The Divine Performing Arts - A Rare Flower of Arts Today

PureInsight | April 13, 2008

[] The Divine
Performing Arts was judged to be one of the ten greatest shows in New
York in 2007. This year, the Divine Performing Arts has expanded to two
performance groups in order to provide performance tours around the
world. Its influence has been far-reaching. The show has become more
fashionable than in previous years. The performance was even being
copied and sold on the black market in China.

After watching the performance from a copied disk, a high Chinese
official said discontentedly: "we have much talent and so many material
resources in China, why can't we manage to produce a similar
outstanding performance?  Under the influence of materialism, the
official can only see the facade of the show and can only think of
imitating it with use of manpower and resources.

It is hard for others to match the remarkable performance of the Divine
Performance Arts. Not only are all of the performers cultivators,
cultivators also created its front and back stages and production. It
is hard for ordinary people to match its concept, vision, character,
and connotations. Its artistic creation and the lasting appeal of the
gods are hard to imitate. If people insist on doing it, they will only
outsmart themselves. Not only will the imitators will be unhappy, the
audience might also be unhappy.


Without the profound traditional Chinese culture as its foundation, it
is not possible to accurately develop the connotations and true essence
of Chinese tradition. It is just like when the Mulan movie was created
by Hollywood. Mulan was turned into a modern western woman seeking her
own self-interest and expressing her self-value. Although the movie
included romantic love to enhance its entertainment value, it only
brought out the wrong concepts to the masses. But Mulan from the Divine
Performing Arts not only reflects loyalty to one's country and one's
parents, but also the virtue of living tranquilly without seeking fame.
It confirms to the historical fact as well as promoting conventional
Chinese tradition.  

During the present universal decadence and deviation in human hearts,
Divine Performing Arts expresses gods' lasting appeal, pure
truthfulness, kindness, and beauty. Its performance is like a rare
flower in the art circle. Its blossoms become more dazzling and
fragrant. Its vitality becomes more vigorous and long lasting. Its
inner connotations are profound and far-reaching. It gives people
everlasting enlightenment of thoughts and sublimation of soul.  

Have you watched the Divine Performance?

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