And Then Satan Called a World-Wide Convention

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | April 16, 2006

[] In his opening address to the evildoing angels Satan said,

"We can't keep the Falun Dafa practitioners from reading Zhuan Falun;
we can't keep them from knowing the truth; we can't even keep them from
living by moral values and telling others about the truth. But, we can
keep them from forming one unified body that believes in Truthfulness,
Compassion and Tolerance. If they manage to sway them from that, we
have broken the power of good."

"So, you fallen Angels, this is what I want you to do! Distract them from reading Zhuan Falun,
distract them from holding on to their connection with the Universal
Law, confuse them with things of everyday life. Let them have their
noble life style for a while, but steal their time
so they lose their commitment to studying the Universal Law and thus
lose their connection to Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."

"How shall we do this?" shouted the evildoing minions."

"Keep them busy with nonessential things in their lives!" Satan
replied. Tempt them to waste time; to spend more than they earn. Let
them work 10-12 hours a day to pay for all manner of things. Keep them
from spending time with their husbands and wives and children. Keep
them from spending time with people who would ennoble them to become
better persons. Make their families fragment."

"And one more thing you evil angels can do: over-stimulate their minds
so that they cannot hear that still, small voice from their Master!
Entice them to play the radio or cassette player whenever they drive in
their cars. Keep their VCRs and DVD players and PC's going all day
long! This will jam their minds and leave no room for good thoughts!"

"Furthermore, see to it that every store and restaurant around the
world plays disrespectful music. And make sure that their homes contain
many magazines and newspapers, full of bad news and advertisements for
pornography, gambling, and conspicuous consumption, full of writings
that promise an abundance of false hopes."

The evil-doing angels nodded toward Satan and shouted, "Let's begin right now to do all these evil things!"

One angel in the back had second thoughts and asked permission to be
excused from this latest propaganda maneuver. Satan tried to lunge at
him, to send him to perdition, but was foiled by a booming voice
thundering from the heavens, "Satan, you have lost! As long as there is
one righteous angel among your minions, that noble being will save the

The righteous angel rose into the firmament on a double rainbow.

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