This Rampant Tyranny Is a Plague to All Chinese People

Qing Qing

PureInsight | June 2, 2003

[] Mr. Sun Zhigang was a 27-year-old art designer at an apparel company in Guangzhou who graduated from college only two years ago. On March 17, 2003, around 10:00 p.m. while on his way to an Internet café, Mr. Sun was illegally arrested and detained by the police at Huang Cun Street, Dong Pu District, Guangzhou, simply because he forgot to carry his temporary residence registration card and could not produce it for the authorities.

Mr. Sun did disagree with the police that this incident could remotely justify being detained, and he tried adamantly to reason with the police. When Mr. Sun's friends and colleagues tried to bail him out, the police told them that, "Sun Zhigang will not be allowed bail, even if he can produce his ID card."

The police provided no explanation for this unlawful decision. Mr. Sun was then transferred from the police station to a detention center. Mr. Sun's confrontational manner irritated the police, who then began to beat and torture him unrestrainedly. In the official police record, Sun was described as jobless, homeless, and ID-less, while Sun actually did have a job, a legal residential address and an ID card. The police's untruthful record was the justification and the cause for detention.

It was only when Sun's friends called the detention center on March 19 to inquire about Sun's present condition that they learned that Sun had already been sent to the medical station for detainees, which is the Guangzhou Neurological Hospital in Jiang Cun. Sun's friends went to the hospital to visit Sun, but the doctors refused their request for a visit. According to the hospital's medical record, Sun appeared to be "quiet" at the time of admittance to the hospital. Within the first 12 hours after admittance, Sun had been recorded as "sleeping" all the time. When Sun's friends called the hospital for the second time around noon on March 20, they were told that Mr. Zhigang Sun had died of a heart attack the previous night.

A few reporters who still have righteous spirits learned of this incident and took great risks, venturing into a secret investigation of Sun's death. All the lawyers that Sun's family had contacted rejected the case, out of fear for their own safety. They decided that a lawsuit against the Chinese government stood no chance of obtaining justice, despite any evidence that could be gathered.

In a reply to the irresponsible silence and evasiveness of the Public Security Bureau, prosecutor, court, People's Congress in Guangzhou City, Bureau of Civil Affairs, Health Bureau and Tianhe Police Branch, Sun's financially embarrassed father, a farmer, had to borrow money to pay for a legal autopsy, to determine the real cause of his son's death. Hearing of this tragedy, a medical doctor from the Zhong Shan Medical School was filled with indignation and volunteered to perform an autopsy.

The autopsy revealed that Zhigang Sun was severely beaten for several days before his death, and the beatings eventually led to his death. The hospital's medical record, by contrast, stated that, "Sun died suddenly" and his death was caused by "an unexpected stroke and a sudden heart attack."

When Sun's family told the hospital that they were ready to request an official autopsy, the hospital still insisted that Sun simply "died suddenly."

The autopsy report presented by the expert from the Forensic Medicine Autopsy Center at the Zhong Shan Medical School from Zhong Shan University on April 18 specifically reported that the subject was severely beaten 72 hours before death.

"According to our general analysis, Mr. Zhigang Sun died of traumatic shock caused by a massive injury to the soft tissues."

An eyewitness saw two round, black marks, 1.5 centimeters in diameter, on each of Sun's shoulders, as well as five to six black marks of the same kind on each knee. The forensic medical doctor who had performed the autopsy said, "These have to be the marks of being branded by fire."

The autopsy report also revealed that the large area of internal injuries on the back was the cause of Zhigang Sun's death. According to inside information, this is the very way that the Chinese police have been beating the Chinese people. Here is how they do it: The Chinese police would make the victim lie face down, put a book on the victim's back, and simultaneously beat the book on the person's back with hammers and iron bars. This hides any marks resulting from the injuries.

Like the former Minister of Health, Zhang Wenkang, who lied about SARS epidemic in China, Mr. Xie Zhitang, Director of the Executive Office of the Civil Administration Bureau in Guangzhou City, upon learning of the autopsy result, continued to insist repeatedly, "I am 99.8% confident and guarantee that nobody is beaten in the detention center."

Moreover, the Civil Administration Bureau and Tianhe Precinct threatened Sun's family, "Do not take this information from those unofficial channels as facts."

When the police saw that their threats didn't stop Sun's family from demanding the truth, the City's Public Security Bureau began to insult Sun's family when the family appealed for justice.

The death of Sun Zhigang was made known to the public by the Southern Metropolitan Daily (SMD) on April 25, but the Propaganda Ministry forced the SMD to stop reporting on Sun's case immediately and threatened the SMD to make them stop all subsequent interviews or coverage on Sun's case.

Meanwhile, near Huang Cun Street where Sun's incident took place, officials quickly bought all the copies of the SMD newspaper with Sun's story with the malicious intention of hiding the news. One of Sun's college classmates called the police station in Huang Cun to inquire about the mysteriously missing newspapers, but the police barked at him with curses, and threatened to trace his phone number. One of Sun's high school classmates posted the news of Sun's death on many BBS forums, but the BBS administrators deleted all postings, and threatened to report him to the police and have him arrested. Fortunately, this news was posted on BBS forums in time to be transcribed elsewhere.
All of a sudden, the news about the injustice suffered by Sun Zhigang "spread like wildfire on the prairie," and reached readers nationwide, especially blue-collar workers, who reacted with anger and righteous indignation.

More and more Chinese Internet surfers began to disclose their own or their relatives' stories of persecution by the Chinese police. Many people are illegally detained, severely beaten, raped, and even murdered by the police to prevent the victims from disclosing the dark secretes of the horrific crimes committed by the Chinese police.

These persecution stories are fairly common, even in metropolitan cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou. It was only after this posting that many Chinese people learned that Sun's unresolved, tragic death was not an isolated incident. It is only the tip of an iceberg of evidence of the criminal behavior the Chinese police exhibit routinely, and portrays the absence of law and order in China.

Sun's family was fortunate, compared to other victims of the Chinese police's brutality, because at least the public learned of his tragic death via the SMD and the Internet.

People finally saw through the nature of the Chinese judicial system when they read the tragic story of Sun Zhigang and of his father, who was pushed around, threatened, and lied to by all involved legal departments in Guangzhou city. The truth is this: the Chinese legal framework of laws, policies, and practices provides legal cover for the Chinese authorities, to harass and persecute the Chinese people. Such legal measures as the detention and interrogation systems, the temporary resident certification system and the labor reform system are mechanisms for violating the Chinese people's rights and freedoms, instead of mechanisms for truly serving and protecting the nation's people. The Chinese government fails to provide an effective mechanism of accountability for violations against the rights and freedom of Chinese people.

As for the young generations born in 70's or 80's, they did not experience the Great Cultural Revolution, nor were they aware of the June 4, 1989 massacre of college students at Tiananmen Square, or the present day brutal persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. They grew up with the Chinese government's sugarcoated lies and with a naive understanding and dreams about China. When they suddenly had to face a brutal reality, such as the tragic death of Sun Zhigang, they had to face what was really going on. When the Chinese Communist Party and the Chinese government that they had trusted suddenly revealed their true demonic nature, people were shocked and woke up from their dreams about China, dreams woven by the Chinese government's fraudulent lies.

A Chinese citizen posted a message on the Internet that said, "It took a tremendous amount of bestiality and brutality to beat an innocent young man to death, but it took a double amount of bestiality and brutality to forcibly cover up this crime." In fact, it also takes a tremendous amount of hatred and fear of the Chinese people on the police's part to commit such crimes on a daily basis.

Victims on the Internet are of the opinion that the police require the fostering and breeding of evil thugs in the police department to maintain this systematic persecution. Likewise, someone must have been encouraging the local government officials' to provide "legal cover" for the crimes committed by the police. Rome was not built in one day. If the top-level government officials had not been condoning and covering such criminal practices, would the Chinese police dare to murder people in broad daylight? If the top-level officials only gave consent to one isolated murder case, would those thugs from the police and the local government officials dare to be completely oblivious to civil laws? If these murderous crimes failed to please the Chinese dictator or to win rapid career advances, would the thugs from the Chinese police and the local government officials be hard at work to persecute and murder the Chinese people? The answers are most likely "no." All crimes at the bottom rung of the legal ladder have their origin. The true evil lies with the top level of the Chinese Community Party.

In Guangzhou alone, countless Falun Gong practitioners were subject to even more severe, brutal beatings and other forms of torture. They were brutally persecuted and even murdered in countless "legal" repressive institutions, such as the Cuotou Women's Forced Labor Camp, the Guangzhou Jurisdiction Center, the Guangzhou Huadu Prison, the Guangzhou First Forced Labor Camp, the Guangzhou City Fangcun Psychiatric Institution, and others. This malicious, mentally twisted Jiang Zemin ordered and manipulated the Chinese legal system to persecute Falun Gong practitioners with fanatic brutality. After four years of relentless and inhuman persecution against Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners, Jiang Zemin has successfully bred a network of bloodthirsty, brutal, and perverse Chinese police and legal staff whose sadistic and demonic nature has overtaken them.

Here is another example of despotism, dictatorship and sinlge-minded thirst for power:

Mrs. Luo Zhixiang, an interior designer at Nonken Construction Enterprise in Guangdong Province, was arrested illegally at her apartment in the Haizhu District in Guangdong Province. Both Mrs. Luo and her husband were sent to the Haizhu Detention Facility. Even when the Chinese discovered that Mrs. Luo was three months pregnant, they still abducted her and took her to the Huangpu Drug Rehabilitation Center, a makeshift facility used to detain, torture, and brainwash Falun Gong practitioners with poisonous psychological deceit and hate literature.

Mrs. Luo went on a hunger strike for seven days as a non-violent way to protest the persecution against her as a Falun Gong practitioner, until four policemen sent her to a hospital. For some unidentifiable reason, Mrs. Luo fell from the third floor of the hospital and injured her head. Although Mrs. Luo was transferred to Da Hua Qiao Hospital for medical treatment, she died on December 4th at an early age of 29, before justice could be served.

Mrs. Luo's husband was abducted to the Chini Forced Labor Camp in Huadu, so he could not possibly meet with his wife, nor know of her sudden death. Mrs. Luo Zhixiang's parents-in-law hurried from Rujia Village, Wujing Town, Yueju County, Shandong Province, a province north of Guangzhou, demanding to be told the cause of Mrs. Luo's death and collect financial compensation for the family. Within the first few days of their arrival, people from the "610 Office" at Xinhua Street, Guangzhou City, courteously arranged the folks' accommodations, but persistently tried to rush them into cremating Mrs. Luo's body. Mrs. Luo's parents-in-law insisted that they did not have the right to sign the cremation agreement. They demanded to meet with her husband and let him make the decision.

When the "610 Office" enforcers failed to coax the folks into eliminating the evidence by cremating the body, they immediately changed their attitude toward the old folks and kicked them out of the hotel. Mrs. Luo's parents-in-law refused to concede and went to the nearest Residence Administration Office, reporting the unresolved mystery of their daughter-in-law's and their unborn grandchild's death. The "610 Office" authorities gathered more than 60 people to surround the Residence Administration Office and called 110, China's emergency line, equivalent to 911 in the U.S., claiming that someone was causing trouble at the Residence Administration Office, in an attempt to get the old folks arrested. The police responded to the call and rushed to the Residence Administration Office, only to find there was no more than an elderly couple seeking justice for their family, so the police left the elderly couple in peace and took off.

Mrs. Luo Zhixiang was put to a painful death as a result of the persecution. Mr. Sun Zhigang was beaten to death. The police murdered them both with torture. What is the difference between these two cases, except that Mrs. Luo was a Falun Gong practitioner?

According to incomplete statistics, within the past four years, beginning on July 20, 1999, more than 705 deaths from torture of Dafa practitioner, in more than 30 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities in China, have been verified. However, according to internal governmental official statistics, by the end of 2001, the actual number of practitioners who died after being held had reached 1,600.

In this state-run terrorism against Falun Gong practitioners, these people were shocked with multiple electric batons, burned with heated iron bars, tied to narrow benches for days, force-fed spicy/hot pepper juice, concentrated saline solution, human feces and urine, and tortured in countless other horrific ways. Each torture is followed by an even more brutal, more appalling one. Can you imagine how the Jiang Zemin-led propaganda department explained the deformed, severely beaten, and festered corpses of Falun Gong practitioners who were tortured to a most painful death? They claimed that all the murdered Falun Gong practitioners had committed suicide or died of a heart attack. They claimed that they had given Falun Gong practitioners "loving and kind re-education" at these forced labor camps, prisons, psychiatric institutions and drug rehabilitation center. They claimed that under the reign of Jiang Zemin, China was in the prime era of human rights and China has never been better!

The Chinese Community Party (CCP) has fanatically suppressed and persecuted Falun Gong. The CCP has hid the SARS epidemic from the Chinese people and the world. The CCP orchestrated a legal cover-up of the tragic death of Mr. Sun Zhigang. One would hope that these facts about the CCP's brutality and the lessons learned from these people's blood and lives will help the Chinese people become aware that the rampant tyranny is a plague for all people in the nation, not merely Falun Gong practitioners. A Chinese saying expresses it this way, "When the lips are gone, the teeth will feel the chill." When confronted with tyranny, there should be a mutual dependency on each other. After all, the same blood runs in our veins. The CCP's shameless deceit has numbed our consciences. We have thus become nonchalant about the persecution of others, precisely the attitude that has nourished the demonic forces of the CCP.

The persecution that has been forced upon others is now looming ahead of all of us. My fellow Chinese citizens, I urge you to wake up immediately!

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