Paintings by Falun Dafa Practitioners: My Son

PureInsight | May 11, 2008

[] Editor's Note: A new series of paintings by Falun Dafa practitioners will be exhibited in art galleries around the world. PureInsight will introduce these works starting from today. Please send your feedback and your requests for exhibit information to


"My Son," by Dong Xiqiang, oil painting, 48"x48" (2005)

A broken mother's eyes peer into our own, as if to ask, "Why?" In her arms she holds the body of her beloved son, now dead. Her hand grasps a medical release slip, issued by the jail that held him captive as a prisoner of conscience. He was sent home to die, as have been thousands of other Falun Gong practitioners throughout China; prison authorities seek to escape culpability by sending torture victims home to die, off premises. The mother's worn face, contrasted with that of her once-young and vibrant son, tells of the silent torment so many family members of victims endure in today's China.

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