dumb. And the non-Chinese, for their part,
can't understand the mainlanders' habits, customs, or ways of
interacting with people. Actually, the way things are around the world
represents what is normal for interpersonal relationships. There you
don't have to put so much mental effort into your relationships with
people, and there's no need for you to be so cunning. That is the way
normal human beings are.

But no matter how smart or cunning a person is, everything ends up the
same in the end. Let's take the case of someone who is very dumb. You
may find one person stupid and naive, while another is very cunning.
But no matter how you live your life, the outcome is the same. It
definitely won't change any just because a person is cunning, nor will
it change any because a person is naive. All that being cunning can do
is to turn you into a worse person, and while you create karma you will
slide down. As your surroundings and you yourself become tense and
strained, the minds of those around you will in turn grow even more
complicated, and then their complicated thinking will in turn cause you
to grow still worse.

I would like to say a few more words about this. Most recently,
students have trickled in from China one after another. [To those
students I'd say this:] You should try your best to communicate more
with non-mainland students, open up more, and by way of discussion
clean yourself up. The way people go about life outside of China is the
normal way for human beings to be, at least in modern times. Compared
with the ancients, who lived without modern technology, the present way
of life is of course completely different. Things were better back
then. So I'm just talking about things at present, which, in the
context of today's society, can be considered relatively normal. So,
you should exchange and communicate a lot on this front with students
outside China, and don't always cling to and use the Party-culture
mindset of mainland China when dealing with this society. Many people
who left mainland China at one time came around only gradually, and
after spending a considerable length of time abroad. As Dafa disciples,
you need to validate the Fa and do what Dafa disciples are supposed to
do. You can't take such a long time to change yourself. There's no time
for that. This is especially relevant for those students who didn't do
well in China and who made mistakes: Fa-rectification isn't over yet,
so be quick to catch up. Of course, I don't think it's too big of a
problem for newer students - just study the Fa more, do your best to
catch up, and keep pace with the Fa-rectification's progression.

For sure, you have made it through such a prolonged period of trials
and tribulations, and as Dafa disciples you have indeed saved many
people in human society and truly undone the effect of the poison
spread around the world by the CCP's media when the "7/20" event of
1999 began. At that time, all the world's media were carrying the
propaganda put out by the mouthpieces of the evil Party in mainland
China, which amounted to promoting the persecution on the Party's
behalf. Those in Western society weren't that clearheaded on this. They
didn't realize that the evil Party is so wicked, nor did they have a
good understanding of the evil Party. The pressure was indeed huge as
we were up against such a large-scale, global, and negative propaganda
machine that was smearing us. But Dafa disciples, and especially
veteran ones, were not scared by it. The Dafa disciples living
throughout the world were equally remarkable. You started off not
knowing what to do. Later, however, you gradually became clearheaded
and rational, and knew how to deal with things. During that period of
time, many were pondering: "Is Falun Gong really like what the evil
Party says in its propaganda? Is the practice I'm learning really
upright?" Indeed, faced with such slander from the evil, many beings
went through a process in their minds. In any event, the Dafa disciples
did very well in the end. The vast majority made it through, helped the
immense tide of Fa-rectification to turn the whole situation around,
and in the end helped cause those mouthpieces that are completely
controlled by the evil Party to no longer dare vilify us around the
world. They no longer dare to fabricate things because they know that
the Dafa disciples they face are capable of exposing them. As soon as
the evil Party creates more lies or does something bad, Dafa disciples
expose it and set things straight around the world, allowing the whole
world to see the evil for what it is and helping more people know about
it. So whether it is vilifying us or doing bad things, it's the same as
telling the whole world to look at its wickedness while simultaneously
promoting Falun Gong for us and expanding the influence of Falun Gong
on the thinking of people everywhere. No matter what it does, it is
promoting us.

Really, no matter what the old forces do, that's what will happen under
the effect of the cosmos's [law of] mutual-generation mutual-inhibition
- whatever it does will amount to advertising on the Dafa disciples'
behalf. Let's take, for example, the many projects Dafa disciples are
doing. As soon as the evil interferes, the forces that are upright and
good emerge in turn. And it's the same with whatever the bad people do:
As soon as they smear us, or want to do something bad and stir up
trouble, it inherently has the effect of expanding our influence.

There have been many instances over the years of the evil Party
promoting things on our behalf. Whether it's the websites that Dafa
disciples run, the television station, or the Epoch Times
newspaper, in many cases they have experienced something like this.
It's especially true in the case of last year's gala performance (New
Tang Dynasty Television's Chinese New Year Spectacular and performance
tour). At first not that many people knew about it, but then they [the
CCP] went everywhere with their propaganda, telling people not to come
see the show - they did things even more thoroughly than the Dafa
disciples (everyone laughs), they sought out even more people than we did. (Everyone laughs, applauds)
A typical case was the show in Australia's capital, Canberra. They
called and wrote letters to all members of Parliament telling them not
to attend the show, thinking that the world doesn't know what kind of
entity the CCP is and that it would heed what they said. Their
propaganda was pushed so broadly and its influence was so great that it
couldn't be matched at the time by the Dafa disciples. The outcome,
however, was that most every one of those officials attended the show. (Everyone laughs, applauds loudly)
As it turned out, the officials even humorously said, "We could hold a
session of Parliament here before watching the show." (Everyone laughs,
applauds) The same theatrics happened at the Ottawa show in Canada.

Of course, these things that I just discussed, seen from another angle,
are also meant to tell you that the fact that the old cosmos could last
up through to today and reach this point, and the fact that sentient
beings and mankind have been able to remain up to the present, is
because these beings have been awaiting salvation. In other words,
then, they have been waiting for Dafa disciples to establish their
mighty virtue and at the same time show the capacity Dafa disciples
have for saving sentient beings. Then wasn't this stage kept for Dafa
disciples? (Enthusiastic applause)
Yes, definitely. So, any bad person may go and commit his wrongful acts
and go around stirring up trouble, but whatever he achieves is sure to
lend assistance to Dafa disciples in their salvation of people. (Applause)
That wasn't his original intent or what those bad people wanted, but as
soon as they make a move, that's inevitably the effect it has.

That is to say, don't pay any mind to whatever the reality of today's
mankind is or however rampant the evil is: The people who have come to
this world are waiting for you to save them! (Applause) All the adverse things that come about are tests for Dafa disciples related to increasing mighty virtue. (Applause)
Now that I have put it this way, your thinking is going to be clearer.
Whatever specific difficulties you run into, though they may appear
identical in form to those of ordinary people and seem more or less the
same as the troubles of ordinary people, in reality, if you take a
good, calm look, if you look back a bit at the path you have traveled,
isn't that the case? Yes, it is. That's because this undertaking that I
am doing follows my designs, and we aren't having all of mankind come
to learn Falun Gong; this undertaking of mine is divided into two
stages. There is the Fa-rectification period, so in the
Fa-rectification period there are Fa-rectification period Dafa
disciples. After the Fa-rectification period concludes, then it is the
period of the Fa rectifying the human world. So there are two stages.
In the future, then, when the Fa rectifies the human world there will
be Fa-rectifying-the-human-world period Dafa disciples, and their
mighty virtue will be different from that of the Fa-rectification
period Dafa disciples. These are two distinct phases.

So during this process, during the Fa-rectification period, Dafa
disciples are faced with the responsibility of saving the sentient
beings of the future. If it weren't for the fact that lives of high
levels came down to this world to obtain the Fa, Dafa disciples
wouldn't need to do these things. But as soon as high-level beings came
and took the place [of humans], it magnified the importance of this
affair and of saving people. But, were it otherwise, were it still a
normal human society, it would nonetheless be divided into two stages.
And why is that? Because in humankind's large-scale weeding out
process, some good people will be left to serve as the progenitors of
the future human race; also, during the period when the Fa rectifies
the human world, a glory is to be created for Dafa whereby mankind
reciprocates Dafa, and it will be a period in which Dafa flourishes in
human society. This is a historical inevitability. Mankind will need to
give thanks. The fact that Fa-rectification will ultimately be
completed here counts as good fortune for mankind.

Though a human body really amounts to nothing without a main soul (yuanshen),
it does carry a great amount of information, and if it were re-created
it would definitely not be as it is now. A newly-made human being would
be just like a blank sheet of paper, and with the world before him, his
mind would be a blank slate. In regards to the natural world, he
wouldn't have the complete thinking or concepts a human has, nor the
concept of the different ways a human acts in relation to the material
world, and likewise with the various theories and human norms that have
been formed by the mankind of this cycle; the Chinese people of this
period have the concepts of "humaneness," "righteousness," "propriety,"
"learning," and "trustworthiness," while in the West, too, there are
norms for human conduct, and so on. A newly-made human being would find
a huge range of things such as these incomprehensible. Man has become
enriched only by having gone through endless years of life in society
and having lived through the long course of history. As I just
indicated, it is not the main soul that I'm referring to, but rather
the information that the human flesh body carries. And this is
especially so for today's human beings, who don't react in very extreme
ways when encountering something - they aren't shocked and shaken
instantly when something bad happens, and aren't overjoyed to no end
when something good comes about. Yet that is how someone who lacked any
depth of thought would be. Over the long march of time, man has become
ever more steady. This is not just a matter of man's thought, however,
as it is also directly related to man's flesh body. Then when man's
flesh body, having made it to the present time in history, has all of
its bad things cleansed and removed, that exquisite body that's left is
truly a masterpiece, a masterpiece truly worthy of being cherished, and
truly a culmination of the cosmos's history. (Applause)

In other words, in the cosmos, many wonderful beings as well as a
variety of precious elements have indeed been created over the long and
vast course of development that the cosmic bodies have undergone, and
these would not be the same if re-created. This is an important factor
in the necessity for Fa-rectification. If everything in this cosmos
were gone and everything had to be started from scratch, the results
would, no matter how things were done in the course of development and
even if the same history were used, nevertheless definitely turn out to
be different from how things are with the beings that exist today. They
couldn't possibly be the same, and that is why divine beings throughout
the entire cosmos regard the history they have gone through as
extremely precious.

I often say that I don't worry much about the final outcome, as what is
to be completed in the Fa-rectification is inevitable. No matter how
harrowing things may get during the Fa-rectification, the outcome is
certain. So I don't pay much attention to it, given that it's bound to
succeed. What I value most is the process. Only with the entirety of
the process that a being goes through do you have the complete entity
that is that being. The entire process of Fa-rectification is the most
precious - it is the entirety of the cosmos, and the most remarkable
undertaking. The process of Fa-rectification is what's central, so the
old forces cannot be allowed to just participate as they wish. Given
that this is Fa-rectification, I am particularly insistent on the path
I wish to take, as this is about creating the future. All that I have
done in the cosmos is most worthy of cherishing, and it is what I will
affirm and acknowledge in the future. Things that I don't want cannot
be acknowledged or affirmed - they are a disgrace. So in
Fa-rectification, no matter what kinds of demonic ordeals I encounter
or what kinds of blows I am dealt, they cannot alter my will, nor
change what I plan to accomplish. (Enthusiastic applause)

Nearly half a year has passed since the last Fa conference. You've done
an excellent job in the course of this half year. Things are
progressing quickly. As the wicked beings become fewer and fewer, the
minds of the world's people are changing, society is changing, and the
sentient beings are changing. When I say "sentient beings," it's not in
fact limited to the human race. All objects, regardless of whether
modern science considers them organic or inorganic, are in fact alive.
Everything is alive. When we speak of "sentient beings," it refers to
all living things. The changes taking place in sentient beings are a
reflection of Dafa disciples' achievements as Fa-rectification has
progressed along, while our Dafa disciples' performance throughout the
Fa-rectification period has fully confirmed the honor and glory that
Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples have. How magnificent! In the
phase ahead, do even better with what you need to do, walk well the
final leg of the journey, and do even better with what you are supposed
to do. Don't become complacent just because you think you've done such
and such, for there are so many sentient beings that we have yet to
save. You still need to push yourselves so that you may establish even
greater mighty virtue within a limited timeframe, and so that you won't
have any regrets when all is said and done. So I hope that you will do
even better and be even more magnificent.

You certainly still have many shortcomings in your cultivation, and I
have seen many shortcomings that really stand out. I haven't said
anything all along, and I don't want to say anything now. That is
because I know that although these shortcomings are quite sizable, some
have had the effect of deterring interference during the
Fa-rectification. But that said, don't go and try to guess what they
are - don't think that your shortcomings should be kept. (Master laughs) It's just that I have seen some problems. Ultimately I will take care of these things for you, however.

No matter what, you should do the final things even better and
establish even greater mighty virtue. It is not for my sake or for the
sake of Fa-rectification: It is for you yourselves. (Enthusiastic applause) The sentient beings of the future will thank you. (Applause) May your lives shine ever more brightly in the cosmos of the future. (Long, enthusiastic applause)