All Matter Is Intelligent – Talking about Tea

Wei Ming

PureInsight | January 14, 2002

The Chinese tea culture dates back to ancient times. In this degenerate period, the tea culture is no longer practiced, although knowledge of it still exists. Taking just a glimpse of ancient tea culture, it is not difficult to see that everything has intelligence. "In fact, let me tell everyone that matter and mind are one thing." (From Chapter 1 of Zhuan Falun)

In ancient times, tea had to grown in a favorable climate and geographic location. It had to be picked by good people. Specifically, only maidens of high morals, who took fame and personal interest lightly, could pick tea. When picking tealeaves, the person was asked to clear her mind, or only think about good things. Thinking of bad things was strongly discouraged. It was said that tea collected this way tasted right, pure and good. It seems that tea not only has very strong properties of absorption in our dimension, is also highly intelligent in other dimensions.

When some experts utilized this intelligence of tea, its magical effects naturally took place. For example, a man and a woman would each carry a bag of tea close to their bodies for a month and then exchange their tea bags. Drinking this tea would then balance the Yin and Yang, correcting personality imbalances caused by overly strong Yin or Yang. Some high-ranking officials and noble lords specifically looked for maidens to pick tea with their mouths. It was believed that the tea gathered this way would also have the effect of balancing Yin and Yang and promoting longevity. It is said that an abbot in a temple offered a cup of tea to anyone who came to pray for help, whether he was arrogant and thought of himself highly or downhearted and pessimistic, saying, "Please have a cup of tea." After observing this repeatedly, a young monk thought he had enlightened to a true secret, and said, "This is really simple. No matter who comes, just offer them a cup of tea." The abbot hit the young monk's head with a stick, and directed him, "Go have a cup of tea." No one knew if the young monk realized the true secret after drinking the tea. There is no way to know if the tea possessed energy. However, since the inner constitution of one kind of tea differs from that of another, naturally their effects will not be the same.

The ancient standard for good tea was that the first grade tea grew in gaps between rocks and was taken care of by heaven. The second grade tea grew on soil-covered rocks and was also taken care of by heaven. The third and lower grades of tea were cultivated. The quality of tea is closely related to climate, favorable geographic location and the interaction of heaven and earth.

The water for making tea also required particular attention. Water upstream in a river surges forward and is fierce in nature. Drinking tea made of this water tends to cause an excess of internal heat. Water from the midstream of a river is steady and vigorous, and is most suitable for making tea. This demonstrates that the speed of the water current can alter its property. There are also optimal locations where matter is more imbued with life.

When people do not believe in the existence of God, it is naturally hard for them to believe that all matter has intelligence. With the so-called progress of society, people's greed has increased. This has resulted in the decline of human morals and the destruction of the environment. Driven by various degenerate notions, people have made greenhouse vegetables, used degenerate means, such as chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and degraded the intrinsic qualities of plants. This has resulted in severe ecologic damage. Animals are also being diverted from their intrinsic qualities by the use of chemical additives such as hormones and degenerate feed. Opinionated humans are recklessly altering the food chains arranged by gods for thousands of years. However, they have forgotten that humans are the final link in hundreds of thousands of food chains. The degenerate crops, degenerate vegetables and degenerate animals are all closely connected with humans. Thus, mankind further degenerates himself in this vicious cycle.

All matter is intelligent. The prerequisite for studying and making use of this intelligence is that humans must believe in the existence of gods, the governors of all things on earth. Along with the arrival of Fa-rectification in human world, all things will serve their proper purpose with each showing its special function.

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