We Must Send Righteous Thoughts in All Environments, Especially At Fa Conferences

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | June 5, 2006

[PureInsight.org] At the Falun
Dafa conference in Toronto recently, we broke for lunch at 11:50 and
the hosts told us that we should send righteous thoughts outside of the
building, as world wide righteous thoughts was at 12 pm. They also told
us where to get our food to eat. Thousands of us walked over to the
nearby park to get lunch. Everybody was talking very loudly. I got my
lunch and then remembered about righteous thoughts, so I sat down, put
my food aside, and put my hands in the jieyin
position. As I sat there, I noticed that everyone else was continuing
to talk. After a few minutes, I looked over at the Chinese people
nearby and told them, "Fa jin nien" - they paused for a second, and then continued talking. Did they not
understand my poor Chinese? But other Chinese had understood in the
past, and they had seen my hand positions. Then a practitioner from my
city came over to me, and told me that there was a restaurant nearby to
get food. I told him, "Send forth righteous thoughts." He understood
and went away.

At that point, I had to decide if I was going to try to make an
announcement to others about sending righteous thoughts or not or just
send my righteous thoughts. I thought it was important that all these
practitioners send righteous thoughts, but I wasn't sure how to reach
them as I didn't see anyone with a loudspeaker and I didn't have a
music player, so I decided to just focus on sending righteous thoughts.

I am embarrassed to say that at first, I had pretty impure thoughts
arise, such as "I am better than these other practitioners as I am
sending righteous thoughts and they are not." Of course, with thoughts
like these, I was actually sending unrighteous thoughts. But then I had
a more compassionate thought, "Please Master help me to notify their
minds to send righteous thoughts." Unfortunately, my thoughts were not
strong enough, or I was still focusing too much on others, instead of
focusing on sending righteous thoughts.

Finally, my righteous thoughts came out, and I had the thought,
"Please, Master, help me send righteous thoughts for all these
practitioners who are not sending righteous thoughts." My mind and body
became very big, encompassing that whole area. I tried my best to
eliminate the evil and the large specter in that area. I hope that I
did a little good that day, and hope that next time in such an
environment we remember to send righteous thoughts, especially in such
sacred environments like a Fa conference.

P.S. I had forgotten about this moment until the practitioner from my
city who I had told to send righteous thoughts called me today to say
that he was going to write a story about a practitioner who sent
righteous thoughts instead of eating his lunch. I think we can't let
down are guard in any circumstance. But I notice a lot of practitioners
can be really righteous at Fa study or in a Fa conference, but when
they are around each other or around food, they forget who they are and
where they are, and don't cultivate their speech or actions. Maybe they
are too reliant on external circumstances or on others. Master asked in
SF: "Cultivation is about cultivating yourself--Why look at others?"
This statement hits home both to those who are too reliant on
circumstances, but also on me. I see that that maybe when I sat down to
send righteous thoughts I was looking at others, instead of genuinely
cultivating myself. I need to do a better job of sending righteous
thoughts. Thank you for the opportunity to realize this insight.

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