Cultivation Path

A Veteran Western Dafa Practit

PureInsight | April 26, 2004

[] Master Li has said something along the lines of, "Everyone has his own path." He did not say that Dafa cultivation is a highway for racecar drivers. This proper path, a rather narrow footpath instead of an easy, well-paved highway, is the route to our destination, to the pinnacle, to fulfillment. How do we get to our destination? Not by assuming we might careen down a super highway in a fancy sports car, exceeding the speed limit and endangering others and ourselves, ignoring Dafa-teaching "road signs" along the way, but by persistent, steady and measured walking along our predestined footpath.

Any well-planned journey, particularly a lengthy one, takes much preparation – we need a roadmap to find our way to not get lost or sidetracked. To make travel less perilous, we also need a positive mindset and backpack for necessities. We need reliable, sturdy walking shoes for our committed hike along the steep, rocky path.

As any good hiker has learned through trial and error, "packing light and tight" lightens the load. So, what needs to go into the backpack? I see the need for an open mind, and a copy of Zhuan Falun and Essentials for Further Advancement - our roadmaps -which Master had urged all of us to read repeatedly. In addition to those, the backpack might hold an affirmation rope to secure us along a crag, persistence in our steps, a flashlight to illuminate dark bends or dips in the road, encouragement from other practitioners, pertinent articles from the Dafa websites and, of course, all of Master's lectures and poetry. The backpack has no room for outmoded habits, dearly held notions and resentments; truly, none of the following have any place on this journey: worry, anger, grief, fear, resentment, emotions, nor lust, vanity, concern for dignity, craving for an easy life and sensual pleasures. They would weigh down the pack, making walking so much more difficult, making the steep climb ever so much more arduous! We leave them behind.

Our lightweight, most cherished companions along the way to the top are our most noble thoughts, rendered without intent. Ready? Set? Each difficult journey begins with the first step. The mountaintop beckons. Let's start climbing!

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