Benevolence is What's True (Song Lyrics)

A Western practitioner

PureInsight | May 11, 2011


Ancestors, my noble elders, they did tell me to think twice.
If it is life that I value, than honor's what preserves this life.
A life's a drop among countless ages, what purpose could one instant have?
The whole of this expanse before us-- such meager knowledge that we have.
Let us come and take this precious day and forget those small and trivial conceits.
This reality is so much more profound than any little thing that we can now perceive.
Callous science can show such wonders but cannot tell how life to live.
The key to life is in the mind we carry the goodness that we are prepared to give.
Religion can disclose such wonders that science dares neither prove nor see.
Once you let go of the stubborn notion that only what you see is real.
Our minds and thoughts are not confined by these formulas that we now can prove.
Thousands of years of human thought show that mind and matter aren't two.
For virtue can change your very self, to look inside, not blaming someone else.
The principles of benevolence transcend all man's ideas.


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