Beyond Mortal Frame and Mortal Eyes

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | July 2, 2006


Beyond this Mortal Frame

Of bridled wing

and heart confined

inside this mortal frame.

To find ascent

with every effort seized

and to return from whence we came.

One "Law" to follow

this hour beckons

come longing of light to bring.

Beyond this mortal frame

of many a heart refined

and unbridled wing.

Mortal Eyes

Beguiled by our mortal eyes

near to every trace of eternity

beyond shadow and parameters of heart

propelled from this cold obsidian impasse

reaching diamonds miracled to certainty.

Like thunder to the unawakened

a haven above all darkened skies

with the promise of light unfading

one "Law Wheel" forever prevailing

beguiled no more by these mortal eyes.

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