Authentic Records of Retribution: A Hunter's Whole Family Suffered Retribution for Killing a Child Ape

Xiao Hui

PureInsight | February 17, 2008

[] The book
"Searching for God," which was written during the Eastern Jin dynasty
(317 - 420 AD), records this story. A hunter from Dong County, Linchuan
Prefecture, went to a mountain and caught a child ape. The mother ape
followed the hunter home.

When the hunter caught sight of the mother ape, he tied the child ape
to a tree in his back yard to let her see. The mother ape hit her own
face in great pain and pleaded with the hunter to free her child.
Instead of setting it free, he killed the child ape. The mother ape
leaped around in despair and finally rammed herself to death. When the
hunter opened up the belly of the mother ape, he found its intestines
were broken into pieces.

In less than six months, the hunter's whole family caught the plague and they all died.

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