The Calling

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | July 30, 2007


The Calling

I call to the skies

horizons wide

for every heart and more

I call to the seas

oceans wide

lead us to brighter shores.

I call to the day

finding light

the promise from Ages past

I call to the truth

transforming light

from realms where shadows cast.

I call to the world

awaken now

from behind this bitter storm

I call to the spring

unfolding now

one season as never before.

Calling Many a Conscience

Taking many a life

bringing a country to strife

the truth poisoned

with the world betrayed.

Making many a wall

confining hearts and all

the 'party's' crimes

the order of the day.

Calling many a conscience

stirring change from silence

sails unfold towards

luminous shores.

Falling many a facade

raising dignity from discard

China awakened to

new horizons and more.

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