Following CCP to Lose One Eye, Cultivating Dafa to Get Reborn

Fengzhi, a Dafa disciple in Liaoning

PureInsight | June 18, 2014

[] I am now 79 years old. I’ve been through many life experiences in this world. Right now, many Chinese people, especially those young people, don’t believe in the existence of deities. They have been indoctrinated by the atheist education carried out by the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party). Many Chinese people no longer believe in retribution. They laugh at people who still believe in the existence of high beings. Some people even go ahead and start to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. What a pity! Such people have been fooled by the evil CCP. I’d like to share a story of my own. I want to tell everyone not to believe in the evil CCP anymore. One will only suffer in the end if one sticks to the evil CCP. One will definitely remain safe when one gets away from the evil CCP.

Prior to the CCP’s takeover of China, many Chinese people believed in the existence of deities. They respected heaven, higher beings, and they believed in retribution. I was young then, and I had heard many retribution stories. After the CCP took power in China, the regime started to crack down on all religious groups. The CCP made it clear that it didn’t want the Chinese people to believe in traditional Chinese cultural heritage anymore. In the 1950’s, the CCP started many political campaigns. The regime engaged everyone throughout the whole nation to work hard and carry out military exercises in order to fight the so-called American imperialists. I was in my early twenties then. I was a naïve country girl when I volunteered to join the so-called country militia group. Every day, I was trained in how to fight, how to crawl and such. Many people received guns to practice with as well. We were told that we needed to practice shooting guns because soon there would be a shooting competition in my province. If one got a good result, one would get a chance to see the evil head (Chairman Mao) later.

At first, we practiced shooting against some still targets; later, the evil CCP asked us to shoot at live targets such as chickens, ducks, pigeons, or even sparrows. I didn’t know too much about the evil nature of the CCP then, and I practiced so hard that my shooting skills became very good. As soon as I saw a flying sparrow in the sky, I could shoot it down right away. As a result, I killed many living creatures in such a way. Later, I was asked to learn how to repair guns. I then repaired many broken guns to be used again by others. Later, I won a prize in the provincial martial competition together with many other country militia members. I boarded a special train and arrived in Beijing to see the evil head. I was very happy then. Just like those young people today, I had been completely brainwashed by the evil CCP, I didn’t believe in any religion, I got to kill so many living creatures, and I didn’t believe in retribution at all.

One can live without believing in retribution, but it doesn’t mean that retribution is non-existent. I began to develop all kinds of diseases later on, especially when I was in my 60s. My whole body was covered in illness. I suffered a serious cerebral haemorrhage and I became paralysed as a result. I couldn’t take care of myself. My right eye, which I used all the time when I was young to aim at targets, started to swell. At first, tears kept dropping from my right eye, gradually, some kind of murky fluid started to leak from my right eye. Later on, it was decided that there was no way to cure my right eye so the doctors had to remove the right eye altogether. By then, I had come to understand completely how I had suffered due to my faith in the evil CCP. I had followed the CCP so closely. As a result, I had lost my right eye. In September of 1998, I learnt of Falun Dafa through one of my relatives. I was so happy to start cultivating myself. Merciful Master cleansed my body. All my diseases were gone completely; I could take care of myself again. Falun Dafa had given me a second chance in my life.

This CCP is nothing more than an evil spirit introduced to China from the West. It doesn’t want us to believe in the existence of deities, its only purpose is to ruin the Chinese people. Falun Dafa is the true cultivation way that one can practice to be saved. The evil CCP has, however, carried out systematic propaganda to destroy Falun Gong, to instil hatred among people against Falun Dafa. The evil CCP is destroying the Chinese people in this way, leading people on a path to hell. Even though I am not highly educated, I’d still like to share this story with everyone. I hope that more people will start to see through the evil nature of CCP and realize the preciousness of Falun Dafa. I hope many more people will begin to quit the CCP so that they will receive the protection of heaven and choose a bright future for themselves.


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