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PureInsight | April 7, 2003

I deeply appreciated the article entitled, "Multiple Personalities" published in the column of "Tales from the Practice of Medicine" [] on the PureInsight website. The medical case that was described led me to a question worth pondering: Is modern medicine correctly identifying and characterizing the diseases people now have?

The article stated: "Caroline first came to my clinic because of diabetes. One week later, her symptoms of diabetes had disappeared. When she came again, she had hepatitis. She was always being afflicted by a serious illness over a period of time. She showed the symptoms of various illnesses as evidenced from laboratory test reports, CT examination reports, and doctor's diagnosis certificates. These illnesses were mingled intricately. It sounded to me as if the patient was not curable. At the beginning of our sessions, she was astounded at the pattern of her own diseases. Here she was, living the life of a modern fashion conscious girl. Later she confided in me that sometimes she herself hadn't a clue as to who she was.... However, she was sure that all of her sickness symptoms were real, that her experiences with illness were genuine, but each time a new illness arose, it had a way of occurring weirdly, and then disappearing quickly."

From the perspective of Western medicine, her illnesses had all been subjected to rigorous verification. There was nothing spurious about the diagnoses. Puzzling was the fact that her illnesses both came and went quickly. Regarding this point, Western medicine could not explain the reason. Since according to Western medicine's theory, organic pathological changes derive from a long period of time, they require many kinds of pathogenesis that lead to the pathological changes of cells and tissues in the body. These kinds of changes require a process and a long time. When pathological changes reach a certain level, the symptoms start to come forth. After the diagnosis is made, treatment also takes time. All the serious illnesses this lady acquired shuttled constantly in her body like a trotting horse lamp, but they did not remain in her body. It seemed that no cure was needed and that illnesses would just disappear without a trace.

The doctors of Western medicine had no way to treat her, but recommended her seeing a doctor of Chinese medicine. The situation was very similar to what was mentioned in the article: "Chinese medicine thinks that multiple personalities manifest because the person is disturbed and controlled by an external spirit after she gives up her own main consciousness. These symptoms result from haunting ghosts and evil spirits. This person shows her main consciousness is not clear and her behavior is hard to understand. The cause for her illnesses was that her main consciousness was not clear. If the righteous qi is not sufficient, the evil qi must intrude."

During ancient times in China, most doctors of Chinese medicine were cultivators. They knew how to instruct the patient in life and in breathing. They possessed supernormal capabilities such as penetrating vision that could see through walls or look through a human body, and they were proficient in Taoist methods. In other words, they could see other dimensions and so people nowadays recognize just how extraordinary were the ways by which they treated illnesses. A few clues can be found in the biographies of famous ancient doctors, including Bian Que, Hua Tuo, and Sun Simiao. They could perceive various kinds of patients' pathological changes, appearing in this dimension, (e.g. , infections, ulcers, tumors and so on, using Western terminology), were caused by individual spirits in other dimensions. As long as these spirits were removed from control, the pathological symptoms occurring at the level of ordinary people would disappear without a trace, as if nothing had happened. In fact, all serious illnesses occurring in this lady's body were caused by outside spirits. All the spirits that caused her multiple personalities carry various diseases, interleaving in her body in turns. She was truly attacked with illnesses at intervals and every illness was genuine. However, when she changed to another personality, the illness also changed accordingly. It is obvious that the illness itself did not necessarily result from bacteria, virus or other pathogens, in the terms of Western medicine. What Western medicine understands can explain the surface of phenomena.

Chinese medicine takes a person as only a small part of a much larger cosmic picture. It enables us to look at the human body and disease both from this dimension and from outside of our human dimension, to see the issue from the standpoint of other dimensions. Chinese medicine emphasizes that illness is caused by the invasion of external evils. A saying exists that "When righteous qi exists inside, evil cannot do anything." Like the "Multiple Personalities" article explained, Chinese medicine believes that the human body has 13 so-called "ghost acupuncture points," which are channels that connect our human bodies to other dimensions. Both evil and righteous things flow into our bodies. If our hearts are not righteous and our main consciousness is not clear, external spirits can attack us. This is something that western medicine does not believe. But the fact that Chinese medicine can treat many difficult and complicated diseases that western medicine can not deal with proves this is true. For example, regarding Caroline's serious illnesses "occurring weirdly and disappearing quickly," once her "ghost acupuncture points" were sealed and the pathways by which the external spirits controlled her were blocked, then her main consciousness could begin to awaken under the doctor's advice, and her illnesses disappear without a trace.

I'd like to close this article with a short poem that I wrote:

People go to hospital as soon as they get sick
How can they know it is caused by external evil?
If you want to get no illness and no misfortune
Do not pursue attachments and everything will be easy.

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