The Decree of Gods

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | November 19, 2012

[] In all kinds of legends, a God’s decree always leaves people pondering something inconceivable and perplexing.

In history, there have been many stories of Bodhisattva Guan Yin reaching consummation. In particular, there was one story involving a water vase. According to the legend, Bodhisattva Guan Yin had not yet consummated when she had a revelation from Buddha: the day that the water vase she worshipped became full would be the day she consummated. As a result, she began checking on the water vase every day, but it only had a little bit of dew. When the news got out, lots of people began laughing at her ignorance and blind belief. Nevertheless, she remained steadfast in her belief that once her water vase was filled she would consummate.

One day, a servant boy accidentally knocked over the water vase, spilling all the water. He hurriedly refilled the vase with water in order to hide his deed. The next day when Guan Yin went to worship Buddha, she saw that the water vase was indeed full. Thus, she ordered her disciples to prepare; she was going to consummate and leave. It was then that the boy realized the huge mistake he had made, so he told his master the actual situation. However, Guan Yin believed that the time to consummate had truly come. As a result, many people came to watch Guan Yin consummate. When Guan Yin dressed up and sat atop a futon, various auspicious scenes actually began to appear, and Guan Yin consummated and left. A child’s hastiness resulted in the consummation of a Bodhisattva. This sort of consummation is truly peculiar.

There is another story that has a more ominous ending. According to legend, a Bodhisattva went to a village as an ill beggar to probe the condition of compassion and evil. The villagers came up with their best insults and threw abusive remarks at her but never gave any money. There was only one old woman who gave some clothes and food to the beggar. The beggar then told the woman that when the lion statue’s eyes became red, calamity would ensue and that she must leave immediately. When the old woman told the villagers this, no one believed her and they all laughed at her. Some wicked people then used red paint to paint the lion’s eyes to fool the old woman. Upon seeing the red eyes she began to evacuate while warning the villagers. But again the villagers only laughed. As soon as the old woman left, a flood ensued, killing all the remaining villagers. When people mock the warnings of Gods, they are committing a crime and straying away from the protection of Gods.

After seeing these two stories, perhaps everyone is thinking: “The admonitions of Gods really are inconceivable! They are so different from what people might imagine!” In people’s minds, only when Gods reveal the truth do people start taking them seriously. However, Gods don’t think this way. Gods will use all kinds of methods to warn humankind, perhaps through mischief, legends, prophecies, or a straightforward warning. Regardless, in the human world people will think it is a “natural” phenomenon—but the natural flow of events are Gods’ decree. It is just a matter of whether or not people believe it.

History has advanced to today. The Mayan culture’s prophecies about doomsday are about this period of time. All kinds of religions also say we’re approaching doomsday, and that the Savior will arrive. But where is the saving Lord, and does doomsday exist?

In June 2002, strange stones descended from the heavens. A huge boulder in Guizhou cracked open and revealed six big words, “The Chinese Communist Party will Perish.” The font was a mix between simplified and traditional characters, and it was a truly magical sight. Even experts said the words were natural and not carved. Doomsday is almost here. The death of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is no longer important. However, the appearance of this heavenly boulder may signify a heavenly message: the CCP’s death must occur before doomsday in order to have any significance. As for the saving Lord, Buddhist scriptures say that when the Udumbara flower blooms, the great Holy Falun King will descend and save all sentient beings. In 2003, Udumbara flowers were spotted blooming in random places in Korea without any nutrients. Afterwards, they began blooming all over the world. Regardless of whether or not you believe it, Gods are giving us a way out before doomsday.

Today, the phrase “Quit the CCP for Security and Peace” is everywhere. Because the CCP will inevitably perish, by quitting, one will not remain a part of it and will thus be safe. Perhaps the calamity on doomsday will really not occur. Regardless of whether or not you believe it, 120 million people have already quit the CCP, just like the old woman from the legend who firmly believed in the Gods and thus obtained salvation.

All over the world, hundreds of millions of people are practicing Falun Dafa, obtaining healthier bodies, uplifting their spirits, and becoming better people who are in accordance with “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance.” Perhaps the word “Falun” is in reference to the Holy Falun King in the legends. Regardless of whether or not the Udumbara flowers and Falun Dafa are one in the same sign, just like Bodhisattva Guan Yin who believed in her water vase, hundreds of millions of cultivators are cultivating the righteous Fa because they also believe that only the righteous Fa and the righteous Way can save sentient beings.

It is as if the boulder and the Udumbara flowers are reflecting the ancient prophecies, the omen of doomsday, and the rescuing of sentient beings in to the future. Believing and acting upon these admonitions from the Gods is constructing a future for oneself. By obtaining the protection of the righteous Fa and the righteous Way, perhaps doomsday will truly not occur.

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