Tooth Pain Disappears as Thoughts for Saving Sentient Beings Emerge

Ci Hang

PureInsight | December 4, 2016

[] Recently, I experienced tooth sickness karma. My tooth hurt whenever it encountered both hot and cold water. I had the thought of visiting the dentist and through experience sharing with others I have given up this thought. One practitioner told me that he overcame sickness karma by sending forth righteous thoughts, negating all old forces arrangements. The practitioner then had the thought that clarifying the truth is a requirement set by and wanted by Master. If the nerve system of the tooth hurts when clarifying the tooth, then it is absolutely not arranged by Master but by the old forces. As a result, the practitioner heard sounds of his tooth and the pain disappeared. The practitioner's righteous thoughts had prevailed and he successfully negated all old forces’ arrangements.

Other people are able to overcome sickness karma through sending righteous thoughts due to the state of their cultivation. I did not overcome my tooth sickness karma by sending forth righteous thoughts because I was not as concentrated as others. I chose to overcome sickness karma by fully immersing and dedicating myself to saving sentient beings. Many mainstream people were attending the Opera Festival and Garden Seeding Exhibitions at a nearby city. I passed out the new edition of truth clarifying flyers and urged mainstream people to spread the word during rush hours from 10am to noon. I then started to do Falun Dafa exercises demo from 1pm to 3pm.

I was the only practitioner after all other practitioners who came to support this truth clarification event from other areas had left. I hung a banner: “Petition to immediately stop live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners. “ I then placed and played a prerecorded German truth audio recording 10 meters away, and I handed out flyers another 10 meters away. As I handed out flyers, I also told passersby, “hello, please spread the word after reading, this is a very urgent matter. People from around the world are going to China for organ transplant operations and no one knows where these organs are from. It is actually harvested from Falun Gong practitioners. Please spread the word immediately. Everyone can spread the word; everyone has the energy. All evil forces are afraid of being exposed. The more we expose such evil acts, the earlier the persecution and forced live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners could end.”

After I repetitively did this over a little more than a week, my tooth no longer hurt even after suffering two months of pain. During this period of time, I had given up thoughts of finding shade to clarify the truth. I now hand out flyers and exercise for a total of four hours under the sun, and can still feel the breeze very often. I thought to myself, Thank you, Teacher, for your reinforcement!

I discovered I had overcome my fear of turning brown after sun exposure, not being able to print out new edition of flyers on time, not having enough support from other practitioners. I now have a darker skin tone, print flyers on my own, use banners and prerecorded German audio to clarify the truth. When I am no longer attached to these fears and when these factors no longer control me, a new light for saving sentient beings has shed over me and saving sentient beings become more at ease. I am anxious to clarify the truth to ordinary people and ordinary people are anxious to listen to the truth. I have a thought in my heart, when the truth is revealed ordinary people couldn’t say no one had told them the truth. I cannot let them say this; I have to give enough chances for them to hear the truth.

Just like this, when I am truly in an urgent state for saving sentient beings. When I immerse myself in thinking how to save more sentient beings every day and how to let them receive my flyers and sign the petition after a few words, then my tooth no longer hurt after two months of pain and, nor when encountering both hot and cold water.

My personal understanding’s that when my words and deeds are on par, my tooth would no longer hurt.

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