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PureInsight | March 1, 2006

"Only the BUDDHA FA can completely
unveil the mysteries of the universe, space-time, and the human body.
It can truly distinguish the kind from the wicked, the good from the
bad, and it can dispel all misconceptions while providing a correct

Master Li Hongzhi, "Lunyu"

A rigid notion melts, a wrong understanding crumbles. A selfish thought
atrophies, a troublesome desire is abandoned. A long-standing illness
resolves, a burden of stress is lifted. A fixed object gives way to a
brilliant new dimension, a new reality manifests. This is the
experience of Falun Dafa, the experience of a most extraordinary
science—a science built on the fundamental Law of
Truth-Goodness-Forbearance. It is a science born of direct perception
of the most primordial laws and principles governing the universe, the
science taught by Master Li Hongzhi as Falun Dafa. It is a metaphysical
map of the universe and life itself, an extraordinary science that
rests on a completely different foundation than the mechanistic science
born in the West. The proving grounds of this science are not to be
found in the chemist's or the physicist's lab, though it has been
verified here. Rather, it is forged in the crucible of experience,
tested, refined, perfected and attested to in the lived reality of
millions who cultivate themselves according to the Great Law. It has
manifest at an auspicious moment. It ushers in that which is new,
revitalized, and righteous, while casting off the degenerate, old, and
malicious. It is part and parcel of a larger renewal and awakening.

PureInsight is a forum created by volunteers who practice Falun Dafa.
It is not itself Falun Dafa but an understanding of it—Falun Dafa can
only be known for oneself through the study of Master Li's writings. It
is designed for those who practice Falun Dafa as well as those who do
not; all are invited. PureInsight seeks to empower its reader with a
deeper understanding of reality grounded in the principles of Falun
Dafa; it allows a more penetrating insight into the entire spectrum of
phenomena. This is accomplished by articles of varying nature, ranging
from ancient history and archaeology to new findings in biomedicine and
astronomy, from perspectives on society to remarkable works of art,
music, and literature related to the practice.

PureInsight welcomes all submissions
from those who practice Falun Dafa. All that is required is a wish to
share your insights born of study, experience, or reflection. Other
things such as original paintings, musical compositions and
performances, graphic arts, stories, poems, and research are of course
also invited.

As this site is and will remain a work in progress, we look forward to improving it through your suggestions and contributions.

PureInsight Editors

Submission Guidelines:

To submit an article or item to PureInsight, please send an email with your file attached to
Please provide your full name, telephone number, and the area that you
are from. Also please tell us how we should designate you as the author
or composer for your submission. We could use your name, a pseudonym,
"A Practitioner from YYY," or just leave it blank, for example.

The editors reserve the right to modify submitted articles as necessary
without first seeking your approval. We ask for your understanding in
this matter as not only are the requirements for the content on
PureInsight unique, but we simply don't have the resources to convey
editorial decisions to all our contributors. If you do not want any
changes to be made to your article, you can make a note of it and we
will respect your wishes if we choose to post the article.

Thank you for contributing! We hope to hear from you soon.

PureInsight Editors

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