The Best Show and Dancers

[] When I think of Shen Yun, I always remember seeing the dancers swinging and swirling on the stage gracefully with joy, just like flower blossoms. Remembering that scene always makes me feel refreshed and energetic.

There is a saying that 10 minutes on the stage may require 10 years of hard work practicing. On the stage, the dancers move freely and elegantly, which easily wins applause from the audience. In fact, there is a lot of hard work behind the scenes. A simple movement or a smile comes after years of basic training. Most of the dancers started their training when they were very young. For example, Orchid Finger is a basic hand gesture that requires someone to bend their fingers backwards many times a day, so that the hand bones become very soft and they can curve gracefully. In addition, the dancers constantly need to practice walking small steps swiftly, so that their movements look like floating on the surface of water or on a cloud.

There is a saying that the eyes are the window to the soul. In order to achieve good effects, an artist has to constantly practice with their eyes so that they can perform well on the stage. Every movement is coordinated with breathing techniques in order to be smooth and carry the appropriate message. This means 7 to 10 hours of practice every day, from eye and hand movements, to walking and body movements. These are just outside techniques. We know that in order to rectify someone, we have to start from the heart. Since Shen Yun aims to revive the 5000-year old Chinese culture and uplift people's morality, the artists have to be strict with themselves and have a pure mind. Only by reaching harmony with the divine and reaching harmony with their surroundings can the Shen Yun artists carry out the mission of helping people to fulfill their spiritual path. This is the starting point of the Shen Yun performances. In addition, the essence of traditional Chinese culture, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, is the characteristic of the universe. It is connected with various beliefs on a deeper level. When sending out pure energy at the highest level, Shen Yun is helping people to gain further understanding of divine beings. This helps to connect the divine with mankind. Since the most compassionate art is the most beautiful, while the audience may not have fully realized it yet, their minds and souls are already uplifted. Through the two and a half hour performance, the divine world is displayed in front of the audience, so that they know that the 5000-year old Chinese civilization is for us and for the Fa. We are both audience and performers, and our reincarnation lifetime after lifetime is for us to be awakened today.

What I wrote here is primarily about dancers practicing day after day. In order to achieve the necessary skills and fully represent ancient figures as well as legends, the artists have to refer to a lot of written material to fully understand the stories and how the characters' minds changed in the process. By being assimilated to the ancient people's state of mind, the artists are able to display the stories in front of the audience so that they can understand them. This way, the audience is able to comprehend the spirit of the ancient civilization and, by opening their minds, understand the inner meaning of the civilization. Their minds are thus purified, with degenerated human notions rectified. The audience now has a peaceful mind and realizes that, only by respecting high-level beings as well as safeguarding righteousness will one attain true happiness. Everyone can now begin a brand new life.

The artists of Shen Yun Performing Arts work very hard on this. In order to present their best to the audience, they make the best use of their time to practice more and further improve their skills.
Even late at night after the shows, they may still practice more in the hallways of the hotel. Male artists work even harder to keep up the difficult skills of jumping and tumbling. They also know that only superior levels of mental concentration can result in excellent skills. Let us all wish these artists continued success. Let us also hope that the Shen Yun performances can go to China soon.


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