Traditional Chinese Culture: Zhao Qingxian Confesses to Heaven His Daily Deeds

Shu Ping

PureInsight | September 12, 2005

[] This is a story about a man named Zhao Qingxian (趙清獻) from the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279 A.D.)

Zhao Qingxian was a solemn and virtuous man throughout his life. He never lied or cheated. In fact, he burned incense sticks to pay respect to Heaven every evening and confessed to Heaven everything he did during the day. He dared not to do anything that he feared would cause Heaven's rage.

The righteous law in the human realm is in line with the law of Heaven. If a man remembers the law of Heaven by heart and follow it in his daily life, then he must be someone who is clear-minded and is able to face his own conscience. Naturally, he is able to face Heaven without feeling any guilt.

There is a Chinese saying, "There are spiritual beings three feet above everyone's head." With a heart filled with awe and respect for god, a man will naturally restrain himself from doing any bad deed.

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