Appreciating Artworks from the Exhibit, "For a Higher Truth: A Photographic Tale of Falun Dafa's Principled Resistance": "A Golden Season"


PureInsight | November 7, 2005

[] Autumn is a golden season where fruits are ripe and ready for harvest. Although there are no actual fruit in the trees, there are Falun Gong practitioners sitting in a circle, quietly practicing Falun Gong's sitting meditation in the middle of autumn. They are the metaphors for fruit, or Righteous Fruit, the very theme of the photograph.

This photograph was taken in a cloudy day in natural light. In the cloudy day, color becomes more saturated and makes the photograph resemble an oil painting. The characters appear in the lower half of the photograph, creating a visual effect of horizontal expansion. The large golden foliage in the background accentuates the color of the featured Falun Gong practitioners. The photograph looks very neat and has the power to bring out the audience's inner peace. It is a visual feast of serenity, nature and colors.

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