Clear away the Obstacles to Rectify all Incorrect Status

Tong Zhen

PureInsight | August 15, 2016

[] I feel more pressured after learning "Fa Teaching at the 2016 New York Fa Conference". Fa-rectification comes to the final step and my cultivation is still not quite there. It is hard to make up for anything not done well before. Then I require myself to do everything well as a Dafa disciple’s standard in Fa-rectification period in every minute. However, the more time I want to grab, the lower efficient I am. I couldn’t do anything as the time goes by.

Master mentioned several times that the time was pushing fast. But no matter how fast it is, I still have twenty four hours every day. However, I always feel time is not enough that I couldn’t learn enough Fa; couldn’t do enough for Fa-rectification and almost couldn’t finish my job. Studying “Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland” again, Master said, “Everything in the universe has thought and life. Could you say they aren’t gods? The time in any dimension strictly delimits the changes that occur in all substances of that dimension. Could you say time isn’t a god? It knows the thoughts of all lives within the range of its control. If it wants to speak, it can speak; if it wants to assume a human form, it can do that. Wouldn’t you say it’s a god? Human beings think that time is just a concept. The sun rises and sets, people mark off some points and put some numbers on a clock—and that’s supposed to be time. That, along with the rising and setting of the sun, is how time is expressed in the society of ordinary people. But I can tell you, even the rising and setting of the sun and Earth’s orbiting around the sun are delimited and arranged—without deviation—by this dimension’s time.” Time is God. In the human world, we have twenty four hours every day. Different cultivation status leads in different time efficiency. Disciples in good cultivation could do three things well every day with half the effort because time in different layer is god. They can cooperate with Dafa disciples in better efficiency. Then they would go back to the new universe with Dafa disciples who reach Consummation. Otherwise, the god in charge of time in Dafa disciple dimension couldn’t assimilate Fa because Dafa disciples waste time. That is why we cannot understand the additional meaning of Fa-rectification.

In this universe, this includes even all the matter that permeates the whole universe, they’re all living entities, they all have thinking, and they’re all forms that the Law of the universe exists at different levels. If they don’t let you rise to a higher level, maybe you want to go higher, but you just can’t go up, they just won’t let you come up. All elements untouched by Fa-rectification interfered Dafa disciples. We should rectify all abnormal conditions using everything given by Master and Fa.


The lives in the old cosmos are in destruction period. Our Dafa disciples will walk into a new universe. I suddenly realize: low efficiency was because of the obstacles from the old cosmos which was not rectified by Fa. The un-rectified lives from the old cosmos treated all lives like that, not just only Dafa disciples. For example, if we have a correct attitude in Fa study, all lives around us would be rectified because the main part is positive; otherwise if we don’t have correct attitude in Fa study, not only we couldn’t cultivate ourselves well, but all lives around us will be interfered with and resulting in rejecting. Master said in Dafa Disciples Must Study the Fa - Fa Teaching Given at the 2011 Washington DC Metro Area Fa Conference, “Whatever one’s thoughts align with will dominate the person. In other words, when beings of different planes notice that you want something, or are attached to something, and that it precisely aligns with them, they take effect and even direct you. When a person is not rational, or is venting anger, negative elements are taking effect. Everything is alive, and those things include evilness, desires, and hatred, among others. So in such situations they naturally take effect.”


The universe is so complicated. All substances and forms of matter in the universe have spirits including the god in charge of time. Plus the mutated stuffs put into our mind and body by the old force are all lives. We will be interfered by all these things during Fa study, or doing the work of Fa-rectification. They could make us sleepy, tied, irritable or physically uncomfortable, etc. As long as we know how serious the cultivation and Fa-rectification are deep in our mind; our main consciousness could repel them and eliminate them. Whether Dafa disciples can overcome all interference depends on how strong of our main consciousness is.

Fa-rectification and self-rectification are inseparable. Today, Master extends every day in human world with a huge suffering. We must be clear at Fa and shouldn’t waste any time. Maybe there is no tomorrow and let’s start from now.

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