Fulfilling Our Mission of Coming for the Fa

Zi Di

PureInsight | September 6, 2016

[Pureinsight.org] A brutal persecution of Falun Gong launched by Jiang's group of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) not only caused moral breakdown in China, but it also endangered universal values around the world. Falun Gong practitioners started to clarify the truth to save sentient beings. This has been the greatest life and soul awakening in the human world since the beginning of time.

Looking back in history, we see several examples: Dongtaiwang, a website that opened up a channel for millions of people who were blocked in the mainland; the Minghui and Zhengjian websites also served the same purpose. The Epoch Times is a Chinese newspaper with the world's largest circulation and reports news without CCP censorship. NTDTV is the only outspoken satellite television station that is not under the evil party’s control and provides objective and precise information. The Sound of Hope Radio Network fully covers the mainland with indomitable spirit even in the face of strong evil interference.

These media sources were established between 2000 and 2002, which was the peak time of the severe persecution of Falun Gong and the information blockade by the CCP.

The Epoch Times started its full operation July of 2000. Its forte was to expose the CCP’s persecution in the face of all silent medias around the world. The website was set up in a basement in Atlanta. Even without enough funds and manpower, domestic and overseas disciples cooperated to publish news. It was the first time that the overseas community recognized the persecution by the CCP. The influence of Epoch Times made the culprit of the persecution panic. They arrested dozens of young talented practitioners and gave them harsh sentences. In February of 2003, the CCP withheld the outbreak of the SARS plague. When all medias kept silent out of personal interests, the Epoch Times published the truth promptly on the basis of full investigation. Later, it made many follow-up reports, tearing the evil’s lie like a lightening strike across the dark sky. Then the Epoch Times began spreading across the world to North America, Australia, Europe, Asia, etc. It has become the world's largest circulating Chinese newspaper with enormous influence.

When the Epoch Times persevered through all difficulties, another group of Falun Gong practitioners had an even more daring idea: to allow China to understand the real world and the world to know a real China through a satellite television without interference by the CCP.

So under divine assistance, NTDTV successfully registered in New York in December 2001 and began broadcasting twenty-four seven since 2002. Without financial assistance and professional support, new graduate students knew almost nothing about TV media. With no money, equipment, or staff, the only thing they had was selfless and pure compassionate heart! A shabby office in lower Manhattan was the video production room. They brought personal computers to the station and pasted cardboard on the window. In the summer heat, they did not even have fans and instead had a big feverish bulb. The news division was constructed. More unusual was that some old aunts who had no computer knowledge volunteered to help. Although they did not know any English, they took the responsibility of 24-hour broadcasting by memorizing all processes. They even donated money to take care of everything and only ate ramen noodles most days.

The professional TV producer was also a mainland disciple. He produced a series of high quality videos for New Tang Dynasty TV. However, because of the persecution, his living condition was very tough. Domestic disciples actively promoted NTDTV by setting it up for mainland people. They could not make money but had to pay for it with their own money. We all worked hard for a common goal.

A pen cannot possibly write down all the earth-shaking and touching stories and magical experiences of Falun Gong practitioners. What they did sets the best role model and example for the world. In truth clarification, they fulfilled their sacred missions with one brilliant feat after the next. Now, everything is approaching the end, and the drama will end soon.

How lucky we were to be born at this moment. Everybody needs to take their responsibilities to promote justice because no one is just a spectator when faced with justice and evil. Everybody must make a decision. The Creator made everything, and all beings came for the Fa. We cannot cover our ears and turn a blind eye. Instead, we must fulfill our selfless sacred missions before the end of all this drama to meet the Creator’s compassionate calling.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/153354

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