Exploring Cycles of Incarnation: Emperor Zhao Gou's Youngest Princess in the Southern Song Dynasty

Hang Ming

PureInsight | April 1, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Early in the
spring, when the yellowish grass was still covered by a thin layer of
white snow, a lady from Princeton, in the southwest part of New Jersey,
came to visit me. This was the first time I had ever met her. She
impressed me as being a direct and capable woman. She was a pretty lady
with a fair complexion. She told me that she came from the north and
had been very interested in stories of reincarnation. She said she was
currently feeling quite lost and after reading some of my articles
about reincarnation on the newspaper, she had decided to make an
appointment to see me.

I shared with her some facts about hypnosis and commenced the hypnotic
session. But her reaction was unexpected – she was unable to lie down
on her back because of a feeling of persistent pressure on her chest.
She was unable to enter the hypnotic state. Since the session was
unsuccessful, we made another appointment for the next Saturday.

Time went by quickly. Knowing her difficulties, I let her lie on her
side in the second session. This time, it was a very successful and
deep hypnosis.

She saw that outside Lin An County of Hang Zhou City in the Southern Song Dynasty, a xiucai
was leading Emperor Zhao Gou's youngest daughter towards a small
village on the outskirts of Hang Zhou city. (Note from translator: xiucai
were scholars who had passed the most basic level of the national
examinations in ancient China). The young princess was riding on a
sedan-chair carried by two men. After the sedan-chair arrived at the
backyard of a small house, the xiucai
gently helped her out. The young princess was dressed in a red silk
gown with golden phoenixes embroidered on it. She looked around shyly
and curiously at her new home and all the neighbours and relatives who
had come to see her. Her husband, the poor xiucai,
was the owner of the three small, simple houses. He nodded to those
people to convey his appreciation of their coming to greet the bride
and then led the princess into the house by holding her hand. Inside
the house, the xiucai was
unsure of what to do next, but he soon realised that it was getting
dark so he lit the stove and started to cook and boil the water. The
young princess looked at him curiously. She then realised, from that
moment on, her luxurious and comfortable life style in the royal court
was no

A few years passed. The young princess, in her red gown embroidered
with golden phoenixes, had been running light-heartedly in the green
forest and along the crystal clear creeks. She was like a little bird
out of a cage, enjoying her newly-found freedom and exploring the new
horizon. Her life with the xiucai was happy and romantic, despite the lack of material wealth.

However, human life is indeed like a play on stage. The young princess
soon became sick with an unknown illness. Before passing away, she had
a strong desire to see her beloved father, the Emperor again, and to
ask for his forgiveness for her running away from the royal court.

When the princess was little, she often disobeyed the rules of the
royal court and came out to play with the street kids. One poor kid,
now her husband, was her best companion and they'd run around
everywhere playfully. When they both reached eighteen years of age, the
xiucai had been feeling very
frustrated because he had failed to make any further advancement in the
national examinations. The young princess was very sympathetic and
decided to elope with him.  

After the poor xiucai informed
Emperor Zhao Gou of the princess's condition, Zhao rushed to her
bedside with only two royal servants. The Emperor was dressed in a
yellow silk robe embroidered with golden dragons and a jade belt and
had a yellow cape on over it all. Inside the village house, the young
princess looked up emotionally and apologetically at her father. She
thanked him for the visit and asked for his forgiveness. Emperor Zhao
Gou held the princess tightly in his arms with tears streaming down his
face and said, "I forgive everything you've done. I only wish you
recover quickly and you never leave me again." Assured by the words of
her father, the princess left the human world peacefully.

The lady from Princeton continued to describe the story under hypnosis.
The body of the young princess was carried out and placed in a coffin
personally by Emperor Zhao Gou. The devastated xiucai accompanied the Emperor throughout all this. Afterwards, he returned to his village in loneliness.   

The lady continued to describe the story, which was now taking place in
other dimensions. The soul of the young princess was then taken to the
celestial realm by the Taoist immortal Taishang Laojun.

At this point, I asked her, "How did you manage to come down to the earth before? Can you tell me about it?"

She said, "I was one of the beautiful heavenly girls living happily in
the celestial realm. One day, two of us heard someone crying
heart-wrenchingly in the human world. We looked down and saw a poor xiucai
crying in a deserted cemetery. His mother, who had been through a lot
of suffering in her life, had just passed away. The sorrowful cry of
the young man shook the earth and the celestial realm above. The two
beautiful heavenly girls were both very sympathetic and moved by this
scene. At that moment, the other heavenly girl touched the tip of my
nose with her forefinger and said, 'Then, you should go to the human
world to help him.' So I came down to the earth, became a village girl
and found this young man."

The lady suddenly became quite emotional in her hypnotic state and
said, "The finger print of that heavenly girl still remained on the tip
of my nose, it manifested in this lifetime as an obscure oval-shaped
birth mark."  

After she came out of the hypnotic state, she showed me the obscure birth mark that was indeed on the tip of her nose.

We were both very touched. Incarnations are indeed real. Those stories
of heaven and earth indeed had left their marks in the history of

Another thing worth mentioning was the reason for the feeling of
pressure on her chest. This lady also saw in hypnosis that in one of
her past lives she had been a street performer of martial arts skills.
She frequently had a large rock placed on her chest with another person
sitting on the rock. In order to make a living, she forbore the weight
on her chest and the damage it did to her body. As a result, in this
lifetime, she was unable to lie flat on her back without feeling
pressured on her chest, and sometimes she would even have breathing
difficulties. The memory of the past had stayed in the cells of her
physical body.   


Hypnosis not only helps us with the exploration of reincarnations, it
also helps the person being hypnotised understand his or her own body
and mind and related historical events.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/3/23/42916.html

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