The Old Forces' Senses of Self

Mao Huizhi (in America)

PureInsight | November 25, 2002

A long, long time ago we were kings and lords, having come down from very, very high levels of the cosmos.

However, the cosmos at that time had already deviated from the Fa.

Before we originally descended to the human world with our "heavenly courage," we had followed the principles of the old cosmos and arranged everything for our coming to earth. We even assigned innumerable high-level beings as our guardians of the Fa. Now, this seems like another part in the plan of the old forces' arrangements. Countless beings that live in our own countless spatial dimensions and countless high-level beings in the corresponding cosmic bodies are doing things according to our wishes. When we do not let go of our senses of self, we are deviating from the requirements of the Fa. As a result, countless sentient beings who have put infinite hopes in us will be weeded out because they would be doing things according to the old principles of the cosmos. However, when we let go of our own notions, we melt into the Fa and sentient beings will be saved.

Realizing and remembering all this that Master had taught, during meditation, I sent out a thought to all the sentient beings: Please, do not do as formerly agreed with your lords at the beginning of their coming down! Assimilate to the Fa and listen only to Master's arrangement. When the Fa was sent, it immediately shook the countless cosmoses, layer by layer. What was reflected in my human body were electric shock waves hitting my brain in wave after wave. I knew then that countless sentient beings would step forward and opt out of the old forces' arrangements.

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