Scientists Discover Many Postponed Earthquakes – Is Humanity Under Protection?

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PureInsight | October 16, 2016

[] Australian scientists found that there currently are many latent earthquakes of magnitude six or greater due to the fault cycle on earth. However, they were mysteriously delayed.

According to an Australian news report, Dr. Behzad Fatahi, a geographer at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) said that according to historical data on the degree of damage, no one would be able to avert the disaster.

Many latent earthquakes of magnitude six or greater remained mysteriously dormant around the world, including the Middle East, China, Japan and the United States.

Dr. Fatahi noted that geologists and seismologists had already observed that geological faults had prepared the earthquakes, but large-scale and super earthquakes still mysteriously remained dormant.

It would be disastrous if those fracture layers released energy. “The fracture has not been released for a long time. At least five to ten super earthquakes were delayed, but we do not know when they will happen," said Dr. Fatahi.

Earthquakes will inevitably arrive, and they could do so at any time.

Dr. Fatahi stressed, "It is not about whether an earthquake will occur, but when it will happen."

Dr. Fatahi gave an example: the magnitude 7.8 earthquake that hit Nepal last April killed at least 8,000 people.

This March, the California State University geophysicist Julian Lozos published research indicating that the area along the San Jacinto fault line in California will most likely experience an earthquake.

Once it happens, several densely populated cities such as Los Angeles will not survive. Millions of people will lose their lives or be displaced. The degree of damage depends on the San Andreas Fault’s activity.

Associate professor Lozos also believes there is no way to predict when such disasters will happen.

Dr. Fatahi explained, “Fault activity makes the earthquake cycle every 100 to 500 years. It is now time for the earthquake, but we do not know why it has not come.”


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