Shameful Deeds Cannot Escape Heavenly Law

A Dafa disciple

PureInsight | April 7, 2014

[] Before the Tang dynasty, a man named Li Ming Fu passed by Huojing county and stayed at the house of a Ya Si Lu Shi (a name of official position). The host prepared a banquet to welcome him and wanted to slay a white sheep which had just got pregnant.

That night, Li Ming Fu dreamt of a woman wearing white with two children bowing down in front of him, asking him to save their lives with very anguished words. Li Ming Fu suddenly woke up, did not know why he did, and then went back to sleep. Then, that woman appeared again before him and asked while sobbing, “My life is in danger. Can you really stand to not save me?” Li Ming Fu could not figure out the reason for this; he only felt saddened. A little while later, he again dreamed of that woman who came to him and said, “The executive did not want to save me. I am already dead now. The debt that I owed has now been returned. I was Ya Si’s wife last lifetime. There was a maid who had just gotten pregnant with twins. I was very jealous of her, so I flogged her to death and lied to my husband, saying, ‘She stole the gold hairpin and the box that had the golden hook. When I beat her, I took her life.’ This is why I deserve this retribution today. The golden hairpin and box are still in a hollow tree west of the central room. Please pass my word onto the host. Tell him not to eat my flesh. If you can prevent that, then you will have accumulated great virtue.” Li Ming Fu suddenly woke up. He went to the host and asked, “Did you slay a white sheep last night? There were two lambs.” The host replied, “I did slay a white sheep and then took two lambs out of her stomach.” Li Ming Fu then told him about his dream. They sighed together then went to the hollow tree and found the golden hairpin and box. They then buried the sheep and held a ceremony.

When humans commit shameful deeds, they may be able to escape human law, but they cannot escape heavenly law.

The evil Jiang regime of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) knew that Falun Gong not only was innocent, but also benefitted the society and the country. However, out of selfishness, it lost control and began a severe persecution against Falun Gong practitioners using falsified accusations. The methods used in the persecution were extremely cruel, such as live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners for massive profits. Those people in public security, judicial departments, national security, and the armed police who participated in the persecution thought that they could escape the evil CCP’s punishment under Jiang’s secret orders to persecute Falun Gong. However, they cannot escape heavenly punishment. Since the persecution began, evil retribution has been following them. Those people who sacrificed humanity to pursue fame and fortune are slowly leaving this world through retribution. The heavenly law of good and evil retribution has already begun on the primary culprits of the persecution. Last year, Zhou Yongkang was arrested. The head of the 610 office (Falun Gong persecution organization in CCP) Li Dongsheng also lost his position. The other culprits of the persecution are now in a constant state of anxiety.

The five-thousand years of Chinese culture is divine culture. No matter how the CCP tries to destroy traditional culture, people innately believe the heavenly law that good and evil will be repaid accordingly. Why did the Jiang regime use all possible means to maintain its despotism? It was scared that persecuting Falun Gong would lead to retribution. No matter how reckless they are now, they still know deep down that good and evil will be repaid accordingly. They know that persecuting Falun Gong will lead to their retribution one day. As that day nears, they become more frightened and regret persecuting Falun Gong.

Under continuous peaceful and rational truth clarification by Falun Gong practitioners, people now understand that Falun Gong is here to save them. Aside from those persecution culprits, everyone can be saved, including those who participated in the persecution but have not understood the truth to this day. Falun Gong practitioners are still clarifying the truth in the midst of the persecution. For those who still have not understood the truth, there really is not much time left. The day the culprits are caught and punished is the day the curtains fall. When the heavens begin eliminating the CCP and calamity strikes, those who still have not understood the truth will be eliminated as well. At that time, it will be too late to regret anything. Quickly seize this precious opportunity to learn the truth. The difference in one thought is the difference between heaven and hell.


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