Clarifying the Truth to Chinese People as a Westerner

A Dafa Disciple from the UK

PureInsight | July 6, 2017

[] Here is a bit about my recent experience clarifying the truth to Chinese tourists as a Westerner.

I recently started joining the British museum Hong Fa when I can at weekends.

Each time I go I am the only Western practitioner.

Two weeks ago I went there to do the exercises outside where the visitors line up before their bag checks. Afterwards I gave out leaflets as visitors left.

That time I felt it was easy to give leaflets to Westerners but did not have much success with Chinese people. I felt a bit useless as I do not speak Chinese and did not know how to save them if they did not speak English and do not take the flyer.

At the end of the Hong Fa we all shared about how the event had gone. The Chinese practitioners said it was really good for the Chinese tourists that I was there. They had overheard Chinese people saying, "Even a Westerner is doing Falun Gong. Look." I had not been aware. I also shared how I struggled to know what to do to help save them, saying all I could do is tell them, "Falun Dafa Hao." Does that really work? The Chinese practitioners said, “Yes it is really powerful when a Westerner says it. It is really good.” I had tried saying Falun Dafa Hao as I gave out leaflets to Chinese people many times before, but did not think it had much effect. I realise now this was because I doubted it.

So this week I changed my mentality and really broke though. I kept saying to Chinese people, "Ni Hao, Falun Dafa Hao, Zhen Shan Ren Hao" every time with a big smile, and the reaction was amazing. I got lots of smiles and some thumbs up. One man then said to me in limited English, "You know this Falun Dafa?" I told him I practiced since I was 18, that I have read all the books, that it is freely practised everywhere except China, that the government has told a lot of lies, that it really is good, that it is really just about truthfulness, compassion and tolerance, and that it is about cultivating your heart. Then he changed a bit and took the Chinese leaflet.

Another man started walking around us as we were doing the fourth exercise. He was very close to us and had a strange energy, so I opened my eyes and said, "Ni Hao, Falun Dafa Hao, Zhen Shan Ren Hao." He started talking back at me in Chinese, which I could not understand. I looked at the two Chinese practitioners who were with me, but they still had their eyes shut doing the exercise. I realised I had to handle it myself somehow. He then said "Li Hongzi," so I said "Li Hongzi, Shifu" ("Master" in Chinese) and said "Falun Dafa Hao" one more time. He said a few more things back to me before leaving.

Afterwards, I asked the Chinese practitioner I was with what he had said. They said, "Do not worry. You handled it very well and said the right thing." They told me he was asking if I knew of Li Hongzi. He was poisoned and trying to challenge me.

Then not long later the man came back near us again. I said "Ni Hao" again to him, and remembered I had a Chinese leaflet in my bag, so I offered it to him. He said in limited English, "I do not understand this." I replied, "It is in Chinese." But he still refused it. There was a lady with him, so I offered it to her, but she shook her head and waved her hand.

I asked the Chinese practitioners if they could talk to him. They said it would not work and that if they did, this man would blow up. They said he came to intimidate us. He told me again I handled it very well. I said I did not feel scared or intimidated at all, and I just wished I could talk to him more, which made me really want to learn more Chinese. As Westerners we have the ability to break through a lot of their notions, and they will talk to us. They are very surprised Westerners practice because of the lies they have been told.

The same Chinese practitioner told me at the end, "You are Westerner, but they come to talk to you! They will not talk to us, but they want to talk to you." Another one said, "They think we are paid, but they will believe a Westerner. I think for Chinese tourists a Westerner has the power of five Chinese practitioners! They like to listen to you. They like your (Western) face."

I really feel I have broken through my notions and have no barriers speaking to Chinese people even if they do not speak English.

I would like to encourage more Westerners to join Chinese tourist truth clarification activities. We can really make a difference.


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