You Can Never Quell My Fire

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | December 29, 2007



For the CCP:

You can never quell my fire

nor convince me with your lies

never blind me with your doctrines

nor cloud my boundless skies.

No cross that I can't carry

no mountain that I can't climb

no weather that I can't storm

to forge this heart of mine.

You can never take my conscience

nor silence my voice away

never poison my mind or more

nor darken my brighter days.

No tide that I can't turn

no hour that I can't bear

no crime that I can't expose

from the 'party' and its lair.

You can never quell our fire!

From A 'Party' Led

To shadow the sun

taint the world in red

with a flood of lies

behind your ruthless disguise

poisoned from a 'party' led.

To raise the silence

storm the skies in grey

with a heart of steel

beyond your darkness revealed

promised from a China betrayed.

To end the spectre

shine the world in light

with a trail of schemes

behind your shameless regime

prevailed from a nation's plight.

No more to shadow the sun!

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