On Gains and Losses and Dafa Projects (Part 1)

PureInsight | October 6, 2003

1. Cultivators' Gains and Losses

[PureInsight.org] People usually like to carefully watch, observe and compare before making an investment in a business. Then they will choose an investment that can earn them a profit and gain them a quick rate of return. Thus they think they will not suffer losses from their investment.

Currently, there is much work being done for Fa rectification. Some fellow cultivators may naturally and repeatedly balance how to choose the work that can gain them greater virtue. They may balance between losses and time invested.

When taking part in any Dafa activities, a Dafa disciple may consider certain factors by repeatedly balancing losses and gains such as time investment and short-term return or establishment of virtue, as ordinary people usually do. I personally regard this as an attachment of selfishness. The attachment must be removed by cultivating. Not everyone is able to work on so many projects and programs. Therefore, I suggest that everyone should carefully choose a Dafa project according to his own expertise and time constraints. It is very important that he can best apply his own expertise to the program that he has chosen. This is how to position oneself in Dafa activities.

However, what I would like to exchange with fellow cultivators it is not only the positioning of an individual practitioner, but also how to overcome what is in the mind when facing difficulties. Recently, I heard some fellow cultivators complain about the slow progress of a project. They felt they were locked in the delayed development of the project. They thought they gained little result from the time they had invested. They felt they were very lost. They were thinking about dropping the current project and changing to other projects that would be more effective. They may come back to the current project later. They prefer to choose those projects that are more effective. They think it is the last moment of Fa rectification, and therefore, they should put their precious time to those matters that can establish virtue. What I want to say is that all of us must put or joint efforts with those projects that show slow progress, because those projects need more help from us than any other ones. We should not bring our ordinary people's mindsets and thoughts into Fa tasks.

Last week, I went to a training course named "Essentials for Success". The teacher asked us what the key point for a successful investment is. Our answers were about our understanding of the market, our experience in investments, the selection of products, etc. However, the teacher told us that all those answers are not important. The most important thing is tolerance of hardship and the ability to withstand any difficulties. In fact, it is the key point to all success. I was touched by what the host said. I know that I lack tolerance of hardship and difficulties. Even an ordinary person understands such important knowledge. The teacher also told us that some people can't bear any difficulty in their businesses. When they come across any difficulty, they hurriedly drop their business and change to another one. This is not a matter of product or market, but a matter of psychological problems. Such psychological problems can lead to failure. Even those who are not capable businessmen due to their slow mind can achieve success when they are able to bear any difficulties.

There are many projects for Dafa. Everyone can transfer from one project to another. But if one selects project based on how to balance the benefits and losses, he may wrongly position himself to do Dafa project. The reason I mention this matter to our fellow cultivators is to remind us to avoid misunderstandings about Dafa activities and to remove the attachment of balancing benefit against loss.

(To be continued)

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/9/8/23357.html

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