Over One Hundred Little Pink (Advocates) Quit CCP, Mainland Police Repent

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PureInsight | February 13, 2021

[PureInsight.org] Since the United States announced restrictions on the immigration and entry of Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members and their families into the United States, the number of Chinese people quitting the party has soared. Volunteers from the Global Quitting Chinese Communist Party Center recently revealed that some mainland police have expressed repentance and quit CCP, and more than a hundred CCP advocates have quit too. Moreover, advocates who are attacked to the Global Quitting Center quit CCP as well.

Volunteers from the Global Quitting Center said recently that since July this year, the CCP’s advocates (so called little pink) have attacked volunteers of the center more and more frequently, but more and more people call the Quitting Party hotline to quit.

Ms. Zhao, a volunteer from the U.S. Quitting CCP Center, told <Vision Times> that after the United States promulgated regulations prohibiting CCP members from entering the country in July, the hotline for the center was extremely busy, many young Chinese who were studying and working in the United States who called to quit CCP. In addition, many elderly people also called for quitting CCP.

Ms. Zhao said that the children of these elderly people did not agree with them to quit the party, and they were unwilling to help them with the “three quits”(quit the Chinese Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers), so they called volunteers to help them do it. “These old people are very angry, and some say that the Communist Party is too terrible. The children were still affected so much after they arrived in the United States. The influence of Communist Party has come to the United States for brainwashing, such as changing American university textbooks, saying that socialism is good and the Trump administration is not good.”

Ms. Zhao said that one of them was a female teacher who said that the communist ideology started from teaching materials to poison students, “The textbooks are changing in university, high school, middle school, even elementary school. Young American teenagers are deeply poisoned by the communism (especially CCP), including her children. Everyone is anxious of it.”

Mainland Police Called to Quit the Party Hotline Expressing Repentance

Ms. Zhao said that in addition to the “three quits” of the people who called the hotline, many people also wanted to know the real situation of Falun Gong, and they asked various questions. Others called to express their gratitude and praised the volunteers for their good job. There were also many mainland public prosecutors and law officials who called to express repentance.

Ms. Zhao said that she had repeatedly received calls from a cadre of the Mainland Public Security Bureau, “Every time he called me, he coughed badly and had a physical problem. He said that he participated in the persecution of Falun Gong in China. He wanted to confess to Falun Gong practitioners and he said that the Communist Party is very bad and evil. He said that he could not help himself at the beginning, and now he regrets it very much."

The "Little Pinks" Who Attacked the Quit Party Center also Did the “Three Quits”

Volunteer Zhang Ling from the Canadian Quitting Party Service Center told <Vision Times> that recently she received frequent phone calls from college students from mainland China. Every time a group of students yelled at her, but no matter how harsh their curses were, Zhang Ling was not angry and clarified the truth to them calmly and patiently.

She said that, “In the end, this group of college students were very moved and asked the "three quits" one after another.” They also told Zhang Ling that in fact, they didn't want to scold her. Someone gave them money to do so.

“Many of them are freshman students. I said I do not mind your attitude towards me. I will be happy as long as you are safe...” Zhang Ling said, “I told them about traditional Chinese culture, the principles of doing good and accumulating virtue, the evil of the Communist Party, and the brutal facts of harvesting human organs. They all love to listen to me.” Zhang Ling said.

She mentioned, “I told them I did not believe live organ harvesting was happening at the beginning, so I called Shanghai Changzheng Hospital to clarify. Someone in my family hospitalized there before and I was familiar with that place. I wanted to know whether the organ harvesting is true or false, so I tested them and said that someone in my family wanted to have a kidney transplant. Then a doctor told me that Jiang Zemin’s son had undergone kidney transplantation four times with them. The doctor said processing speed depends on how much the patient would like to spend. The organ can be ready in 4 hours, sometimes one to two weeks, or up to two months."

“I told the doctor that we cannot just care about money in our life. In the eyes of the common people, the doctor is a living bodhisattva, but this scalpel has become a butcher knife. We are all descendants of the Chinese people and the same clan. Yes, we were born from the same root, so why is it too anxious to kill the others! I choked as I said it. The doctor shouted hysterically and asked who I was and threatened me my organ would be harvested while I am alive if I dare to show up. I shared all that with the students while I was crying...”

Zhang Ling said that she also told these students the truth about the evil behaviors by the Communist Party. The students were all touched. “They were here to make trouble, but after they understood the truth, they all changed. They led waves of people continuing to do ‘three quits’. As a result, more than 100 people quit one after another.”

Trump administration issues new rules restricting the entry of Chinese Communist Party members

CCP media quoted U.S. media reports in July that the Trump administration is considering a total ban on CCP members and their families from traveling to the United States. As soon as the relevant news came out, the mainland people applauded. U.S. President Trump even won the title of "Secretary of Anti-Corruption" among Chinese people.

At the same time, the keyword quitting the party (quitting the Chinese Communist Party, Communist Youth League, and Young Pioneers organization) surged in Google Trends in China, showing that many people began to pay attention to and search for the topic of quitting the party. The number of visitors to the Epoch Times website regarding to quitting the party has also skyrocketed.

On September 17, the father of an American citizen was refused entry because he was a member of the Communist Party of China. He was deported on the spot when he entered the United States, and his 10-year visa was also cancelled.

At that time, American democrat and immigration consultant Zheng Cunzhu told the media that CCP members, whether they are immigrants, visiting relatives, or traveling, may face the risk of being deported at the airport. He revealed that many Chinese immigrants and students studying in the United States have quit the Communist Party one after another.

On October 2, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) issued a new policy restricting Chinese Communist Party members from immigrating to the United States. As long as they are members of the Chinese Communist Party or related party organizations, or have other totalitarian party status, they cannot obtain a U.S. green card or citizenship.

According to external analysis, this policy of the United States directly refers to the high-level dignitaries in the Chinese Communist Party, because only dignitaries have the ability and financial resources to immigrate to the United States or send their families and children abroad.

Therefore, this policy is quite destructive to the CCP’s dignitaries and may aggravate the conflicts within the CCP. At the same time, a wave of Chinese people's withdrawal from the party has been set off.

Yi Rong, chairwoman of the Global Quitting Service Center, revealed on October 5 that after the introduction of the new U.S. immigration regulations, the hotline for quitting the party has become more and more popular. The number of people who quit the party has increased several times in the past two days.

As of December 25, 2020, nearly 370 million people around the world have declared the "three quits" on the Epoch Times website. The number of people withdrawing from the previous day has exceeded 50,000.

According to statistics from the Organization Department of the Central Committee, as of the end of 2019, the total number of CCP members reached 91.914 million. The United States initially estimates that the number of people involved in this sanctions plan will affect nearly 270 million people.


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