A Discussion on Having Steadfast Faith in Falun Dafa

A Dafa Practitioner in the Uni

PureInsight | May 10, 2004

[PureInsight.org] When working on Fa-rectification projects, I often witness some practitioners calling some other practitioners "hopeless." This is very most common scenario: A practitioner has not removed some of his attachments after cultivating in Falun Dafa for a long time, and another practitioner therefore feels the former practitioner will never be able to eliminate those attachments. So whenever we need to hold Fa-rectification activities, the latter practitioner will make a comment about the former one like, "If we let him help with this event, he will definitely behave like this or that, as always! I know him too well!"

In my humble opinion, regardless of who's right and who's wrong on a specific issue, it takes two people to dance. Otherwise, there wouldn't be any conflict between them. This phenomenon has inspired me to contemplate a more fundamental issue: our steadfast faith in Falun Dafa.

I used to experience the same doubts that some practitioners have toward other practitioners. I often asked myself, "This practitioner has cultivated for such a long time. How could his desire for fame only grow increasingly stronger as he cultivates in Dafa? And he has even built up a fence around himself to block suggestions from other practitioners.

It didn't occur to me until much later that all the phenomena I had observed were actually a test of my righteous belief in Dafa: "Do I believe that the Fa can improve or rectify one's heart?"

One day, I read an article on ClearWisdom.net titled "Walking through a Thorough Test Targeting All Attachments (Part I)" about a Dafa practitioner in China named Zheng Yijian (pseudonym.) "During the past few years, he persisted in a state of diligent cultivation. He firmly resisted persecution and never stopped doing the Dafa exercises and studying the Fa. At the same time, he treated with benevolence the labor camp guards and Dafa practitioners who made mistakes." Zheng Yijian never gave up hope for anyone and he never regarded anyone as hopeless. No matter where he went, he was met with admiration.

After I read this article, I realized all of sudden that it was arranged for me to witness fellow practitioners who appeared "hopeless" in certain aspects. To me, it was a test to see if I genuinely believed that the Fa had the power to fundamentally improve and change a cultivator. Do I genuinely believe that Dafa can change someone as easily as a roaring furnace can burn away a tiny speck of wood? I started by asking myself, "Why do I often feel compelled to point out another practitioner's attachment?" Then I came to the following understanding - if I truly believed that the Fa had the power to improve a person, then no matter how the practitioner might behave in front of others, the Fa would help him see his own attachments when he studied it. Whenever I felt that there was no way that a certain practitioner could see his attachment if I didn't point it out to him, at that moment I did not truly believe that the Fa would help him eliminate his attachments.

Nowadays I try to remind myself constantly of one thing: The Fa has the power to improve everyone's heart. I have also made a wish. I will resolve all the malevolent relationships I have with other practitioners with benevolent solutions. To make this wish come true, I will start looking at others' positive sides and try to be more tolerant of others' attachments. I firmly believe that the Fa has the power to help me eliminate all attachments. If a conflict should arise, I'll resolve it with benevolent solutions

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/11/13/24469.html

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