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PureInsight | December 15, 2003


Greetings Honorable Teacher!
Greetings Fellow Practitioners!

Please allow me to share some experiences from the Media Internet Team about how we used the media to clarify the facts in coordination with the Fa-Rectification process. Our media appears to be a media of ordinary people, but this is a new path created by the Fa to save sentient beings. Under the guidance of the Fa, we gradually gained some experience.

1. Unifying as One Body

Our media is exposing the evil in our society, and true practitioners are welcome to become involved. Practitioners come and go of their own free will, and we don't have any restrictions or limitations. We unify the practitioners by closely cooperating in accordance with Fa-rectification. We don't pick the participants and don't require the participants to have any special skills. We welcome all volunteers and we always encourage them, and it doesn't require any experience. If you are willing to participate, putting your heart into it, you can do well. The facts have proved that "...you must treat yourself as a true practitioner, and then you can make it." (From Lecture Three of Zhuan Falun) We provide very simple and basic training which proves to be most effective. Many of our editors used to be homemakers, and nobody ever heard about them. Now, they have become our major editing force.

One lady, who came to help us, chose and matched pictures for the articles online. When she came, she couldn't even operate a computer. After a few months, she did such an excellent job that other editors asked her to share her experiences of choosing pictures for news articles. She said she just used her heart to do the work and spent some time learning. After a period of time, sorting things out became simple. She said choosing the pictures for articles is also cultivation. If she didn't do it well, she could see her heart was not in it. Even if you bring an unnoticed attachment, it will cause a bad result. These are chances to improve oneself.

We are willing to provide support and help to other teams, too. We welcome and support our team members' participating in other projects. We didn't think like, "this was mine and that was yours." We consider things overall from the perspective of Fa-rectification and the one body of Dafa; and this is not limited to our own projects. One ordinary person once joked with us by saying that our media team was like a special college. It educated batch after batch of "professional media workers" and it supplied other media teams with many urgently needed media workers. The function of quickly educating special workforces is unique among all media. Actually, ordinary people do not know that it is Dafa that gives us the wisdom and power to do this.

After this kind of coordinating is set up, it is very easy for practitioners to participate. At the same time, it opens a channel for other projects to communicate with us and support us. We also felt honored to display other Fa-rectification projects to the world through our media. Presenty, we feel the support and involvement of practitioners who provice us with articles and help us in many ways. This is a truly unified body, in which we feel there are endless resources and an unlimited power supporting us.

2. The Importance of Coordination and Communication

Coordination and communication are critical. The Fa-rectification process now requires the media to cooperate with many practitioners. The communication between the practitioners balances different pages of the newspaper. Every time when there is a major event, through sharing and exchanging understandings based on the Fa, we can quickly find the important news in the event and report it from the viewpoint of clarifying the facts and exposing the evil and not simply follow the ordinary media.

Although our media appears like a normal media of ordinary people, it is a strong cultivation factor. An understanding of sharing and communication is critical for improving the quality of the pages.

In the recent spaceship event, Jiang's regime used it to propagandize and deceive the Chinese. The mechanism of communication and sharing benefited all of us. When this event was first reported, all of us thought this would have a negative influence on the Chinese, since it was a focus of many media. How do our editors understand this event based on the Fa? How shall we report this event to fulfill the requirement of Fa-rectification?

On one hand, our principle is that we will never fabricate articles for the evil. On the other hand, we have to consider the acceptability of what we write. The Chinese have been misled by the propaganda of deviated patriotism, and if we report it negatively, will the article result in their misunderstanding our newspaper, and push them to the other side?

Some practitioners suggested that we should keep a low profile. Some other practitioners thought that if we kept a low profile on such an important event, it would hurt our credibility with the other media. This is truly a difficult situation. After sharing understandings, practitioners had a clearer understanding of this matter.

Some practitioners shared their understandings. Such a large event must have a direct relation to Fa-rectification. The attitude of our newspaper has a strong influence on society. Even the Gods of high dimensions are watching us. We must think about it based on the Fa, but not based on worrying how ordinary people would look at us, or if our article shook their warped patriotism.

We need to clarify the facts in the direction of ordinary people's attachments, but the first thing is to choose the tone of the article based on the Fa. Next, we will use our wisdom and rationality to tell the truth in an manner acceptable to ordinary people.

Finally, the team reached an agreement that we shall stand up and directly expose the evil's intensions. We shall expose its tactics of deceiving the people and utilizing it to further persecute Dafa. This is a principle of our newspaper that we must firmly expose the evil.

After our articles were published, we heard from different channels that ordinary people commented favorably on our articles. The righteous thoughts we weaved into the articles were changing the readers.

This also encouraged us, and we found that sharing was very beneficial in improving the quality of the newspaper. So we extended the sharing to other countries and different projects, so we could improve together.

We use the Internet to bring together practitioners from many countries. Editors from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, Europe and Southeast Asia are all directly involved in the editing work. This effectively led the Fa-rectification activities in these areas.

The Internet and newspaper teams have no borders. We help each other and treat Dafa work as cultivation. Many team members, who don't have any attachments to fame or self interest, quietly made a lot of contributions. Our team also trained and recommended many new participants to play important roles. We shared the responsibilities and let practitioners do things themselves.

3. Everything is Focused on Clarifying the Facts and Saving Lives

Our media appears as one of the ordinary ones. We always remember that our purpose is to clarify the facts and save lives with wisdom and to walk the path of Fa-rectification. The purpose of editing is also based on Fa-rectification. The practitioners working on advertisements also treat it as a good place to cultivate xinxing. The practitioners negotiating payments are clarifying the facts with their wisdom by introducing our media, including the website, and letting them read our articles. Some people couldn't understand why we have so many articles about Falun Gong. We will tell them that since the persecution is so severe, that every media with a just mind should be aware of it. The reporters also clarified the facts to the candidates interviewed.

4. Properly Using the Resources from Ordinary People, and Keeping on the Path of Fa-rectification

By contacting all walks of society and clarifying the facts, we found a lot of good resources. These formed the bases of our news media, so we can concentrate on the reports that suffocate the evil and clarifying the facts. For example, we set up a Falun Gong News team to compose high quality fact-clarifying articles and edited the articles from Minghui to the format that ordinary people like to read, so more people will accept the truth. In addition, we organized the "expose the lies contest" and led more ordinary people to participate in our event in fact-clarification. The contest influenced the Chinese society to some extent and greatly exposed the evil lies.

5. The Impact of Our Media on Ordinary Society

In three years, our media developed from nothing to having radio, newspaper and TV. From amateur to professional, it has a strong impact on overseas Chinese, especially among the intellectuals. Some of them praised us highly and felt that we created a miracle for Chinese media. Dafa practitioners' voluntarily contributing and their continuous fact-clarification won many overseas Chinese's hearts, and they established a positive attitude toward and even respect for Dafa. Some of them thought we are the hope for the future of China since we represented the force of righteousness. We are the force to purify society and our influence is getting stronger every day.

In Mainland China, many people can see our website by breaking the Internet blockage. Our reporters, editors and many other practitioners introduce the method to break the Internet blockage whenever they contact a person in China. Our website has the power of saving lives and it is based on the unselfish contribution of numerous practitioners. Our media is targeting ordinary people, and we make our media appeal to them. Many people changed after reading our articles. Our media awakened their sleeping righteous minds. This is one of the most effective ways to clarify the facts.

Through emails, telephone calls, phoning the paper or asking for authorization to publish their articles, we had many contacts with Mainland intellectuals. The practitioners used their wisdom to clarify the facts and invited them to break the Internet blockage to read our website. Gradually, our media is becoming the leader of many free-thinking intellectuals. It represents justice and conscience. When Fa-rectification breaks through more and more layers of old cosmos, many well-known intellectuals recently publicized articles condemning the brutal persecution. In such an evil environment, there are still intellectuals supporting the lawsuit against Jiang. Some people openly appealed for practitioner Wei Xingyan who was raped by a policeman while in custody. Some said, "my conscience won't allow me to keep silent." Some said, "It is a shame that the Chinese intellectuals keep silent during Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong." There are civilian intellectuals and representatives of free writers who they supported Falun Gong from the human rights angle. Previously, some of them had misunderstood us. But after listening to our media for some time, they saw the truth, and even before we asked them to do anything, they stood up and spoke up for Falun Gong. One example is a writer who was deceived by the lies, before he learned the truth. When being told that the Tiananmen Square immolation was a fake, he couldn't believe it. After reading our website for a few months, he wrote an article publicly recommending one of our articles about the truth of the staged immolation. He said he read the article six times and he cried. Later he called on everyone "to support the just endeavor of Falun Gong."

We can see that the Chinese people and the intellectuals are awakening. We will continue improving our media to better clarify the facts to all Chinese people, improve our credibility and increase our influence.

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