Appreciating Artworks from the Exhibit, "For a Higher Truth: A Photographic Tale of Falun Dafa's Principled Resistance" (Part 5)


PureInsight | July 11, 2005

[] The photo above is an excellent journalistic photograph. The word "China" in the background banner implied that the torture enactment exhibit took place outside of China and was in an English-speaking country. It also implies that this event has to do with something happening in China. The elderly woman in the iron cage wears makeup to resemble a severely injured and bleeding victim, but her face shows uncompromising courage and perseverance.

This is a very successful photography at work in terms of technical skills. It has an excellent composition, which successfully brings the audiences' attention to the main character. The lighting is excellent and brings out the texture of the iron bars and the skin. The light adds dimensions to the photograph. This is a vivid photograph.

Although this was a torture enactment, it looks like a photograph of a real torture victim because the photographer has captured the spirit of the Falun Gong practitioner. This is the soul of the photograph.

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