Experience Sharing Conference Held in Seattle

A Dafa disciple

PureInsight | December 6, 2015

[PureInsight.org] On October 31, Falun Gong practitioners held an experience sharing conference in Seattle, Washington. Many fellow practitioners from around the area attended the conference. Thirteen practitioners shared their cultivation stories, many of those practitioners told the audiences how their cultivations improved while doing truth clarification work to save people.

Get Rid of Attachments While Helping Promote Shen Yun

As soon as Ms. Lin arrived in Seattle, she immediately decided to take part in Shen Yun promotions and started by posting Shen Yun posters on public information boards. She would walk through residential areas to hang Shen Yun flyers on the front doors. For almost half a year, Ms. Lin walked around 8 hours every day. She lost weight as a result, fell over a couple of times and once sprained an ankle. Ms. Lin developed a very strong righteous mind and would immediately refute any external interference, such as her sprained ankle. Any interruption to her normal routine would soon straighten out.

Once, while Ms. Lin was helping to hang Shen Yun flyers on the doorknobs together with other fellow practitioners, she noticed that as soon as she started to talk, the other practitioners would reprimand her. At first, Ms. Lin didn’t pay too much attention because she thought what she said was trivial anyway, so it didn’t matter that much even if she was wrong. The other practitioners also told Ms. Lin that was influenced by CCP culture. She was a little irritated when she heard that. Later on, after studying the Fa continuously, Ms. Lin gradually came to realize her attachments, such as combativeness, vanity and so on. These attachments were not exposed when she was in China, and they were exposed now. Ms. Lin understood that she should cherish every moment when conflicts arose. She should deal with such conflicts and treat trivial things properly. Ms. Lin said she wanted to cultivate herself constantly and wanted to get rid of every human attachment.

Follow the Fa to Cultivate

Amy said once she was asked to attend a Shen Yun ticket booth by herself, while she was busy with other Shen Yun related projects. She became a little angry and hoped that other practitioners would come to help at the booth. When Amy started to read Zhuan Falun, she realized that she had a jealous mentality after reading the section of the book where Master talks about the issue of human jealousy. The reason that Amy got angry was that she was jealous of those practitioners who didn’t show up. At the same time, Amy also realized that she was just thinking about herself. Amy said that if she had treated things from the perspective of the Fa, from the requirements that Master had laid down for us, she would have felt very happy doing anything. Amy said that her mind changed while she was reading Zhuan Falun, and her anger disappeared. She didn’t try to suppress her anger; the anger automatically went after her mentality changed.

Seek Inwards to Change Human Behavior

Professor Yang spent more than two decades teaching psychology in a college in China. He said that his work in the psychology field led him to develop a habit of studying anyone he ran into. He also liked to use his research to judge, educate and reform people. When Professor Yang first practiced Falun Gong, he immediately raised suggestions from professional habit. As a result, conflicts arose. Others told him his professional knowledge was disrupting his cultivation and that of others as well. He was very confused, however, he remembered what Master said and he started to seek inwards to see what was going on. In the end, he realized that his teaching career had made him bossy; he had developed a very strong inclination to try to persuade others in a demanding manner. Such human behavior might help an ordinary person to become a good teacher, however, as a Falun Dafa cultivator, one must get rid of such behavior and any underlying attachments to elevate one’s cultivation level. Professor Yang felt so happy after finding his hidden attachments.

Some fellow practitioners present at the conference said they were moved to tears by the sharing experiences. They felt those who shared were like shining gold. Everyone expressed their gratitude said they would do an even better job in performing the “three things”.

Translated from: http://news.zhengjian.org/node/29290



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