Some Thoughts on Universal Gravitation and the Rotating Mechanism

PureInsight | June 11, 2001

Teacher Li has stated “There’s a type of matter that enables people to stand on the ground vertically and that prevents them from leaning laterally; there’s a type of matter that acts as pressure and that presses down on people and objects to prevent them from floating up.” (Falun Buddha Fa, the Lecture at the conference in Europe). Previously I could not completely understand this sentence since Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation seems to be able to explain so many things. We have been unable to find evidence to demonstrate the errors inherent in the Law of Universal Gravitation. When I read an article entitled “Moon is contrary to the Law of Universal Gravitation” I suddenly saw the light.

The earth rotates around the sun and the moon rotates around the earth, not because of the effects of universal gravitation between them, but because a kind of rotating mechanism is in operation. The objects on earth fall downwards not because of gravity, but because there is a type of material that acts upon the objects to press them down. The theory of universal gravitation is based upon the observation of the movements of celestial bodies, that is to say, Kepler’s Law. Therefore it is wrong from the beginning.

When people travel into outer space and circle around the earth in a spaceship scientists call the status of floating ‘weightlessness‘. Actually this ‘weightlessness’ exists because at that place the materials to press one’s body down do not exist. The reason that a spaceship is able to rotate around the earth is not because the calculated speed conforms to the equation of universal gravitation, but because the spaceship conforms to a kind of rotating mechanism. Thus spaceships made by humans need to utilize fuel. When their orbit does not conform to the rotating mechanism, the spaceship needs to burn fuel to modify its direction and speed up otherwise it will gradually fall down.

Why then can the moon rotate around the earth for such a long time and not fall down? Because a highly developed prehistoric civilization discovered the existence of the rotating mechanism. They made the moon move in accordance with this rotation mechanism exactly and had it rotate that way forever, therefore it does not need to consume any fuel. Scientists have found out that when the moon rotates around the earth or when other planets rotate around the sun, they do not really conform to their calculated orbits based on the Theory of Universal Gravitation, therefore the scientists have proposed some modified equations. For example, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is used to explain the phenomenon that Mercury deviates from its theoretical orbit. However the rotating mechanism is not as simple as imagined by scientists. Master Li has stated “Not only human beings, but animals and plants are all alive. Any substance may manifest its form of life in other spaces.” (Zhuan Falun) This rotating mechanism is a kind of life being, how can it be described using a simple mathematical theory? After long-term observation, as people find more and more phenomena that are beyond their understanding, they then keep making modifications to their theories. Doing this, they can never find out the truth. This is the mistake made by modern science. Actually many phenomena can be explained in different ways, but when people accept a certain kind of explanation, they stubbornly do not want to accept other explanations. To the contrary, they quickly seek means to repair the holes in their old theory.

There is no way to explain those contrary things from the angle of modern science. However it is easy to understand from a true and great way. Teacher Li said, “Ancient Chinese science is different from our science today, which is learned from the West. It took a different path, which could bring about a different situation in science. Therefore, we cannot understand ancient Chinese technology with the current way of understandings because ancient Chinese science aimed at the human body, life, and the universe. It focused itself directly on these subjects and took a different approach.” (Zhuan Falun) It is the task of every genuine practitioner to correct errors of modern science according to the Dafa taught by the Teacher.

This are just my personal thoughts, please do not hesitate to give your opinion.

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