A Cultivator’s “Shen Yun”

Guan Xin

PureInsight | February 29, 2016

[PureInsight.org] I am always very touched when I hear people commenting about Shen Yun Performing Arts performances. I am moved, because I feel so happy for those people who are now saved, and because I feel so grateful to Master for his immense compassion towards sentient beings.

The most outstanding impression that people get from watching the Shen Yun is its beauty. Such beauty comes naturally from those Shen Yun artists who are compassionate, candid, rational and pure. The beauty also comes from the show’s uniformity and orderliness. No matter how complicated or varied the dancers’ performances on stage are for any given program, one can always detect the integrity, simplicity and inherent tolerance exhibited by Shen Yun artists. They are always calm and orderly on stage. By following Zhen-Shan-Ren (truthfulness-compassion-forbearance), Shen Yun artists have learned how to perform from the heart; each artist’s demeanor seems so amazing. This, together with the music and the animated backdrop, makes Shen Yun shows an exhibition of a simply unique beauty.

Shen Shun is thus a stage where cultivators show the public the beauty of their inner world, and people are thus easily moved by such virtue and beauty. By the same token, this whole human world is a stage, where our Falun Dafa practitioners are the main performers on stage. If we can exhibit a cultivator’s natural inner beauty—a cultivator’s “Shen Yun” (the expression and representation of divine beings)—when dealing with others in our daily lives, what will this world look like then?

In the company where I used to work, I always felt that it was most difficult to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the young people there, as well as those middle-aged or older people who were not well educated. I’d always felt puzzled by such a phenomenon. I tended to think that young people didn’t know too much about traditional culture or history and as a result, they didn’t have a comparison between now and then; they were not sure what human society used to look like, so they couldn’t figure out the truth behind some modern phenomena. Older people on the other hand had spent most of their lives suffering in China; when they had lost all hope in their early years, they had simply become very pragmatic and started to care for nothing but material gains. However, right before I decided to leave my company, I began to notice that those difficult people that I had ran into before had somehow changed. Those same people now respected me; they told me that they admired my manly physique and my accommodating attitude towards others; they liked my clean and natural life style, and my personality. Yes, whenever I enlightened to something from cultivation, I became so calm and easy going. I would always smile with kindness when I ran into people. Even though I may not say a single word, people around me were touched and told me that they admired my simplicity and easy going attitude, and this was the case especially for those female colleagues of mine. Now I think that all of those people are actually acknowledging the beauty that is exhibited by a cultivator; they are admiring the “Shen Yun” of a Falun Dafa cultivator. I am pretty sure those people will thus be saved. I have come to realize that the beauty of “Shen Yun” exhibited by a cultivator with a firm and strong faith that is based upon personal cultivation can always move others. So, I am no longer puzzled now; I have become much more confident in clarifying the truth about Falun Gong publicly.

I have also noticed that, no matter how drastically the society has changed its moral standard, people continue to seek beauty deep in their hearts. They still seek the beauty of “Shen Yun”, because such beauty is beyond race, power, money and generation gaps; such beauty is a result of one’s assimilation into the universal characteristics of Zhen-Shan-Ren. A cultivator’s inner beauty of “Shen Yun” can change the world, just like what Master mentions in the book Zhuan Falun: “The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities.”

I have one more experience that I’d like to share with everyone. People get lost so easily in this complex human world; especially in the current society of mainland China. My approach in overcoming such a difficulty is to keep a diary of my personal cultivation progress and my thoughts; I then keep comparing my thoughts to the requirements of Dafa and correct myself constantly. I will continuously study the Fa and as a result, easily detect my shortcomings. Everything in this universe has its own level of principles; such principles are the manifestation of the universe’s characteristics at the various realms. I will always try to reflect on my daily activities and enlighten to various principles and rules of motion. Such a diary is a record of my cultivation experiences, and from it, I can easily share my cultivation stories. One doesn’t have to publish such a diary of course; one just needs to continue holding a firm faith and righteous mind, climbing up one step at a time in one’s cultivation. One just needs to correct oneself continuously along the cultivation path and can thus elevate to a higher level, once a solid basis is established.


Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/150335

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