Near-Death Experiences (2):The Psychological After effects

PureInsight | January 5, 2001

A. The inability to personalize love and a sense of belonging. Survivors came to love and accept others without the usual attachments and conditions society expects. Their desire seems to be that of a conduit of universal love--God's love. Family members see this reaction as being threatening, aloof, uncaring, and unresponsive.

B. The inability to recognize and comprehend boundaries, rules, limits. The survivor has a basis of comparison unknown before. They have such open acceptance that they can take on a childlike naivete.

C. Difficulty in understanding time sense or references either to the future or the past. Survivors tend to have a sense of timelessness--some even reject wearing watches and ignore schedules. They seem to want to flow with the events.

D. Sensitivities enhance and expand, the intuitive opens up to the psychic. To many survivors, it seems that ESP becomes normal and ordinary.

E. A changed view of physical reality, with a noticeable reduction in worries and fears. To some, life paradoxes begin to make sense and a sense of purpose and meaning develop.

F. A different feeling of physical self, knowing we live in and wear our bodies. Many will come to regard themselves as an immortal soul currently residing in a mortal form.

G. Difficulty with communications and relationships, finding it hard to say what is meant or to understand the words of others. What was once foreign becomes familiar, what was once familiar becomes foreign.


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