Call for Stage Performance Programs for an Evening Art Gala in Spring 2004

PureInsight | July 14, 2003

2004 Spring Art Gala Preparation Committee

[] Plans are underway to hold a high-quality traditional-style art gala in the Spring of 2004. The 2004 Spring Art Gala Preparation Committee is now calling Dafa disciples worldwide for stage performance programs.

Program Genres:

Vocal music, instrumental music (solo, duet, trio, quartet, ensemble, or orchestra),
dance, opera, cross talk, children's performance programs and other appropriate presentations

Content Requirements:

1. Each program should use Falun Dafa as the theme;
2. Each program should use orthodox, traditional styles. It may not contain any political messages.


For those who are interested in participating in this art gala, please register with the 2004 Spring Art Gala Preparation Committee via facsimile or electronic mail with the following information: your name, address, contact telephone number, title and category of your performance. Please provide a copy of audio or video recording of your performance for evaluation, if possible. The mailing address will be announced separately.

Deadline for Registration:
October 15, 2003

Fax: 208-248-4613

2004 Spring Art Gala Preparation Committee

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