Tuidang Song

PureInsight | December 12, 2005

The Tuidang Collective

Sung at the Six Million Tuidang Rally in New York City on December 11. 2005

This injustice cannot stand
Too many years this blood has been shed
And too many lies have been spread
Too many children are dead
Too many people misled
(I heard somebody say)
Tui Dang Tui Dang
Quai Tui Dang (2x)
Tui Dang Tui Dang Tui Dang
No more CCP
The people have chosen peace

duo shao nian de xue lei
duo shao nian de huang yan
duo shao er tong bei sha
duo shao ren bei qi pian
* Tuidang chorus *
No more CCP
Zhe chang po hai bi xu yao ting zhi


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