Remembering Master Teaching the Fa in Beijing

A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | May 9, 2007

[] I was in poor
health since I was little. Over time, I had all kinds of ailments,
including an irregular heartbeat.  Sometimes, my heart might stop
four or five times within one minute or, often, it might beat at forty
beats or 130-140 beats per minute. My body was sometimes all swollen
and I could not find a comfortable position for sleeping at night. As a
result, I suffered from long-term insomnia.  At times, I might
even faint or my ears would ring so loud it seemed a fighter plane was
overhead. I tried everything, but nothing helped and not even the
hospitals could help.

Because modern medicine is limited, and it cannot cure many illnesses,
I put all my hopes into qigong and learned six or seven of them
including Taijiquan. It took a lot of my energy and produced very
little result. When I was 50 years old, my body was pretty messed up.
Only after I learned Falun Dafa, did I learn that my poor physical
condition resulted from not knowing how to cultivate my xinxing.

As I was working hard to look for a good cultivation system, someone
told me, "Go and learn Falun Gong! The five sets of exercises will be
taught to you all at once. Master is teaching the Fa in Bejing, for the
seventh time, and is on the fourth day. Attend the next class!" I went
home and thought about it, "No, I have to go today!"

The moment I saw Master, I was astonished by his kind face and
compassionate voice, Master liked to walk down the isles before or in
between lectures. Many of us had questions or wanted an autograph, and
Master was always amicably meeting the demands. When I attended the
lecture, I was dozing off at the beginning because something was wrong
in my brain. I felt bad about my position and knew that it was
impolite. However, I just could not keep my eyes open, but my mind was
very clear: The real me knew that I was obtaining Dafa and fortunate to
meet our magnificent Master.

Because I missed three days of this class, I attended the next class in
Beijing, which was held in an auditorium. I had a fever after the first
day, but I insisted on going the next day. The second day, I fainted
while learning the holding the wheel in front of the head part of the
second exercise, probably because there was so much energy at the
exercise site and the cleansing of my body was too strong. Someone
patted my head and I regained consciousness. Later on I was told that
one of Master's disciples did that. After the second day, I had no more
ailments and all my symptoms were gone. On the third day, I could ride
my bicycle for nearly an hour even though I did not know how to ride
the bicycle well. I rode my bicycle to attend the lecture, rode down
three big down hills, feeling great. Since then I have felt like a new
person who has undergone tremendous changes both physically and

Altogether, I attended the Beijing class seven times and paid a total
of 160 yuan, 40 yuan for the first time and 20 yuan for the rest. Many
media had reported how Falun Gong tried to deceive people and
accumulate a fortune. What a way to defame Falun Gong!

In the summer of 1993, there was a lot of rain in Beijing. We lived in
a suburb, but no matter how many times Master taught in Beijing, we
never used our umbrellas. The minute we stepped on the street, the rain
stopped. It rained when we were at home or during the lectures.

One day during the lecture, there was water dripping down from the
ceiling onto the front row. The people at the front stood up and found
out that it was not raining outside nor was there any pipe on the
roof.  Later, we understood that it was from a different
dimension. Perhaps, Master was trying to broaden our understanding
regarding another dimension.  Master had mentioned many times to
us that we should not take pictures during the lecture because it would
affect others' listening.  Master also warned us that if we took
pictures, the camera might be ruined.  However, some people just
would not listen. Our benevolent Master did not let the cameras be
ruined, but some pictures did not show anything and some films were

Master never drank water while giving a lecture nor wiped off his
sweat.  During every lecture, Master repeatedly adjusted the
microphone until it worked properly.  When Master demonstrated
hand signs, he would move the table and make sure everyone could see
clearly.  Master often took the bus to come to the lecture hall.
One day, a practitioner and his wife drove a car and tried to pick
Master up, but they had just walked out the front door when they saw
Master already on the bus coming to us.

Our Master has a simple but neat lifestyle. In the entire summer of
1993, Master wore either a long-sleeved or a short-sleeved white shirt
with stripes, a pair of light brown trousers, and black and white
leather shoes.

In order for more people to understand Falun Gong, our Master led
practitioners to conduct two information-consulting classes in the
cafeteria of a dormitory for the Sahido factory workers. Master started
to cure illnesses for people for a 10 yuan registration fee, and with a
full refund if not satisfied. I saw the entire process when Master did
that. Once Master and practitioners entered the cafeteria, they put on
white coats, which they had brought along, and started to treat
patients. What impressed me the most was a big tall woman with a thick
black quilted coat.  She was totally paralyzed. Master patted her
all over her body, loosened up her arms and legs, and then helped her
to walk.  She kept saying, "No, I can't do it,"  but her
children were all excited and said, "Mom, you can walk!" If she had had
better enlightenment, the result would have been much better. I saw
Master sweat, and someone gave Master a small towel, but Master used
his white coat to wipe off the sweat instead.  That day they
treated 50-60 patients and had no time to take a break or drink water.

They ate supper in the cafeteria afterwards, about 20 people at two
tables. All vegetarian dishes. I went to the kitchen and saw only less
than a pound of meat there. All the dishes were on small plates.
Altogether, there were about eight dishes on the two tables. Later, a
vegetarian tofu was added, but no soup or drink. It was even thriftier
than an average family. The total cost for the supper was 120 yuan.
After the supper, Master joined us for a picture session.

What I saw is just a tiny bit of our Master teaching the Fa, but
Master's kind face and voice will always be remembered and are often
vividly in front of my eyes.  I will never forget Master's
boundless compassion, great tolerance, and always being considerate
toward others.

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