Poetry: ‘Avocado Grove,’ ‘Conversation with the Divine,’ ‘Israel’

A Dafa practitioner

PureInsight | May 11, 2011


Avocado Grove

On dry, withered leafs
Until the drizzle leaves
Sitting silently

The ripe, big crops
Like green rain drops
Hang abundantly

The bark thick and strong
Like cultivated gong
Grows upwardly

I share with you fate
You share with me shade

The fresh spring breeze
My heart feels at ease

Conversation with the Divine

I asked: “Divine, I want to be where you are”
It answered: “I am right by your side
Too, waiting for when your heart is up to par”


In the wide open field
We are going within
Practising Falun Dafa

And the angel of wind
Plays his magic therein
On the strings of a harp

And the surging of gong
And the birds' lovely song
In the land of Golgotha

With the angel of heat
Blowing life into wheat
On the note of Fa*

We partake in a snack
Then we sit back to back
Listening to the Fa**.

*Musical note
** Fa: Law (Great Law - Falun Dafa)


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