The radio secret of DNA

A Dafa Disciple in the United States

PureInsight | June 20, 2021

[] Very few people know that in the universe there exists unlimited high density/frequency energy, and our human body has the ability to resonate with these energies, it is just not well understood by modern science. In this video we will introduce several very astonishing experiments to explain the problem, and we are going to talk about the virus from a totally different perspective and a little-known way to eliminate it.

Thought affects DNA

The first experiment we introduce is carried out by Mr Cleve Backster, here is some information about him. Testee is in room A, the testee's DNA sample is collected and isolated in room B, then monitors testee's mood changes as well as his DNA's electrical reactions. Amazingly when testee in room A is under mood stimulation, his DNA in room B reacts drastically. Feeling inspired, the tester wants to know if this ghost-like connection between the DNA and its owner is actually affected by distance. To verify this idea, the testee and his DNA is separated 560 km away. As a result, the testee's DNA reacts simultaneously. How can this be? the DNA and its owner are separated hundreds of miles away, how was the DNA able to know its owner's mood changes? This experiment indicates human mood changes reflect on his DNA instantly.

The following experiment is carried out by Dr. Glen Rein. This experiment proves human's thoughts are able to affect DNA's shape. Usually, when a human cell divides or is damaged, DNA will unwind. When DNA repairs, it winds. In this experiment, DNA is separated into two groups, test group and control group. Then the tester asks some testees to wind or unwind the test group's DNA simply using their thought. As a result, the test group's DNA which was affected by thought showed a wind/unwind change rate between 2% to 10%, compared with the control group without thought affected showed a only 1.1% change rate. The experiment also showed anger winds DNA more heavily. In another experiment, DNA is located in front of testees, but requires the testees to not give the thought to change DNA. As a result, the sample DNA's wind/unwind rate remains unchanged. In other words, only when testees give the thought to change DNA, then the DNA will change. Now we see two scientists used two different approaches, both proved that human thought does affect DNA, which is absolutely amazing! But the secret around DNA could be far deeper than we have seen. Now let's move on to the next experiment.

Dr. Peter P. Garyaev's experiment proved DNA is able to store photons. He put DNA samples inside a quartz container (cuvette), and illuminated the DNA with a weak laser. As a result, the DNA acted like a miniature black hole and absorbed all the photons. We normally don't consider photons as something that could be stored, because photons(light) usually pass through space with very high speed. But this experiment proved that photons are just like food, and can be stored inside DNA. Like the squirrels store nuts inside the hollow tree trunk for winter. This experiment told us DNA contains an invisible energy field that has not been discovered yet, though it's not the electromagnetic field we normally recognise, but it is able to control electromagnetic energy, such as storing photons. Dr. Peter P. Garyaev compares DNA to an intelligent biological computer, which is able to store and search all the cells' biological information inside the human body. All the DNA within a human body acts like a biological internet, which enables tens of trillions of cells within the human body to communicate with each other via electromagnetic signals. For a long period of time, mainstream science believed only 2% of DNA encodes protein sequences, which is called coding DNA, and the rest 98% of DNA is called "junk DNA" (non-coding DNA), because no biological function is found. But according to the experiments, the fact is not that simple. Our science has a long way to go to discover the deeper secrets of human DNA.

Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev carried out a series of experiments, and proved that disease or death can be transmitted electromagnetically. A cell culture was separated into two identical samples A and B and placed into two sealed containers with a thin optical window separating the containers. Then expose the cell culture A to harmful sources like virus, which will lead to illness and death, then monitor cell culture B. As a result, when the window was made of ordinary glass which blocks ultraviolet radiation, the cell culture B remains healthy. When the window was made of quartz which let go of the ultraviolet radiation, then 2 to 4 hours after cell culture A became ill and dead, cell culture B became ill and dead too! The experiment was repeated more than 5,000 times, and found the chances of infection without physical contact was as high as 70% to 80%. Cell culture A and B are absolutely isolated without any physical contact, how was cell culture B infected? The only explanation is the ultraviolet radiation emitted from cell culture A infected cell culture B. From modern science's point of view this is unbelievable! Ultraviolet radiation is a segment of electromagnetic spectrum, and the experiment implies that DNA within the cell works like radio coils, and it’s capable of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic signals, the electromagnetic signals will consequently affect the cell's health. The thought human brain emits contains electromagnetic signals too, so could human thought possibly have an effect on viruses' DNA or RNA? We will dive deeper to find out the answer.

Now let's look at resonance. You may wonder, does resonance have anything to do with viruses? It does. Resonance gives us the way to connect to the energy to kill the virus. Let's use swing as an example. Whenever you give the swing a force with perfect timing, the swing goes higher, and this is an example of resonance. So if your timing or say frequency matches the frequency of an external force, you will get help from the external force.

Tuning forks are another example, we know each object has its own identical natural frequency, and the frequency is related to factors including the object's weight, shape and material and so on. Tuning fork A and B are identical, they share exactly the same weight, shape and material. When we hit the tuning fork A, the vibration (sound) travels in the air, because the tuning fork B has an identical natural frequency as tuning fork A, it's able to receive (resonate) the vibration emitted by tuning fork A, even if you do not hit tuning fork B. This is known as tuning fork resonance.

Next, we use radio as another example, let's see how it works. Radio has an electromagnetic coil inside, which is able to resonate with different electromagnetic frequency bands when the coil is at a certain length. When we adjust the spinner on the radio, the length of the coil changes, so does the coil's natural electromagnetic frequency, then the coil is able to resonate with different electromagnetic frequencies which were coded with different programs. Remember we just talked about how human thought can affect DNA? Electromagnetic waves affect radio, thought affects DNA, did you see the similarity? More secrets are yet to be revealed.

Frequency or vibration is everywhere, so does the earth. The earth has a natural electromagnetic frequency which resonates with the ionosphere, this resonance is called Schumann resonances (SR). The frequency of Schumann resonances is around 7.83 Hz, which resonates at the same frequency of the hippocampus in the human brain, and it's essential for human health. Man made Schumann resonators were also installed inside spaceships for the health of astronauts to be able to travel outside earth's atmosphere.

Our universe is full of vibration, even in the vacuum, there exists quantum/vacuum fluctuation. The quantum/vacuum fluctuation is essentially a form of vibration. There is a physics theory that believes that the fundamental particles forming our world are made of quantum fluctuation. If this is true, can we say that the fundamental particles are made of the vacuum vibration? So, does our universe also have its vibration frequency? Now we know that vibration is everywhere, then the question becomes how can we receive positive vibration, or to say, how to adjust our frequency to resonate with positive energy.

Before we continue, let's look at the Finger-reading ESP phenomenon (NOT braille). You probably wonder how human fingers could recognize alphabeta? We understand eyes can see things, but how could human fingers do that? First let's review how human eyes see things. The light source emits photons on the object, the photons carry the information (shape, color etc.) of the object, and reflected through our optical eyes, then arrive at our brain, then we "see" the object. To give an overview of the whole process, it is the light that carries the object's information, then passes it on to the brain. The air or to say the vacuum is the medium. While for the process of Finger-reading, the Qi or to say the biological energy goes through human meridians, arrives at the paper with alphabeta (wrapped by tin foil), scans the alphabetas on the paper, then carries the alphabetas' information and goes back through meridians, and finally pass on the information to brain, then we "see" the alphabeta. So the mechanism of seeing by eyes and seeing by fingers are the same, the only differences are the carrier of information and the medium.

Next, let's look at a very amazing and intriguing experiment carried out by Prof. Si-Chen Lee. Here is an introduction about him. From 1988 on, Prof. Si-Chen Lee proved Finger-reading phenomena exist with thousands of experiments. Some testees with stronger such abilities can achieve accuracy rates nearly 100%. One of the most fascinating phenomena occurred in an experiment carried out in August 1999. A sample written a Chinese character 佛 (Buddha) was given to the testee to recognize. To everyone's surprise, the testee could no longer see the character, instead, she saw shining light, and sometimes human shaped light appeared in the lab room. On that day, more than 10 scientists at the scene including the president of The Physical Society of Taiwan at that time witnessed this special phenomenon, everyone of them was astonished. To eliminate the interference from the testee's inner illusions and the outside interference from scientists in the lab room. The experiment was designed in a double-blind manner, the samples were scattered, no one including the testee and testers was able to see what's inside the samples (wrapped in Tin foil). In addition, samples written in foreign languages including Tibetan, Hebrew and Burmese's Gods names and characters which the testee didn't understand were also mixed for the testee to recognise. As a result, whenever the sacred characters or names were picked up, strange shining light was seen, instead of the original characters. The experiment suggests that the phenomenon is objective, it has nothing to do with the testee's religious affiliation or mental illusions. To verify this was not a single isolated incident, several other ESP testees were asked to recognise the chinese character 佛 (buddha) (by fingers). As a result, they all saw shining light but with some differences, which might be caused by their different strength of ESP abilities, some testees saw the character itself was emitting light, some testee saw light was emitted from the background of the character, and some testee even saw human shaped light. To verify this special phenomenon once again, Prof. Si-Chen Lee flew to mainland China to ask Ms. Chulin Sun, who worked as a researcher at China University of Geosciences with ESP ability to use her fingers to recognise the chinese character 佛 (buddha). What Ms. Sun saw was tens of thousands of beams of golden shining light. This amazing experiment is repeatable. Why is this chinese character 佛 (buddha) so special? Scientists tried to alter the character 佛 (buddha) by adding some parts, removing some parts or separate the character 佛 (buddha) in the middle. As a result, the shining light no long appeared, which suggested an accurate writing of the character 佛 (buddha) is very important. The concept is similar to a website link. Furthermore, it was also discovered that the phonetic notation of character 佛 (buddha) also gives shining light, which means correctly pronounce the character 佛 (buddha) can also link to another dimension and resonance with the frequency of buddha's universe.

Once we understand this, we will realize that the seemingly superstitious behaviors like chanting, magic spelling, praying and rituals practiced in ancient religions were exactly the application of resonance frequency by sound, to be in harmony with the universe, and to communicate with higher dimensional beings, whom they may call Gods. This evidence suggests there exists other dimensions, and high level beings exist in those dimensions, no matter whether we can see them or not, believe it or not. They are not what people usually imagined to be only a form of spiritual sustenance or just a belief.

What our human eyes can see is very limited to only the spectrum of visible light, while for other lights/frequencies like gamma ray, x ray microwave, radio wave are all out of our visibility, not to mention other forms of energies like alpha ray, beta ray and various of particles beams, are even farther away from our human eyes' visibility. There are more enormous microscopic substances flowing through the universe in some way we do not yet understand, and are still outside the reach of our most advanced laboratory devices. And this experiment also revealed that our human language is able to connect to those high level beings.

Let's summarize, our mind is like a radio, adjusting what we think is like adjusting the channels of the radio, by adjusting to different channels we are adjusting ourselves to receive different frequencies, then we resonate with the frequency, and we receive the energy from the channel of that frequency. We know our thoughts affect our DNA as we talked about, and consequently affect every cell in our body. So to speak, thought is like a bridge, it can attract certain energy or to say certain resonant frequency within the space, and pass it on to the DNA in our body through resonance, and finally affect our health. So now the problem becomes which channel are we going to receive? Which type of energy do you choose to flow into your body?

Osnat Gad, age 73 in 2020, She is Jewish and immigrated to the United States in the 1960s. She manages her family’s jewelry business, and travels around the world every year  searching for rare stones. Ms. Gad's brother and his family, who live in Manhattan, came to spend the weekend with her on March 12, 2020. A week after they left she began to feel ill.

[Osnat Talking Video]

Two chinese researchers Yuhong Dong and Kaixiong Xu co-published a scientific report on on June 8, 2020. They analysed 36 cases of patients vary from 6 countries and 6 races who were infected with COVID-19 virus, but unable to get medical treatment or were given up treatment or unable to recover after medical treatment, by chanting "法轮大法好  真善忍好" (meaning Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance is good), all patients received rapid and notable clinical improvement. Within these 36 cases, 26 cases fully recovered (72.2%), 10 cases got improvement (27.8%). 3 cases who had covid-19 nucleic acid test positive turned negative. Within the 11 cases of critically ill patients, 10 cases fully recovered, with 1 case improvement. 5 of 6 hospitalized cases fully recovered, with 1 case improvement. 2 of 3 critically ill patients in ICU fully recovered, with the remaining 1 case improvement. According to the report, the median time from the covid-19 symptoms appearing to the symptoms getting worse is 5 days. The median time from symptoms getting worse to patients start chanting "法轮大法好  真善忍好" is 1 day. The median time from patients start chanting "法轮大法好  真善忍好" to getting improvement is 1 day. The median time from patients start chanting "法轮大法好  真善忍好" to getting fully recovered is 3 days.

Falun Dafa (法轮大法) is a spiritual practice rooted in buddhist tradition, by chanting "法轮大法好  真善忍好", you are tuning your mind "radio" frequency to resonate with Buddha's frequency, and your thought affects your DNAs and all cells within your body as we talked about before, then Buddha's frequency and energy will make an effect on your body, your cells will be enchanted and protected by Buddha's energy. The core of coronavirus is RNA, it’s also affected by human thought and energy, but the nature of the viruses is negative, while the nature of Buddha's energy is positive, so the negative viruses will be eliminated under this positive high density energy vibration, and patients get recovered. Additionally, if you practice Falun Dafa, then your body is naturally charged by such energy, and the viruses become virtually impossible to live in your body. I think this could be one of the many reasons why Falun Dafa brings tremendous health improvement to practitioners around the world.

the fact that chanting "法轮大法好  真善忍好" brings improvement to health may sound hard to believe for some people, that's eventually the result of dogma of atheism and theory of evolution in our education. People are afraid of crossing the fences, even if there is truth outside. Spiritual practice has a long tradition back to human origin among all races around the world. It's the most profound wisdom humans ever had. For any orthodox religion in history if we remove all the outside forms or religious decorations and reveal the core, we found they are all essentially spiritual practice, and they are all coincidentally teaching people to be compassionate, and they are all coincidentally having the miracle of healing.  Are there any essential reasons behind those coincidences? Does a human exist only as a physical body, could there be a spiritual portion of us that plays a more significant role? How much potential does a human have? Why have so many ancient people gone to the path of spiritual practices? These are all questions we should think deeply about. And I always believe that only after we carefully thought through these questions, would our lives become worthy, and not wasted the free will that the creator granted to each of us. The experiments we have talked about are only to provide a different way of thinking, classical mechanics, relativity, quantum mechanics, the edge science yesterday always becomes the fundamental frame of science today. When sailors reached the edge of the world and were ready to cheer, they always found a new continent far but in front of them.

Here we will also solemnly recommend the book Zhuan Falun by Mr. Li Hongzhi. With plain and easy to understand words, the book illustrated deep philosophies. For the first time, the book Zhuan Falun revealed "the cosmos’s fundamental truths, the principles of cultivation, or the connection between humans and the divine". For those who are seeking for self improvement on both spiritual and physical, this book is a MUST READ! Lastly, let's think outside of the box of known science, and think over the possibility and verify it for yourself. Get rid of the prejudice brought by lies, Review Falun Dafa from the view of spiritual practice Instead of politics, you will see the profound and subtleness of Falun Dafa, and know why so many people in different countries and different races all practice Falun Dafa, and you may get the benefit you never expected, and open up yourself a wonderful journey.


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