Fable: The Beggar's Handkerchief

Ru Zheng

PureInsight | October 8, 2007

[PureInsight.org] A thirsty
beggar came to the front door of a rich house. The hostess did not pay
attention to him and even asked her servants to expel him.

There was an ugly female servant in this rich house. When she saw the
beggar she felt sorry for him. She secretly gave him a cup of water and
some left over food. After ate the food, the beggar told the servant:"
Thank you. I do not have anything to repay you with. I only have this
handkerchief. Please take it." The female servant accepted it.

Early the next morning, the ugly servant washed her face using the
handkerchief the beggar had given her the day before. Then she went to
the dining room to serve breakfast. When the hostess saw the ugly
servant, she was so shocked that she could not say anything. The female
servant felt very strange and asked the hostess:  "Is there
something on my face?" She wiped her face again using the handkerchief.
The hostess was even more shocked and shouted, "What kind of
handkerchief is this?" Other people came after they heard the shouting.
Everyone was shocked. The female servant borrowed a mirror. When she
looked into the mirror, she was shocked herself. She had become a
beautiful lady.

The hostess suddenly realized that washing one's face using this
handkerchief could make a person beautiful. She grabbed the
handkerchief from the servant and used it to wash her face. But her
face did not change at all no matter how hard she washed. She asked the
servant:" Where did you get the handkerchief?" The servant told her:
"The beggar who came for water gave it to me." The hostess regretted
her actions and said,   "I should have given him the water."
Then she ordered her servants, "Bring in all the beggars in the city."

She invited all the beggars in the city and gave them a lot of food and
drink. After they drank and ate their fill, the beggars left with
satisfaction. The hostess shouted, "Who has a handkerchief?" No beggars
answered her. The hostess was so angry that he grabbed the last beggar
and demanded, "Give me your handkerchief." The beggar had no choice but
to give her a dirty handkerchief. The hostess took the handkerchief and
used it to wash her face immediately. But the more she washed her face,
the blacker her face became.

Meaning of the story: How can a good act coming from the selfishness be
a truly kind act? A person can not have a compassion heart by forcing
himself. It is very clear to God if a person's heart is pure and kind.
The repayment from God is always right without any bias and without any

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