Validating Dafa while Eliminating Deformed Human Concepts

By a Mainland Dafa Practitione

PureInsight | June 25, 2001

I used to be very interested in many areas of human culture. This interest made me knowledgeable over a wide range of things and provided the necessary training for my way of thinking. After obtaining Dafa, I no longer paid much attention to the studies of ordinary people. However, my previous foundation laid during college is now unexpectedly effective in validating Dafa by eliminating the deformed human concepts. Teacher Li once told us to enrich our knowledge. At that time I did not take it seriously and did not quite understand well the meaning of his saying so. Now it is clear to me that the knowledge of everyday people may be used to validate Dafa, to save the lost human beings in this world of the maze, and to inspire their righteous thoughts. Before we started to write articles for, for other reasons my wife and I had collected and mastered, in a few months, the reference materials of many Chinese websites. This prepared our way of validating Dafa. But I realize that the knowledge of everyday people is only some rough material used by me to express my righteous insights; I must not be limited, confined, or regulated by it.

In the past, I read books by some philosophers, and most of them had been my idols before my studying Dafa. Now I have found out that they were full of demon nature to mess up humankind, but people still take them as great authors. Our Teacher has commented on the issue of superstition. My personal understanding is that many people of cultural or academic authority ended up unknowingly destroying the checks and balances of human nature and moral laws of heart. All the bad concepts hidden behind had a wicked factor. I realize the deep deception by human cultures; if I were not learning Dafa, I would not be able to break off this type of deception. The deformed cultures themselves are roadblocks for humankind to obtain Dafa. Isn’t this causing severe damage? As I learnt from Dafa and saw humankind being messed up so much as to be indifferent to right or wrong and reversing good or bad, I came up with the wish to expose the real truth and to eliminate deformed human concepts. There seemed to be a hint from Master in my wife’s dream that she and I were building a dam to distribute water from a big river to several small rivers. In another of her dreams, we were delivering some very precious cultural things with the escort of a Heavenly Army of Soldiers. I also dreamed of myself cleaning a room and yanking out bad books.

I started eliminating my own deformed concepts from the influence of western culture. People talk admiringly about the Renaissance. In reality it was the beginning of the end of human morality, as it prepared for the coming of modern science. Teacher told the Dafa practitioners how aliens from outer space began their plan to take over humankind. Viewed from the historical development of western culture, all the deformation has been arranged accordingly; the evolution of history was seamless in making use of the human moral degeneration. I sensed that the decay of humans traced back more than a few centuries, far earlier than I had previously assumed. In fact, even the ancient Greek culture had been deformed, as it did not have any righteous God. There was no intelligent heritage left by God in ancient Greece, but its culture has been taken as the cradle of the western culture.

After gaining an understanding of history and culture, I appreciate much more Teacher’s deeply exposing the true face of modern science. Capitalism, western laws, religions and other things have been assimilating themselves to this core of modern science, as systematically arranged by the space aliens and as permitted by the old forces of the universe. Warped notions and deformed concepts were everywhere. Historically, there have been many scholars doing research on capitalism. They thought capitalism was a brilliant human achievement and a reasonable culture, but actually the reverse is true. People could not figure out why China had had no capitalism at all while the traditional Chinese society had been so stable. I think that China used to be a relatively more moral society so it would be much harder for the aliens from outer space to come and corrupt it. Thus, the space aliens picked European society as the point of entry due to its shallow internal heritage, which made it easier to deform. Later with China’s moral decline, science was then forced upon it during the Opium War.

Dafa reveals so many puzzles of human history. Human history has been, without the consent of the Supreme Buddha, completely arranged by the deformed high-level living beings so as to help spread the Fa under their control and to actually end up causing unintended damage to Dafa. It was top-down, far-fetched, and long ago when humankind began to degenerate in everything! When history comes to today’s stage with Master’s spreading the Great Fa to save humankind, one should feel the unimaginable godly benevolence and the power of Dafa. Human beings are aware of all the environmental pollution caused by modern science. But few have knowledge of the filthy human notions and concepts polluted by the deformed cultures. The invisible things are more dangerous to humankind. When I looked at some academic publications, I could even smell the foul scent of their viewpoints.

Seeing the damage caused by science to the Chinese traditional culture, such as denial of the existence of Buddha’s, Tao’s, and Gods, I felt heart-broken and sorrowful. The traditional culture and moral standards used to protect the human society are messed up. With the deformation of culture, there comes the end of humankind. Human beings are not animals as they also maintain their spiritual side at a certain level. Culture decays in the western as well as in the eastern world. Then humankind has nothing left except scientific and political hypotheses fearlessly corrupting people so as to create a wicked living environment. Wicked beings have been here in this world for a long time. Today’s evil beings in China are the result of the whole humankind’s deformation and degeneration.

Meanwhile, in this unimaginable deformation and degeneration, the Great Fa is amazingly spreading wide. This epoch is so unexpected! Teacher says in the article Remaking of Humankind: “The reality that man refers to is a foolish understanding he has of the historical development and a delusion caused by positivist science. It does not truly manifest the great reality of the Universe. Nevertheless, the authentic reality will definitely bring about new sciences, and new understandings. The Cosmic Law will make its appearance in the world once again.” Therefore, I think we have the duty to validate this reality.

I have read many articles by current scholars. They were actually searching for Truth and Justice as a cry out of the bottom of their hearts. I am moved by seeing that in this deformed society some people still have a good heart. For the time being, they may not accept the Dafa right away. They are deceived and blocked by their attachments to the old stuff that’s not what it used to be. I feel that we should have the same professional knowledge so as to be able to mix in with them for telling them our righteous insights. Those who have a good sense in heart and a reasonable mind will not refuse to listen to our righteous insights.

Some practitioners think that, after eradicating the evil, Dafa will clean up everything deformed in this human world. Definitely the warped beings will be the next Fa-rectification target in this dimension after eradicating the evil in other dimensions. With so many complicated and complex cultural traditions inherited from ancient times, how will the human concepts manifest themselves in front of the Great Fa? Can humankind forsake all those deformed concepts or its affinity to the old traditions? This is related to the process and progress of Fa-rectification and the future of humankind. So I think the mission in this area is very critical. But during cultivation, some thoughts of a practitioner may also still be deformed so as to be unclear in recognizing something warped in their culture. Only when one cultivates well enough then one will be able to eliminate the deformed cultures or concepts. I am not doing well enough in this part. My writing may contain my own hidden warped notions and the detection of them may serve as a warning alarm to other practitioners.

I have written two articles concerning politics. I used to think the nice elite politics was ok. Teacher said in his recent article “No Politics” that “'Politics' is a term of the modern, deformed society. True human societies in history did not have this term or what politics encompasses. When politics appeared in human society, human society had already begun to deform, and at the same time, moral values were being assailed by it.” After reading this, I was ashamed of myself for my distorted understanding of politics.

I saw the step-by-step decline of humankind down from the best period. However, from the principles of the Fa, we know that even the religions or cultures left for humans by deities also contained something already warped. The deformation of humankind involves very high levels (or very microscopic levels). All deviation or drifting of very high levels away from the cosmic characteristics will reflect in the human world. So far, I am still unclear about why there already existed deformation even in the best period of humankind. It is not of much worth being in affinity to the old stuff, as their deformation should also be exposed. The new human race and the new cultures created by Dafa shall be 100% pure in its due level.

My various states of mind or heart have been exposed during my writing articles for the Chinese Zhengjian Net website. There was the heart for fame and gain, the heart of zealotry, the anxious heart, the heart of doing a task, the heart of warped academic thinking, and the heart with strong affinity to the past, so on and so forth. Fortunately, once exposed those bad hearts will gradually be gone. Although sensing them in reason, I could not fully get rid of them in my Xinxing (mind or heart nature). In my own experience with writing, I understood further the inner meaning of Teacher’s article “Tao-Law.” Sensing the divine side, one should elevate one’s level in doing what should be done by oneself.

In the past, I liked my writing style to be ambiguous or academic. After seeing the clear-cut and terse style most commonly found on Zhengjian Net, I realized that it’s not only an issue of a preferred style of writing but also a manifestation of one’s cultivation level. Little by little, with the increase of goodness in heart, my rough writing became smoother. Thinking back now at my ordinary people’s writing style, all those sentences should have been simplified and expressed in only a few words. Why make simple things so complicated and ambiguous? Actually the ordinary people’s way of study or research has been deformed as to be so unnecessarily complicated, even void of much inner meaning.

I think Shan (the goodness in heart) is particularly important. Although cultures have been deformed and nothing good was left for humankind, we are not criticizing but pointing out the fact. To validate Dafa and persuade people by doing good deeds, we are not only pointing out the bad things but also guiding others to the real correct ones. So as much as possible, I have considered other’s ordinary ways of thinking and their states of mind. I’ll use a peaceful and patient way with kindness to persuade others with ordinary knowledge to reason. Perhaps this way is more acceptable to everyday people. As Teacher lectured to us starting from modern science and Qi-gong, he was using our familiar terminology to gradually lead us to the profound Fa principles. This is an example of benevolence! It’s very hard to get rid of the deformed things. Now that Dafa has bestowed upon us benevolence, we should apply compassion, goodness, or kindness and wisdom to wake up the sentient beings.

Sometimes I would be concerned about my misleading others via my own unclear understanding and I was worried to cause some bad influence. It seems that for all the articles that are published Master is watching us. After all, the Fa is inspiring our wisdom all the time. Once my writing was not quite righteous and so my computer went down abruptly without any reason. Then I realized my inner error in writing and corrected it. However, I take writing articles for Zhengjian Net as a very serious matter. Every time I write, I am reviewing and revising again and again so as to avoid mistakes or overlooking something.

I propose that all practitioners in different walks of life should start in his or her own field to deeply analyze its basic notions, concepts, and principles so as to expose its warped or deformed inner meanings. Though seemingly complex in human cultures, the basic principles are limited in number and simple in their contents. Dafa has given us great wisdom so we should apply this type of wisdom to expose and remove all the deformed things in each of our areas. We should validate that Dafa is the Only Truth. I realized that the future humankind will be perfect and that what we are doing now in this Fa-rectification is having a strong effect on it. We should present our righteous thoughts while they are coming from the Great Fa so as to eliminate something of humankind that is deformed, as well as to constantly remove the warped notions of our own. The more we utilize our wisdom, the more wisdom will spring out of the Dafa for us to receive. This is the way I visualize how the Great Fa is manifesting itself in the human world. Thus, Dafa is gradually creating the future human culture.

While the evils are being totally eradicated in other dimensions, our mission to eliminate deformed cultures and concepts is getting more eminent. Teacher told us that “two stages follow Dafa's introduction to the public” in his teaching Fa at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference. Some of our deformed concepts came from our own aged accumulation life after life. Those that come from the pollution of deformed cultures are a major source of the collective manifestation of warped concepts. We may start by removing our own deformed concepts or start by analyzing how the human cultures or the environment of our liberal arts got degenerated. Now more and more righteous articles are richly displayed on the Chinese Zhengjian Net laying a solid foundation by participation of more and more practitioners. I understand that science has its own energy field, while the deformed cultures or concepts have their own material environment and energy field too. Our speaking out our righteous insights is to eliminate the deformed things and to reduce their field of influence. Zhengjian Net is hereby picking up the Great Mission of cleaning out cultural deformation and helping create the new human culture. Meanwhile, this website may also serve as a precious pure land for practitioners to exchange realizations from one’s cultivation practice.

The above is only my personal understanding. Your kind comments will be greatly appreciated. That’s all. Thanks.


(Experience sharing article at 2001 Chicago Experience Sharing Conference)

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