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PureInsight | April 7, 2007

[PureInsight.org] [Note:
In order to promote true traditional Chinese culture and clear away the
influence the evil Chinese Communist Party has had on that culture, the
Teaching Materials Editorial Team, composed of Falun Gong practitioners
in the educational field, are systematically putting together a set of
teaching materials.
this work is only recently begun, there may be many mistakes. We need
Dafa practitioners around world, especially those Dafa practitioners
who are working on the education field, to be involved and correct
these mistakes. We hope that the practitioners who use this textbook
could let us know the issues they come across in the class and give us
suggestions so that we can improve and enrich ourtextbook. At mean
time, we encourage more practitioners to join this project. Let's
complete this
textbook together. Some of the materials will be translated into English in the hope they may benefit Western readers.


Main Article:  Wang  Xizi Eats Ink

Wang Xizhi, a famous calligrapher in Eastern Jin dynasty (31- 420 AD),
began studying calligraphy in his childhood. After he became an adult,
his calligraphy standard became higher. In order to be able to write
good calligraphy, he practiced it all day in the studio and even forgot
to eat and sleep.

Once, he wrote a character from morning to night, from night to late
evening. His wife brought him a meal. He was too busy to eat it. This
was because there was one character that he had written many times but
he still did not like the way it looked. The meal became cold and it
was warmed many times. Unconsciously, at the time that the rooster
started to call, he finally realized that he was hungry. He grabbed a
bun, soaked it with soybean milk, and started to eat.

While he was eating, he suddenly knit his brow. There was that one
character he did not like. So he started to rewrite that character
while he was eating. At that time, his wife came in and asked him to
rest. When she saw him, she was surprised. Then she started to laugh.
Because Wang Xizhi was so concentrated on writing the character, he did
not realize that he had soaked the bun with ink. Obviously, he treated
the ink as soybean milk by mistake. His wife brought him the mirror.
Wang Xizhi looked at the mirror and started to laugh because his mouth
was full of ink.




Read and Talk Practice

1.Read the article loudly

2.Talk about the story

Questions & Answers

1.Based on the article, answer the following questions:
  • Why did Wang Xizhi practice calligraphy all day in studio?
  • Once Wang Xizhi practiced calligraphy. Why did he practice calligraphy for a long time and not find time to eat?
  • Why did Wang Xizhi's wife laugh?

2. Think and then answer the following questions:
  • Do you know why Wang Xizhi ate ink as if it were soybean milk?
  • What things are you very concentrated about when you do them? Have you had a similar experience to Wang Xizhi's?


  • Read the article and talk about the story
  • Review the meaning of the new phrases
    • Choose one topic from the Questions & Answers exercise section and write out your answer.

Translated from: http://zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2007/3/3/42487.html

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