My Life Experiment

Zhao Yan, Japanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 29, 2017

[] I would like to pay my tribute to Master’s sixty-sixth birthday and the 25th anniversary of Dafa’s introduction to the public. Happy birthday, Master! As a disciple, I have infinite gratitude!

1. Coming to the Human World to Obtain the Fa

In the autumn two years ago, I clarified the truth and tried to convince my University classmate to quit the CCP. Then I asked if he remembered the questions I had in our reading group when we were 16 years old. My questions were, “Who am I? Where did I come from? Where shall I go?" He was surprised that I could still remember them!

Twenty years after I obtained the Fa, I realized that my life was for it.

Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Eastern U.S. Fa Conference. March 27-28, 1999, "The Fa isn’t something you can just obtain. Even though you’re all sitting here, you don’t know how much you may have sacrificed for this Fa in order to establish this predestined relationship, including in different periods in history—you don’t know how many tribulations you’ve gone through to obtain it. Some of them you know about, some of them you don’t know about. That moment when you encountered the Fa seemed quite natural to you, when in fact a great deal of effort had been expended arranging the time and location of your obtaining the Fa. You don’t know about those things.” Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada. May 23, 1999, "Many people lost their lives in the past so that they may gain the Fa. They have cultivated in the past and undergone many cultivation ordeals."

Actually, people are all waiting for the Fa. Many students have really felt this; namely, when some people read the Fa, they say, "I’ve been searching for this my whole life," or "This is exactly what I’ve been looking for."

My third eye was not open. When I read the Fa, every word touches my heart. It makes me inexplicable sad and laugh with tears.

I was so lucky to obtain the Fa. Every true Dafa disciple is among the luckiest people in the world. Fake disciples are not counted though. Some CCP spies appear to cultivate diligently but do monkey business including persecuting Dafa disciples and destroying and interfering with Fa-rectification. They are the stupidest people because they will face the same ending as the Communist Party. It will be a Lifetime regret.

2. Wearing Out Iron Shoes in Search of Buddha's Path

When I was six years old, the first word my grandma taught me was: Buddha. The first picture I drew was of a lotus. Grandma said Buddha was a combination of the two words “person” and “Fu”. I said Buddha was a person trying to climb up the ladder. Fifty years have passed, and I still remember it.

When I was seven years old, I found a card played by my aunt during her childhood. There was an old man doing a sword dance. I said, “This is my Master. I will look for him when I grow up.” Grandma said, “He is Sanfeng Zhang. He passed away hundreds of years ago. Where can you find him?” I said, “He didn’t pass away. I will go to Xinjiang to look for him.” Forty-six years later, I talked about the card with my aunt, about the words on the card. My aunt and I said together, “The land yields good harvests, and the people enjoy good health.”

I was a straight A student when I graduated from University. A University in Xinjiang was recruiting professors, so I registered. Later I started to work at that University. Dozens of people went there with me, but all of them were interested in salary, position, and housing assignments. I was the only one to ask about Dao. They all laughed at me, so I didn’t mention it any more.

At the beginning of 1988, I found a book titled Prophecy Collection. I was surprised to see Nostradamus’s prophecy about the Soviet Union’s disintegration on it. When I was a child, a fortuneteller said I would be distinguished. Did people have fates? Did a country have a fate? If yes, who controlled it?

I had to get married because I didn’t find the meaning of life. My husband was a classmate from Xiamen University. He told me his grandmother was Christian. His grandfather was detained by the Japanese, the Nationalist Party, and the Communist Party until he became disabled. When we got married, I let him read, “For life or for death, however separated, to our wives we pledged our word. We held their hands;--- We are to grow old together with them.” He couldn’t understand it. I made a wish to give some of my good luck to him. When he was working as a postdoctoral at Hongkong University, he was promoted to be an official. He never exploited the connection, but his performance was always good. The fortuneteller said he got good luck from his wife.

In July of 1997, I traveled to Beijing on a business trip with a leader who was also a professor and Qigong master. I was told Falun Gong was a good practice. The next day someone gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. I finished reading it in one evening. One year later, I learned the five exercises and became a Dafa disciple.

3. True Ingenuous Nature Comes Out After Disaster

In the fall of 1998, I told my husband and my son seriously, “I started to practice Falun Gong. It won’t influence my job or my housework, only my spare time. I need your support.” They said, “Sure. As long as we have meals and clean shirts.” At that time, I had a serious disc herniation problem and needed my husband’s help to get up. After practicing Falun Gong, I threw out all medications and had no problem. Just my feet had lots of blisters. My husband helped me take a picture of it.

Every day, I rode my bicycle to the office passing by a store with the two words “Good Environment” on the door. They seemed to smile at me.

My husband asked me, “Why do you need my support for your practice?” I said, “Because it’s a big matter. Who dares to say he can turn the Falun? It is a Buddha! If it’s true, the Communist Party’s atheism won’t stay. It is hard to get a human body, and even harder to obtain Buddha Fa. Without righteous thoughts, we can’t achieve the aim. Cultivation is the hardest thing in this world. The Buddhist scriptures said, “In the six reincarnation, if you happen to have a human body when the Buddha comes to save people, it’s like a blind turtle in the sea encountering a driftwood with holes.”

Ten years later when I received my husband's first divorce notice, I asked him, “Didn’t you support my practice?” He had nothing to say. Seven years later, I went abroad after three years detention. In the face of my son’s resentment, I asked him, “Didn’t you support my practice?” He said, “How could I know it was so scary!”

Countless incidences of door harassment, tracking, monitoring, brainwashing classes, divorce, detention, blood draws, CT exams, cornea tests, repeated confiscations, and dismissals happened to me. Some bad words were written on my hallway. At the time, I didn’t realize the practitioner couple in New York had already become Communist spies long ago. They would repay me with virtue for all the borrowed money.

In 1999, my whole company distributed Communist documents at the large conference. I told my colleagues, "This is the Communist Party’s last move." They were surprised by my straightforwardness. Later, I went to the photo booth to take a self-portrait picture.

Of course, I was still alive and did not need the picture. I was so lucky to be a survivor. Actually, nobody was living here accidentally. I met several fortunetellers in my life. They all said I was blessed all the time.

Twenty years after obtaining the Fa, I’ve spent every day happily, even when I was in detention. Now I do truth clarification to mainland tourists. There was a store in the Ginza with the two words “Dao Happy” on the door. I was so lucky to be with heaven and so happy to be corresponding to Dao. Before consummation of my cultivation, my life has been completed. All the bitter tribulations throughout various lifetimes have become sweet.

4. Returning Home by Seeing the Heavenly Door

At the beginning of Shen Yun’s performance in the last two years, Master said the same words, “Come to the human world to fulfill your vows!”

When I just obtained Fa, I thought cultivation was too hard. It would be good enough if I could reach Arhat level. “Transcend the Five Elements and the Three Realms.” Escaping reincarnation was enough for obtaining a human body. Now I have a different mindset:

When I was nine years old, I knew about “truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance” from my grandmother's ancient poetry and stories. I knew a good person could return to his/her true self. This was not my true home; my true home was in the heaven, and my parents were there.

When I was eleven years old, a little boy from northern China told me, "The future Buddha has come to earth. He was born in northern China and will save lots of people in the future." Then he told me Master's name. I said, "It’s like my nickname ah!" After coming back home, I told my mom not to miss this opportunity.

In the summer of 1986, I prepared for the exam to graduate school at the Xiamen University. A student from Changchun told me that a person in her hometown could tell your whole life if you drew one line. She said I could be his disciple. Then she gave me a two to three-inch clivia minata which is still at my former mother-in-law’s home. Thirty years later, I realized she mentioned Master.

In July of 1999, NASA photographed the sky above the earth to be a devil’s face.

In 2001, the lotus on the back cover of Zhuan Falun blossomed.

When I was summoned by the police for the first time, I told them I was not scared to be dismissed. They shouted at me, “You will become a Buddha!”

On the fifth day of the first lunar month in 2004, I took pictures of Falun that looked like snowflakes.

I refused to join the Communist Party when I was 17 years old. At 2004, “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" was published to expose the devil skin of the Communist Party.

In 2007, I saw the hidden nature characters at a giant stone in Guizhou: “The Chinese Communist Party perishes.”

When I was in detention, the prisoners liked to see me and said I was sitting there like a Buddha.

Udumbara flowers were found around me in a practitioner’s home, the truth clarification station, the outside of the theater, and at the sacrificed apples for Master.

Quitting the CCP was like a rising wind and scudding clouds. Two hundred thousand people filed lawsuits to sue Jiang Zemin.

The picture "Master was watching the world in the mountain" on the Minghui website is similar to a picture in Essentials for Further Advancement. The sun will rise eventually.

Minghui’s daily reports about good and evil news were evidence of justice.

I came to the free world from an environment surrounded by evil. At the end of last year, I practiced in the Arakawa Natural Park. Three months later, a plastic carpet was there with a sign “Use Freely”. I had a nickname “Japanese” when I was a kid. Strangers showed Dafa’s magic.

I knew Dafa disciples were required to have high levels, which included me. I would be a Buddha.

The powers of Buddha are unlimited. Miracles happened every day.

The history of the universe was created by the Creator.

And the days of being with the Creator were very happy. Everyone was lucky and every day was a lucky day. Those who were manipulated by the evil would be destroyed in hell. As long as they were alive, they still had time to change. Just time was limited.

In the boundless heavens, the gods are busy preparing for Dafa disciples’ return.

It was time to return and the big disaster was closing.

Dafa has changed the fate of the world. “Mankind will need to give thanks" (from Teaching the Fa at the Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital).

"A hundred years' efforts lead to cross by the same ferryboat”. The earth was like a spacecraft carrying all of mankind’s fates. It was like a star of hope with all blessings. All disciples who were doing truth clarification tried every minute to spread the blessings from the Creator. As long as you had eyes, you must see. As long as you had ears, you must hear.

Eighteen years’ brutal persecution showed CCP’s evil nature to the world. Those unrepentant followers only knew hell, not heaven; only knew hatred, not compassion; only knew their interests, not justice; only knew the ghosts, not Buddha. They were the most evil with the worst ending.

Returning home is the real dream of China. It is also the dream of all mankind. Before my dream comes true, I know all my bitterness of all my lifetimes were well worth. Every day, what I need to do is to clarify the truth to all people and save more people. No matter who they are, I should have a diamond-like heart in their praising and swearing. In Journey To The West, the Monkey King depended on a pill from Buddha to subdue the ghost and stood firmly in a gust of wild. “It doesn’t matter what so-called Buddha, what Dao, what Deity, or what demon it is—they can’t sway me.”(from Zhuan Falun) I will do the three things well at this final step with a solid faith in Dafa in order to live up to Master’s immense and infinite compassion.

Finally, I shared a poem from Hong Yin IV here (there is no official translation available now):

Fulfill my dream

I have a dream

That one day I will return to the heaven

Where it’s the true hometown of living beings

Because the creator has arrived

He has spread Dafa and saved people to return to the heaven

I don’t want to miss this opportunity

I shall fulfill the dream

This is the only hope for human beings


Thank you Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!


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