You Are the Best If You Fulfill What You Should Do

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | October 21, 2021

[] I have cultivated Dafa for more than twenty years. Normally I study the Fa in the morning, clarify the truth in the afternoon and give out truth leaflets in the evening. In addition, I do the exercises and send forth righteous thoughts. Apart from this, I squeeze my time to help my daughter-in-law pick up her children, and do some cooking and house cleaning. I have not been persecuted physically in China. My life seems to be simple and peaceful. For this reason, I do not think I was doing well in cultivation. However, I got enlightened recently. My human notion was wrong. As long as you have fulfilled what Master asks you to do, you are the best. Steadfastly cultivating Dafa every day is not easy indeed. 

When my cultivation state was not good, I would stay at home and do more Fa studies, rather than going outside and clarifying the truth. The stronger my righteous thoughts, the less likelihood I get involved in danger. During truth clarification, it is not easy to calm down when people use bad language. You would feel most embarrassed when scolded and threatened. In the past, I chose to stay away when encountering such an issue. Later, I reckon that this type of person would find it hard to embrace a safe and bright future. I realized that I should kindly convince them to learn the truth of Dafa. 

For instance, someone asked me, “Will I get paid? If so, I will quit CCP.” I replied to him, “Which is more important, money or safety? Many people who died from coronavirus were wealthy. If you cannot survive, will your money be useful?” Then he was speechless. Once, someone else talked to me, “Could you please go to the police station and talk to the policemen?” I then said to him, “Are you aware that policemen are evil? Are you as evil as them?” Then he left hurriedly. 

My understanding is that we can do well in truth clarification as long as we are determined to save sentient beings. Some cases may seem to be dangerous, but they can be turned into breeze. Once, I talked to someone who is in his 60’s about quitting CCP. He felt astonished and said to me, “Why did you convey this to me? I work at public security bureau.” I did not feel scared and said to him, “Nearly every staff in security bureau is aware of quitting CCP. However, when the huge elimination occurs, it will be too late to do this. Dozens of people from Central Party School have renounced CCP.” I talked a lot without being interrupted. Finally, he agreed to quit CCP. Because he was unwilling to let me know his real name, I realized that I just need to come up with a pseudonym for him. In doing so, his high-ranking status will not be revealed. Then he used the pseudonym Zhang Fulai to renounce CCP and accepted the truth leaflets and amulet. In addition, he said to me, “You should pay attention to your safety.”

In the evening, I distributed truth leaflets at residential complex. Sometimes it was late when I came back. The electric door was already closed. However, a dozen times, the door was automatically opened when I arrived at the door. It was Master who helped me. I felt touched and cried and I have decided to save people as many as I can. 

Whenever I go outside, I will eliminate the evil factors. I will tell trees, grass and buildings on the roadside about Falun Dafa is good, and Zhen-Shan-Ren (truth-compassion-tolerance) is good. I believe the living beings can understand the messages I sent. Dafa disciples are the hope of sentient beings. I remind myself of helping Master rectify the Fa every minute. 

Twenty years have passed, while I have not experienced ups and downs. I questioned myself, “My fellow practitioners can understand so many connotations of the Fa, why I cannot?” Later I realized that this was sense of inferiority, not my true self. Master gives every disciple the best.  Why did I feel unsatisfied? Dissatisfaction is a manifestation of jealousy. 

Self-confidence is a kind of strength. A cultivator should be clear-minded to spend every day and carry on with our three tasks diligently.

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