Where Does Traditional Chinese Medicine Comes From?

Song Chenguang

PureInsight | April 1, 2007

[PureInsight.org] Traditional
Chinese medicine comes from gods like Sakyamuni, Lao Zi, and Jesus.
Periodically, deities from above reincarnated into the human world and
brought something from above to pass on to humankind. For example,
Yellow Emperor from Huangdi's era, left the book "Yellow Emperor's Cannon."
Legends about Emperor Shennong's trying different kinds of herb have
been very popular in Chinese medicine. Nowadays, people like to
speculate from the scientific aspect, and turn events accomplished by
an extraordinary person into events performed by ordinary people. Just
like when one does not understand the Book of Changes,  one studies various commentaries on the Book of Changes as if they were the original book.

What do we think about Emperor Shannong who tried all kinds of herb?
Here the word "tried" implies "verified."  How can one verify?
Shannong had extraordinary abilities and he knew the characteristics of
herbs. Nowadays, Falun Dafa spreads to the entire world, the main
spirits of many Falun Dafa practitioners can leave the body; some can
enter into practitioners' bodies and watch the microscopic Falun
readjust abnormal cells; some can enter particles smaller than quark to
see their structures.  From that standpoint, Shannong verifying
the herbs should be a very simple thing to do.  There are many
schools of cultivation that include following the meridians.  Li
Shizhen from Ming Dynasty once said, "The interior can only be seen by
a cultivator's celestial eye."  That remark indicates that the
path of traditional Chinese medicine was seen by cultivators and was
not [just] the result of trial and error from many ordinary people.

What was the purpose of the deities' passing on traditional Chinese medicine? Whoever reads the Yellow Emperor's Cannon
will be benefited in two ways: by gaining a good understanding of the
principles of Heaven and of the principles medicine.  While
learning about medicine, one inevitably runs into the principles of
Heaven and becomes enlightened. If one fails to become enlightened,
because saving lives is associated with the principles of Heaven, one
can nonetheless learn the principles of preserving life, avoiding the
doing of bad deeds, upholding one's virtue and thus maintaining one's
moral standards.


With the changing of the times, nowadays people look upon personal gain
and self-interest most highly. No matter how much we emphasize material
things, we all have to go through birth, aging, ailments, and death. As
a result, humankind can not afford to give up traditional Chinese
medicine.   In order to find ways for a better and longer
life, one can find methods from some Chinese medicine books if one does
not take the path of cultivation. Honestly, traditional Chinese
medicine was passed on by the gods and it is also a preparation for
people to return to their true selves.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/3/17/42798.html

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