Eliminate External Interference

Jing Xin, a Dafa Disciple in Hefei City, Anhui Province

PureInsight | December 22, 2019

[PureInsight.org] Without the firm thought of returning to my true self, I would be lost already in this tumultuous world. Despite this, Dafa disciples are so fortunate to be protected by Master to cultivate Falun Dafa today. Master has protected us throughout our reincarnations in this dangerous world. Without Master eliminating our karma in our various reincarnations, without Master’s protection, it would be very hard to cultivate in Dafa this time around. We should cherish this very rare opportunity!

It has not been easy to be diligent in my cultivation. During my cultivation, I have had many problems and many forms of interference. I had so many attachments to the imagination, internet novels and videos from the ordinary world. Here I have detailed some of my various attachments.

Before starting my cultivation journey, I had a strong curiosity and desire to explore everything in the world. I often liked to purchase and read everyday people’s books. Recalling my life several years ago, I kept myself alone for self-protection and to avoid being insulted by others because of my perceived self – deficiency. It was Master’s arrangement to eliminate my karma and let me pursue things in my own world. Gradually, I got bored with that world and wanted to cultivate. I was being cushioned for my later cultivation in Dafa. However, I became lost and complained about everything because of bitterness. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “To the great enlightened people, living as a human being is not the purpose, and one’s life is not meant for being human—it is meant for you to return to your origin. Human beings suffer a lot. The enlightened people think that the more one suffers, the better, as one should speed up repaying one’s debts. This is what they think.”

Therefore, I had to eliminate my attachments to the ordinary people’s culture, knowledge and intellectual curiosity. This has been my long-term cultivation goal. Especially during the Fa-rectification period, I have been so envious of experience sharing articles from other practitioners. I have never written anything because I didn’t want to do it at the beginning and there was no opportunity for me to do it later. I didn’t believe I had the capability to write a good experience sharing article. Throughout all this, I still continued to read everyday people’s books, after a while I realized that this was an attachment. If not for Fa-rectification, my behavior would be the same as ordinary people’s behavior. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Dafa is the wisdom of the Creator.” It made me awake and happy. As a Dafa practitioner, I realized that I should make more effort with Fa study and to assimilate myself to Dafa. By doing so, I would have stronger Righteous Thoughts and I would find it easier to stay on my cultivation path. It was then that I gave away or sold all my every day people’s books and only kept Dafa books.

Since I learnt how to access the internet, my daily computer use became another attachment. Lots of bad information from the Internet made my cultivation very hard. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “For in the present environment there are all kinds of things on television that, if it is turned on, can easily stimulate one's desires.” The internet brought me a lot of varied information from the ordinary people’s world. The attachments which I thought I had eliminated in my personal cultivation, all came back out with my internet use. Under intentional guidance and strengthening from the old forces, those attachments have been intensified and magnified countless times. I found that all of my attachments were active. The biggest attachment was the attachment to lust. I projected the feeling of my loneliness into the inelegant Internet world like an ordinary person. The love series and internet novels gripped my imagination and made me immerse myself in fantasies. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “The human mind can create a false impression and illusion that later can indeed become a concept or false impression that smoking does refresh oneself. It cannot do that at all, and neither can it have this effect. Smoking does not do the human body any good. If a person smokes for a long period of time, at the time of autopsy a doctor will find that his or her trachea and lungs are all black.” Under interference from the attachment to lust, I also hurt my body with lust. In my childhood and later years, I always felt like an invisible life was watching me whenever I was doing anything, I could tell that he was looking at me very sternly whenever I did bad things, but I just couldn’t control my behavior with my weak main consciousness. The old forces would then take advantage of this to persecute me with the attachment of lust, which I would fail. I would then feel dejected and regret what I did. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Don’t we practitioners want to purify our bodies? We should constantly purify our bodies and constantly progress toward high levels. Yet you still put that in your body, so aren’t you going the opposite way from us? Furthermore, it is also a strong desire.” The reason why I was attached to lust so much was like what Master said in Zhuan Falun, “In fact, let me tell you that they do not have correct thoughts to guide themselves, and it will not be easy for them to quit that way. As a practitioner, why don’t you take it as an attachment to be abandoned, and see if you can quit. I advise everyone that if you truly want to practice cultivation you should quit smoking from now on, and it is guaranteed that you can quit.” After I fell countless times, I began to face my attachments. Yes, there was the old forces’ interference behind it. I didn’t accept it and tried to deny it. But why didn’t I do it correctly and eliminate their evil arrangements with strong righteous thoughts? It was because I didn’t have a strong main consciousness. I knew I needed to strengthen my main consciousness. As a cultivator, I should solve my problems after I have done something wrong and try not to regret. I would continue to cultivate myself. How could I strengthen my main consciousness? For sure, it was from Dafa! During Fa study, I strengthened my main consciousness, eliminated my attachments, I cut off from the internet by not reading online novels and stopped watching videos. Gradually, I corrected myself and improved.

Let me share a poem from “Severing (in Yuan verse)” from Hong Yin Volume II:

“Cultivation is not hard,

It’s attachments that are hard to part with.

When will you sever those many attachments?

All know the sea of hardship has no shore.

If your will is not firm,

The hurdles are like mountains.

How will you transcend this mortal life?”


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